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Illustrated factbox on the "Flame" computer virus which is thought to be one of the most complete data-stealing tools found to date.
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My guess is it's something our benevolent US Government cooked up and almost got caught with.
The fact that they refuse to say who might be the source is something I find annoying as all hell!
Khalid A.
20 MB spyware tool is hardly smart development for a stealth opertion, and breadth of spread the "virus" is very small in comparison to other viruses, so what's the fuzz? most probably its a free ad for Kaspersy
If there are not yet any reported U.S. infections, the chances that this originated in the U.S. are near zero.
Yep, that's great ANOTHER Winblows virus. Sigh. That's why I use only Linux. And NO, I won't fix your computer.
Matt T
Glad i never got infected. All i use is good ol computer knowledge as my firewall. But Macs are also getting infected..not by this but they are now out dated and as more use them...the more the chance for viruses.
Quite astonishing. I had no idea so many Iranians were using online banking with Lloyds Bank.
So, what were they saying about the malware that hit on macs previously?
Never heard of this kaspersky. Yeah I agree opetmar, I think it is just a ploy to get people to buy their product. How come none of the other leading antivirus companies have mentioned such a "serious" virus?...
1000 to 5000 infected computers is nothing. As long as you keep your computer safe by not opening files from unknown sources it's still OK.
As long as you keep your virus scanner updated at all times you will usually never have a issue with viruses. It is usually the people that forget to update or pay for there subscription that will get hit by these bugs.
Rachel Oberholzer, Kapersky is a leading anti-virus company.
Please--this may be a dumb question, but are computers running GNU/Linux distros affected by this, as well? Thank you in advance.
thats imposible. the one who made the virus was also who made anti
People on G+ are so much mature than people on Facebook..
Maybe the source is trying to stop terrorism.. Err I mean piracy by looking for wmd's... Weapons of mass donwloads.
that powerful ? who designed it ?
Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't sound that much more advanced than something like Back Orifice from what 10 years ago that anyone could use. Its 20MB not exactly subtle.
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I just use Comodo. I will never pay for AV - the paid software is slow, bloated amd ineffective and they are a rip off protection racket, that I am not convinced aren't actually creating half the threats themselves to boost business.
Long live Comodo, AVG, Bitdefender etc. 
Who knows the fact we are on the other side of news!!!
Which all comes down to just how much do we place our trust in PC's with all our data, kids photographs, in fact our lives. I often edit info about me, alter DOB, name etc.
Iran has got the less numbers of infected computers than Egypt...
Egypt should be in the middle...
lol no hey we ol dnt use dat mahn duh hu doesnt du dat haha
Insert any virus / trojan into that chart, and it's practically the same. 
Pretty sure that belongs to Batman.
Kaspersky caught the US government hacking Iran? Movie deal?
Is it an accident that most infections are in Iran. Is it possible that it has some commonality (in credit) with Stuxnet
Yea and we should all use Linux.....
Linux is a free service that's y they don't virus..
Services who take money make viruses so that people buy their products...
It's a scam to get their money...
For example take a look at Microsoft, every time u buy windows u have to install an AntiVirus...
The AntiVirus would be a trail for one month or more, then they tell us to buy when trail is over ...
It would be more difficult for people who can't afford it..
Plus, every time u update ur windows somthing goes wrong exactly after one week..
The computer starts to lag...
So ubuntu by Linux is better
Thanks, you just reminded me to turn my Bluetooth on laptop back off. Sometimes I forget to turn off after use. :>)
+Ali Akbar And that is where you are wrong. The reason they dont get viruses, is nobody bothers to make them for Linux because of the minority they are. This is the same reason Mac has been virus "safe" Once Mac is no longer a minority, people will start making viruses there too! And for you Windows people: Avast is the best antivirus program I have ever come across. And the antivirus part is free, the paid upgrade adds a firewall and some other unnecessary goodies.
I have been into Linux for 3 years now, and working with cyber security for one. Note I am 16, so I have not had enough time to grab my experience.
Avast is the best free antivirus there is, however the free version is not at all good alone, you should install programs such as malwarebytes to assist since the free version does not contain all the "goodies" as the paid one. But my favorite antivirus is Kaspersky ofc :)
Wait... a TWENTY MEGABYTE virus?

