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does that have anything to do with the solar flare we had a couple of days ago
I think so. Thats what i was kinda thinkin.
Incredible! Unreal! But beautiful!!!!
Looks like the planet has a shield. Awesome picture!
incredible, no words.
You can not take a pic of an Aurora you need a nasa camera
This is real??? seriously unbelievable!!!
that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the heck iz that??? It looks liek a weird alien invention!! OMG THEY'RE FIXING TO TAKE OVER EARTH MARTIANS RUNNNN!!!!
That looks AMAZING! Now if only we had that in Tucson...
everywhere we look there's magic
Looks like something from Star Trek
Wonderful and very interesting!
Another amazing view at the wonders of the universe
Dangerous? I bet Andre wasn't flying outside the ISS when he took this picture :) More wonderful footage of Aurora in Space:
Love this! I saw it on the news this morning. So rare.
Beautiful photo, wish I lived further north to see it.
The aurora is something you have to see! Just saw them for the first time last week, AMAZING! This photo from space is intense! Great photo! Isn't it great that our Sun and Magnetic Field interact to create these beautiful lights?
it looks confusing why dont u fix it up
I don't think so, it looks unrealistic!
Oh My goodness that looks amazing that must be a huge achivemment to take A picture like that
this is simply awesome and beautiful
That looks amazing :d made my day! haha
Thanks, for this out of the world shot, Andre!
That is a magnificant natural beauty!
Saw this planetside in Alaska. Awesome show. Looks incredible from the ISS.
Ha, looks like Halo
You know it son! :{D
Aurora Australis, orbit-side view.
pretty cool
My new screensaver 4 a few days at least :))
Great shot dude. Keep on going to take such shots.
God is gr8. Hw much will it cost me to see wat am seeing live? It's incredible
Cool! Although if something looks good, doesn't mean it was due to a god. Why spoil it... Just enjoy.
This is either the Aurora Borealis or the Aurora Australis as seen from the ISS. And yes this is from the glare activity. And there's more coming.
if this was facebook , id like it
yeah they do... its when charged particles hit atoms really high in the amtosphere... look it up... see i told u
Nice! This a glimpse of the amazing space. 
Looks like poison gas to me!
Wow wicked pic awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So beautiful, but hw knows if that's wat dat has been causing those disasters most countries have faced and are facing. Beauty can kill 
i agree. Just like bueaty is pain-what if it's something to do with the moon though, ya know? Tidal waves and all
So Beautiful. They are so lucky to see it from that vantage point!
What a beautiful picture!!
+Trevor Jarvis that is the result of the biggest solar flare in five years when in collides with our blue marble's atmosphere. Otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, depending on if you're in the northern or southern hemispheres, respectively.
hehehe... solar storms. that messes up my moms, and my grandma's phone.
+Erwin Ringor everyone here is now dumber from reading your comment. I award you no points, and may your god have mercy on your soul.
Oh my fuck .. it's the photo of the year. Taken with a Nikon I believe
i seen theese lights but from earth side , last freakin week, from dorset ?? WTF ?
Gotta love how beautiful our blue gem is!
Really nice photo of the northern lights from space!!!!!!!
Thanks ISS for awesome picture. You guys Rock! Looking forward to see more.
Amazing!! Thank you for sharing!
@Tareq: Earth's magnetic field perhaps?
Wow, If you don't say it real. I think it from the movie.
Wow...the beauty of the second man can take credit for that! #BOOM!
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Beautiful, although for a few moments I thought it was a screen shot of the "green" ending for Mass Effect 3.
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