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FLASH: CIA director David Petraeus has resigned, according to a U.S. intelligence source. A second intelligence source says Petraeus met with President Obama on Thursday. The White House says it will let Petraeus address resignation reports, adding that Obama will likely have a statement later.
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Unexpected to say the least I guess
Aziz A
He don't like NOBAMA
He doesn't like being blamed for Obama's incompetence.
Benghazi is the greatest scandal in the history of American politics, but nobody covered it.  Amazing.
I'm shocked. I can't wait to see how this will shake up the int leadership in the second term. And to see how the Republican leadership reacts, considering that Pet. was a conservative but a Obama appointee.
Oh well, he should've kept his penis in his pants. I feel for his wife.
Why it didn't stop Clinton
The Obama administration got Petraeus by the balls (i.e. expose him as a cheater).
Poor conservatives can't catch a break, huh? Petraeus resigned! I KNEW IT! He must hate Obam- Oh. He was screwing around on his wife... DAMMIT!
UPDATE: Petraeus says in statement that he resigned as CIA director after engaging in extramarital affair
Not sure why anyone would be ridiculing this General regardless of what he's done.  He's a hero.  As if liberals don't run around on their spouses?  I guess the difference is the fact that when libs do it, it's usually middle aged, single congressmen with their male pages.
+John Shepard don't forget about all the Kennedys and Clinton.  Obama wanted Petraeus out because he was too good.
+John Shepard - Are you referring to former Congressman Mark Foley? He was a Republican. 
+John Shepard he's a hero for murdering hundreds with drone strikes throughout the Middle East? Some hero. 
+Chris Besserer  You're one of those complainers that gripes about security yet lives underneath the umbrella of protection he provided.  The only shame is that he didn't get to kill a hundred more of those filthy disgusting terrorists.  That's another theme among bleeding heart liberals: a total misunderstanding of national security or even the need to provide it.
+John Shepard +Hugh Pecon ... Do you actually believe that keeps us "safe" and "free"? The US intervention overseas inspires hatred that causes terrorism against the country. Read the 9/11 commission. Ask yourself what causes terrorist attacks.

We would be perfectly safe, and without the military state we now live in, if we minded out own business overseas. 
If you're CIA director, how does this happen? You can't keep that a secret and you are the head of one of the clandestine services?? 
+Bryan Cook I agree with you.  He was very stupid to do it, but he resigned.  Let him go.  Don't eviscerate the man for mistakes that cannot go away.  In service to his country, he did well up until the very end.
+Chris Besserer I actually agree with you on the Iraqi, Libyan, and Syrian fronts, but on the Afghani front, I would have used more napalm.  In the Middle East, Bush and Obama both have really jacked it up good.  Iran is the only real enemy in those parts, but our hands are tied because of everything else we've done.  Obama needs to keep his mouth shut before he makes statements like: "Quaddafi has to go" or "Assad has to go".  Really?  Personally, I'd rather have a country oppressed by a secular dictator than given freedom under some mullah or ayatollah who issues a fatwa every time someone posts an unfavorable cartoon or film.
This often-cited statement by Jefferson ("Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none") was not just empty rhetoric like that which bellows from the lips of all modern politicians — of both parties. The principles embodied in this succinct statement can be found throughout Jefferson's writings.
Given what has gone on with these guys I will bet it was probably a gay affair with dead Libyan ambassador Stevens and that is one of the big secrets they are hiding. 
+Hugh Pecon Well said.  All politicians from all parties are fairly dishonest and worthless.  The problem with any government is that government does not exist anywhere without issues that are the same or worse.  I prefer our system over all others, and I also love the quote from Thomas Paine, "That government governs best that governs least."
The quality of ideas seems to play a minor role in mass movement leadership. What counts is the arrogant gesture, the complete disregard of the opinion of others, the singlehanded defiance of the world.
--Eric Hoffe
He would never have resigned if he didn't get found out, wasting too much time on this general.
I hope he is not the only one up there to resign. I would really like to see some jail time for those that refused the military support requests.
Yes,  it is certainly some odd timing that is for sure. Like he had to do it right after the election and before he could give any serious testimony. I think that is a pattern that went on with some of the Watergate guys as they started to resign with all kinds of generic non specific issues from marital to legal and financial. If you resign as an agency head they can't ask you to produce X Y and Z in front of a committee or judge since you no longer have access, can legitimately deny much more, and gain some more rights like being able to take the 5th. However, that is a mixed thing as it gives the guy more protections but also more leeway to turn over on whatever they were doing to get even, stay out of jail, not get blackmailed, compromised etc. Fun stuff there kids and very entertaining when they get what is coming to them. 
Makes you wonder why that pig Clinton didn't resign doesn't it?
+john gury
I agree, but this is much more serious than Watergate. My little twist on a favorite democrat saying, "obama lied and people died"
I don't know what the big deal. Barry use to go to the bath houses in Chicago. He smoked dope etc.
+Michael Meisman 
Here, under leave of Petraeus and the rest—
For Obama is an honorable man;
So are they all, all honorable men—
But Clinton says he was ambitious;
And Clinton is an honorable man.
The woman has been 'traveling' with him for a year and is co-author of his biography.
Maybe that's how she came up with the title of the book
 "All In"
Apparently the FBI is investigating her
Is this the same Gen. Petraeus who overseen the Iraqi survey looking for WMD and the same Gen. Petraeus who fed the NYT a series of tales of the unexpected about WMD's which have now been shown to be completely fabricated?
Hmm, Hillary and Patraeus both resign the same week? Sounds like rats leaving a sinking ship to me. 
I agree about the country in the crapper Michael Meisman. Every one is talking about how honorable Obama(Barry) is. And the general cheats and resigns. Hillary's leaving and others too. And the good Obama is still here running or ruining our country. What a joke!
someone's cleaning house... soon to be CEO of Lockheed, Kubasik, got bagged today too
+john gury
WOW what a line of shit.