We were happy with Pong and Friday 13th and didn't knew...
I love this discussion: I am glad I run... Truth is no one antivirus, firewall, operating system or type of device is completely safe all the time from attacks. It is best to have multiple defenses, to keep everything up to date and above all use common sense.
"most complex piece of malicous software yet found"

You're kidding me, right OP? This is quite literally nothing compared to some of the stuff out there. Hell, these guys still do their shit via email phishing which is proof this is nothing. Viruses nowadays don't require us to open any emails, folders, files, downloads, or even for us to go on websites. As long as you're connected, you can be infected very easily with serious serious stuff. Like viruses that take over your machine completely, rendering it useless
Also, 95% of home PC's use windows, which is why you linuxfags and macfags don't get viruses. No one uses those OS, so they don't make viruses for them.

Have fun being inferior to windows users by the way
+Tom Hancock Exactly what ive been saying. Linux and Mac dont get viruses because they are the minority, and not profitable enough for people to make viruses for them.
If you do a bit of research on this topic you will see that the reported cases of the virus aren't that many because, this kind of viruses require lots of resources and are developed by countries not individuals,,,this virus was made 5 years ago ,,and was hiding till now and only was found in places where it activated its spying functions,,i wouldnt be surprised if the said virus is hiding silently in half the worlds computers,,,and imagine if they can make this kind of cyber weapons 5 years ago what will they be developing now??,, plus according to kaspersky this virus is a part of a family of viuses which are capable of commnicating and collaboration with each other,,,,the other 2 are stuxnet and DuQu , and it is said 3 to 5 more family members of the virus are still hiding all over the world,.so dont be surprised if you are being logged(Whatever else you do online), Heard(Mics) or watched(Webcam) right now :P

read for more details
+Andrew Gilmore Well what if its not a country, but an organization? Could it not be Mac making a virus to make people switch to Mac? Could it not be an antivirus company to get more purchases? Virus/hacking teams are composed of around 8 people usually. Both the hacking group, and the group defending against the attacks use the same structure.
MS Essentials is worth a mention. But yeah Malware Bytes is a must. And ditto on the "it's from the US remarks".
Apple is the worst for admitting, or repairing, exploits. In 2011, they overtook Oracle as the Least Secure tech in the world (EWeek & CRN reports). Its OK for me: I make my living fixing those things. My iOS clients are growing so fast I have to turn away new ones. The "Genius" people won't help, and deny the risks to the customers-- which is what Apple Inc tells them to do. More $$$ for me, as ignorant Apple people keep marching on.
Doesn't it slow down and mess with uranium enrichment centrifuges? or did i just spill the beans on that one.
+Khalid A. Alshaikh +opetmar opetmar +Steven Horner
"Unlike Stuxnet, however, Flame does not replicate automatically by itself. The spreading mechanisms are turned off by default and must be switched on by the attackers before the malware will spread. Once it infects a USB stick inserted into an infected machine, the USB exploit is disabled immediately.

This is likely intended to control the spread of the malware and lessen the likelihood that it will be detected. This may be the attackers’ response to the out-of-control spreading that occurred with Stuxnet and accelerated the discovery of that malware."
The wire
@Thorsten Lieb do you know any good (possibly free which i doubt) anomaly detection software?
There probably many other powerful viruses goes undetected!
It has no positive use. It is invasive. It is malignant. It destroys. It's a virus.

