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The full moon rises through the Olympic Rings hanging beneath Tower Bridge during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 3, 2012. [REUTERS/Luke MacGregor]

More photos of the moon rising over the Tower Bridge here -
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Is the Olympic Committee going to sue the Moon for trademark violation now?
thare are five olimpic cicle+1 more is the moon.
Hope no werewolves are in the London this time!
Just as the druids planned it 10,000 years ago.
10,000 years ago? But if the Earth is 6000 years old.. we are going to the moon one day...... Olympic  games
Well, it looks like the moon only scored a Bronze medal.
Olympic simple and the moon not bad...
c'est la lune qui soutient l'olympic à Londres 2012! C'est merveilleux.
Whom ever took this shot did an awesome job!! really awesome ~.~
Asha S
the worst olympic game i have ever seen
moon original..rings duplicate....:)
The moon was the same color here in Washington state, USA.
above me is an idiot////
hr w
What are the chance's. ! in a Million For Timing. Right time Right place. Sooooooooooo Cool.
it meaning about the sport our would.
Reminds us that once Moon is Terra formed, we can do olympics there...
Signifies that antarctica too wants to participate in olympics.
Podra ser mas disappointing esto?....
Superb shot! Perfect timing! The others in the set aren't bad either.
Jason B
That's so beautiful
Nice image. Pity it is cropped to exclude the bridge.
Wow that grate thats fore sher ing yeah realy unreal eclips alien ship in disguise.snapt looking down on you the crystal ship 
The sun drop the soup n they moon took a wee look no rope oops 
Moon circle continent  plus 5 continents circle world at 2012 in london
really good moment why see face to face
i wish we really had a 6th continent 
because the rings would look much 
better then.
cool I love the Olympics I'm glad that they come here to london not France 
sooo cool nice photography
looks better then the origional olympics logo , they need to change it for sure
I never knew that there was another ring!!
Lol jk jk
If only the Tower Bridge was in that shot, it would be unique...
Is the moon an official Olympic sponsor? That moon had better watch out, or it'll get banned by the Olympic committee for copyright infringement.
Heh.  For a second I thought someone hung a slice of baloney (not bologna, that's for snobs) from an Olympic banner.

Not a big deal in itself, but it does mean that for the rest of my life I can honestly tell people I once mistook The Moon for a slice of baloney.
Ben Liu
Crying wolf。。。。。。。will be come
i wonder if the druids or the aztecs built the olympic rings :/
I hope it's not photoshopped
The ring off burning fire .bque char grill to ngt kiwi houes grate handle the gas what a clean up .i would say lucky no body whwas close bhy ,gas bottol s have safty regulater s ,wow news whenday ngt .what a clean up ,all s well n ends well ,
is this a olimpic + moon????????

oh!!!!! yes this is a olimpic + moon.
Indeed spectacular so amazing,the world is bless. I think God wants us to know he is with us that's why he brought the rings so close and perfectly to join our rings. So beautiful.
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