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Does this information surprise you?
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Nope. Only fools would be surprised.
Only that there was even one good deal.
Why is linked in doing fairly well compared to the rest?
So, the company which charges its power users premium prices is the winner ... Hmmmmm
Not at all surprising but things can surely change
The company which doesn't rely on intrusive ads and deceptive practices is the winner. Nice to see comparatively honest business practices succeed for a bit
"Issue price." I wouldn't know anything about that...
I wonder where google would be in something like this. I never knew LinkedIn did that well either...
Nope.  I'm actually enjoying using LinkedIn
Matthew Bifulco Gotta make our own opportunities.  I use it to see how others got to where they are now.  I either do what they did, or avoid their mistakes.  Purely research, and I get exposure to my site. 
I'm waiting to appear on a network with Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama.  Then I'll know it works.
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