Sounds just like my ex-wife.
Makes airstrike less likely, so thanks to whoever did this!
It pisses me off no end that info graphics like this don't make explicit that this is a problem for *WINDOWS* computers.
Mostly Middle East countries? No surprising.
Look, Gabriel--I'm just checking so that I can be certain! That's all!
+Albert Tallman absolutely! My home network of Linux PCs is pretty much "FLAME" proof. Imagine the damage the 'bad guys' could do if they could get comparable malware to run on the Linux and Unix(like) machines that form most of the internet/WWW these days?
Iv been using a Mac for years it corresponds with my work better...anyways that being said for those who say there r no virus for Mac ...u r wrong.....there r a LOT of them it's just less likely to get than a PC...if u have a Mac the only way to make sure it's protected is to have F-secure if your virus protection does not have f-secure then your virus protection is weak sauce >:P ....short version, protect your computers with f-secure and quit opening up spam emails!

It's for no government. I made it as an exercise… Never imagined it would buzz so much! ;) I really don't know what to do with all these voices recordings and snapshots now.
Kaspersky sucks ass anyway...ESET all the way
Kaspersky sucks ass anyway...ESET all the way
Amazing! I wish these brains could have been used to produce something good for the world.
Agreed, put that knowledge to use doing something fulfilling.
Agreed, very scary. Does anybody know why are they so focused on the Middle East? 
The argument that this virus is state launched creature is that descriptives (screen captures, etc) are not destructive ie destroy data or freeze computer. but, more than likely it's just a plug.
Dude i love watching my sister watch porn. i beat off to her watching shit
Its a tool created by our government to get intel on other (questionable) nations. It was created to look like a virus in order to avoid international political responsibility (so we could simply say we didn't do it). IMO
this is for people who love to take it in there ass
That's why you shouldn't use that crap wich is called windows. ANY closed source software is a security threat.

BTW, I'm convinced that the majority amount of viruses and malware are produced by the very antivirus software companies. Same logic behind usa wars: you have a threat, you sale your product.

I bet kaspersky made that malware!
al Reuters: a day late and a dollar short.
Jason T
My screen went all black and I have green ascii scrolling down it.
I has been h4x0red.
The US government NSA/CIA military industrial complex and that crafty Obama has FLAMED my computer and now they own3z it...

Black helicopters, men in black.
Where's my roll of tinfoil?They musta mixed me up with Assange because I posted on wikipedia too!!! OMG, I'm gonna die.
What a crap time to die, I was just about to get rich helping this Nigerian general transfer his recently decesased Uncle's graft money into a swiss bank account. I just gave them my backing details to put in the first payment.
Oh woe's me?

Hey I moved my mouse and it stopped.
...Oh, um, oops, that was just my screensaver....
and all fools scared because they are using windows lol ... move to linux and learn to be smart that an answer ... go read back about trojan and others kind of virus things created in the same marketing story and the same fools buy the damn antivirus which is the creator of it lol
Oh yes, what is in their head is only to make money. Be FREE, Be HAPPY, Be VIRUS FREE: use LINUX
Notice!? "WORM.WIN32.FLAME"!
In other words, Windows users beware!
Love the Penguin!
these are some bad mufukas,..gotta matter the damage;..must give credit where credit is due. it takes genius thinking to come up with this kind of stuff,..fukn nutz. i think that its all one big hack war. they are alljust competing for ownership. everything on the internet is one big undetected hack war. just normal mufukas dont even notice it. they just use the computer.everywhere. but for something like this,they dont want your credit card number, not even bank access. very intricate.egotistic power games.maybe then reveal how they did it all and still never get to prove their caliber of thinking in comparison.these guys are fukn nutz.
imagine the gadgets and tools and software material these guys have. the power to shut down a country. everything is computers and super computers...skressin bill gates just aint got it no moe!
Just Another Thing To Be On The Look-Out For...
Cause I Don't Have Enough Problems To Deal With...
now the thing is the amount of information these guys have in there posession. and what they are going to do with it, or already have,cause these cant be the type of people that waste time.....fuk!!
People are getting more inticate in their hacking designs. 
This better be American made! Not in the mood for cyber warfare games and our programmers are the best so I'll leave it to the pros. 
A lot of you do more damage than any good with your comments. The original point is where this is and now you don't even know/care lol. I wish G+ had a mass block list to avoid 90% of the useless input people have
This makes me secure in my job; we should sell a. Billion data encryptors!
its competitive...big companies can be threatened by them even gov'ts its extortion. its also competitive also just to see if av teams can beat them. then eveyhacker in the werld wants a hack at it...personally i think its pretty kool. considering your gov't does it to you anyways, they're all over the internet..peekin and booin. but if someone hacks a gov't agency or som other group of parasites everybodys pissed. maybe for fear that they might steal all your stolen private information from the gov't. no motive. too easy....its revolution homies and homettes.,not home ec.
maybe they got cells and fronts and shit like microsoft...oops.
I wonder if this "virus" also makes coffee and toasts?!?!
this has US written all over it!!! warfare isn't just on the ground anymore!!!
its all a front so he can get your money run and build up his communist comrades
My choice to go linux way is getting stronger and stronger....
I'm sure Trend and McAfee are all over this....