 obama and Clinton mentioned in the same sentence as honorable. ROFLMAO. Now that is good stuff. I have a friend that is a professional comedian, I am going to send him that line.

The actions of those 2 both scream DIShonor. Honorable people DO NOT lie about cheating on their wives in any form (they just plane don't do it). Honorable men DO NOT lie to the entire country about the murder of a diplomat and 3 others. Honorable men DO NOT try to make it permissible to take from those that work and give it to those that choose not to. There are literally hundreds of other reasons that these men are NOT honorable men.

I will say that Clinton is not near as far down the DIShonor list as obama.
+Michael Meisman  People as so stupid that they try and excuse this as, oh this happens all the time with these guys lets just honor his military service. Uhh uhh. When you take some of these three letter agency jobs and don't come clean about something like this. which is what happened here that is much worse than doing drugs in hs or college and not telling the details I can tell you that for sure. That is some serious treasonable lie telling omission from the git go at any number of these places. If you are in the company and that happens you are supposed to let them know about it first too unlike the private sector. Not the same as other regular gov jobs either. What, he did not get any interview or questions that everybody else has to pass? Probably did not have to get polygraphed either which is still standard but hey, General Betrayus has been checked out. Worst of all from their perspective is another agency, ANY other agency-FBI KGB, nationality does not matter- found out and had enough about it, to be problematic. I'm not sure how it is in the Army but  they must have some kind of honor code that he violated big time at his level by not coming clean on this too before he joined the CIA. Much much worse than McCrystal who was really great in straight up heroic insubordination via Rolling Stone about what he really thought of guys like Joe Biden coming to visit. Of course McCrystal thought he was an idiot and said that and more before they fired him. Much better to be fired than to go out with a scandal like this that is fer shure. Oh, of course the oh so honest General disclosed the notorious adultery during his interviews and clearance procedures to become head of the CIA:  Sexual behavior is classified as notorious when it is sufficiently well known and noteworthy that it becomes the subject of talk among coworkers and/or social contacts. Notorious sexual behavior is a security concern because it may attract attention of an opposition security or intelligence service, terrorist group, or criminal element. It increases the risk that an individual will be targeted for recruitment or unwitting exploitation, and that increases the chances that any other vulnerabilities that exist will be discovered and exploited. The risk is greater for individuals whose job brings them into contact with foreign nationals who may be tasked to report on them to a foreign intelligence or security service.

In some cases, notorious sexual behavior may be a personnel issue as well as a security concern. The notoriety may reflect adversely on the U.S. Government or make it more difficult for an employee to accomplish his or her assigned tasks. For example, sexual harassment in the workplace and adultery with a consenting subordinate fall into this category.
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