...pffhahahah!! sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face.
Hmmmm.......interesting timing considering things like ACTA and CISPA are currently being decided on. I call foul play and something devious is afoot.
Oops! What is it trying to do!
wish i don't get that one on my computer
Well if size matters I found a bigger one it's a few gigs and it's called windows .
+Timnothy Oltjenbruns the reason is not the minority..
Linux has got small offices all across Europe and America....
There are no specific workers or engineers to design ubuntu etc...
They r just random people there.. who ever gets the opportunity comes and work on it....
Because its a free service...
Once its free they don't need to make viruses because they r not intrested to make people realise its better than any other OS.
Not matter how much the minority or majority is, they r just not intrested because they r not marketers...
And vice versa with Microsoft...
M not against Microsoft, cuz m a windows user my self...
There's no doubt about AntiVirus ur speaking of but it does cost u money....
And like I said it does become difficult for people who can't afford to buy them due to many numerous reasons .....

And sorry for a too long comment bro...
I use Linux is there any chance this threat will harm my PC's?
Why this is not nation vs. nation cyber war, because if it was, the enemy would be attacking Linux, and it wouldnt be viruses, it would be straight up hacking. Why, you say? Because the US Department of Defense uses Linux. And if someone wants to declare cyber war on America, they would hack the DoD.
And by the way, there are thousands of attempts a day on hacking the DoD. Very few make it far enough to steal intel.
Doesn't matter the OS. Windows has the most cause its the most popular OS's out there and used by millions that know nothing of security. Mac users you have viruses too. Look it up. Mac just got hit by a big one a few months back. And Apple refuses to fix older Macs to prevent infection. Linux is the least used among regular people and therefor not very profatble for hackers. But since it is open source very easy to find a way in. So it doesn't come down to your OS. It comes down to changing your security mind set from reactive to proactive and don't trust you AV. Its worthless against new viruses that have not been caught yet.
+Timnothy Oltjenbruns that's the reason y...
Because there's a new person everyday in the Linux office...
There's no hiring or firing system in Linux office.
They themselves r not intrested in what they work so how come will they want people to realise that Linux is a one big hit like Microsoft or Apple does it ....
Like i said before its a free service, they r not getting paid for wat they do then y would they include viruse.
Even u can go to Linux office and make somthing better without any registration for joining and without any money, and that's one of the reason y people dont get paid for wat they make in Linux office which includes in making virus .
Linux is a very small company having no manger, rules or regulation...
So if there is no one to pay for wat there doing, then y the hell would they be intrested in marketing....
Anybody tell me how to configured static ip route?
probably the U.S government spying on middleast and fucking their shit up
This sounds scary! I wonder if I need to be worried? <research research research> Nope. It doesn't affect Linux, OS X, or other Unix-like OSes. I'm good. But you Windows users had better make sure you have AVG, Avira, or Avast installed and updated.
good marketing strategy, Kasper, scare them and control them , i think its from, R********A
It is very interesting to know about different ideas and topics related with computering
+Matt Burns u r totally, exactly and absolutely right but the problem is people don't bother to use OSes which r free from viruses.
Windows has become so popular because of its advertiments, and OS X and Linux hasn't because they don't give away advertiments like that.
Majority of people across the globe don't know about any other OS... They only know about windows because of its advertiments.
Once they'll get to know about virus free OSes they'll use them.
They'll be virus free .
I'm guessing U.S. or Israel. Or just some awesome perspon who is really curious.
Look like some peoples having fun with it!
Thanks for Linux, I don't have to worry about those anymore.
Anyone think it's funny that the BIG and captured viruses are the ones getting the headlines? What about the small, stealthy, uncaptured ones? Why isn't anyone worried about them?
WOW,... so Kaspersky now have to make bogus virus threats in order to sell their USELESS anti-virus software??? THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT!!!,..... sounds more like a someone is putting this out there in the hopes that this virus will get created, cause it's obviously too much work for them to create it themselves.... Bet you REUTERS is also getting a FAT slice from the money generated by KASPERSKY's sudden sales...
Impossible to read on android. How come there is no option to zoom pictures on G+?
I'd love to meet the team (or individual) that wrote it. If only to bask in their awesomeness.
First viruses were developed to crash your system. Today's viruses are built to exploit your system for profit. When you understand who benefits those profits you got it all.
i believe so much in kaspersky ..they can settle down this flame shit!!
sounds like the stuff that runs on all smartphones so that our government can have ears everywhere.
Phishing is one of the oldest tactics to spread a virus, I can't believe people are still falling for this.
Run a malwarebytes full scan and a tdsskiller scan occasionally (both free), use chrome with an adblock extension, and maintaining safe internet behaviors (ie, don't click on ads, etc) and you don't need an antivirus program. I've seen countless viruses get past any/all AV programs (including kaspersky, norton, avg, bitdefender, trendmicro, webroot.. etc). Dont waste your money on protection software..
Only answer emails from people whom you know! 
I will like to get to know dis govnor of lagos state
first i thought was Israel but iys top effected country too. who could be behind this USA intellegence ?! or just for marketing .
behind this are either Russians or Americans fucking geeks lol
Uhh... Cyber Terrorist?
Now if it gets into the wrong hands hmmmmmm
just one more thing that we have to worry about :-(
It's a good thing I've got McAfee Security!! Gets Flame Virus FFFFFFUUUU
ALL communications must be encrypted and used on a secure server. If its not encrypted, it must be assumed its been compromised. 
Ok, the size and capabilities are impressive. Sound and screen capture are a neat angle..but only 5000 computers? This is hardly an outbreak and not worth the scare info graphic.
^blooming encrypted shopping list!
Linux is powering most of the Internet, stock exchanges, smartphones, 20 million + desktops and there is LOTS OF INCENTIVE to attack it.
Main reason for Linux being much safer: hourly security updates & superior design of architecture, more eyeballs.(not depending on just ONE slow company). Thousands of paid programmers working for important tech companies contributing Linux OS code. Intel, Google, Red Hat, etc. Less usage on desktop isn't the main reason for it's safety. By default the Ubuntu desktop is pretty safe unless you do something stupid- practically on purpose.
Why not say were it came from does it matter ?
And the winner is the country with most infected cases...?

Nasty virus that is so powerful. Scary when you think about it..
should i get a virus scanner for mac? :)
Sounds like a big Facebook app...
The best antivirus is knowledge and precaution
Virus? More like excellent anti-terror tool. Good work NSA/CIA/FBI (or whoever you are)!
Nice Try Kaspersky , Great Ad !!! But you still make my computer slow and block every process... I am not installing you ;)
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