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Not me, I'm still with my 2010 Samsung. I used to have Nokia, Motorola and Pantech.
While I have an iPhone, no surprise as Sansung has very reliable and mutlifunctional smartphones without iTunes headaches. Loved my Nokia N95 8G. The camera was amazing for a phone.
I have no zoom on my Samsung (AT&T). I can't zoom when I take pictures, it doesn't allow me to do so at all, I've tried many times
Camera phones don't have zoom lenses. Apple phones use software zoom, which is the same as cropping and resizing the image. There's an app called Uva Silent Camera which does the same for Android.
Nikon dont make phones and phones dont compare with Nikon. Carl Zeiss sounds kind of swish though.. :-D
I'm not sure who is the biggest winner of the post PC era, but Nokia surely is the biggest loser.
Whats the difference between handsets and smartphones?
nokia is's proven already...
Samsung had about 10 different "smartphone models that they manufacture 5 times a year - Apple has 1 smartphone that they bring out once a year!...Go figure.... everyone knows the APPLE, with 1 smartphone, owns the world market
But Samsung cover all kinds of user...... They have both cheap and high end smartphones
+Rishabh Bharti No, Apple's an obsolete piece of trash, but people are so obsessed with the Apple brand, they forgot how to be intelligent consumers and do this thing called "comparison shopping".

Verizon store managers have told me that people who come in to compare either iPhone or Android almost exclusively buy Androids. The only people who really buy iPhones are people who wouldn't even look at the Androids.
I'll take my obsolete piece of trash over a cheaply made consistently failing POS Samsung any day. I left the iPhone for a Samsung and a Motorola and have known of others who did the same, only to return to the iPhone. They are more reliable than the android devices.
what is an apple mobile handset?
I've owned Android phones for years, and I would buy an iPhone after comparing the features that matter to me (not needing space on phone due to iCloud, the best synching software for mobile devices in iTunes, and exceptional build quality and performance).

Other people may want higher specs, but what good are they if nothing will use them properly?
+Mike McConnell I like phones that don't shatter. iPhone: glass that drops and shatters easily. Motorola: Gorilla glass, stainless steel, and kevlar that's nearly indestructible. What was that about being cheaply-made?

+Tobias Swan You know that most iCloud features have been a part of Google and Android for over three years, right? See... Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Music. Also... iTunes is a slow-syncing piece of ****. It was probably the worst part about iPhone up until Apple managed to finally with iOS 5 separate it off.
Bet symbian is out selling windows mobile.
I have a Nokia and I wish it would run some of the new cool apps. But they are all being designed for either Android or Apple. If I buy a new phone I loose my unlimited data plan. :(
two years more and apple rules the world
+Diana Shea Which carrier are you on? Most carriers I've seen will keep unlimited plans through phone upgrades.
+Jake Weisz Don't be foolish and inflammatory. Both iPhones and Apples are perfectly fine devices that appeal to (and better suit) different markets. I personally have an Android and I have no desire for any Apple product of any kind. However, I recommend Apple products to other people far more often than I recommend Android devices.

The point you're missing is that most people don't want what you want. They don't want options. They don't want openness and flexibility. They don't know what goes on under the hood and they don't want to. Personally, I don't give a crap how my refrigerator works - I just want the thing to keep my beer cold. Most people feel similarly about their smartphones - they just want it to function. And they want it to happen with a minimum of thought on their part.

Apple made its mark by convincing the world that they are fashionable. But they've kept their place in the market by keeping their devices simple. And 'simple' means 'uncomplicated' - not 'stupid'.

Labeling Apple users as unable to be intelligent consumers is insulting and just plain wrong. They are, in fact, being very intelligent consumers - they're just buying the product they want rather than the one you want.
im from mexico my carrier offers unique plans for iphone with unlimited data no other plan have this =)
+Terence Stigers Unfortunately, the iPhone is not actually easier to use. Otherwise that argument would make sense. The thing is, they're overpaying for an under-quality device, not because they made a choice, but because they never looked at the options.
+Mike McConnell not even close. iCloud manages files better than any combination of Google features or Drop Box. It requires zero configuration, and as soon as I buy something, it's immediately available on every device in the house.

And honesly, iCloud was really always there, before Google apps. All Apple did was take the Home Sharing feature from early OSX and apply it to networks outside of your personal domain.

And iPhone's also have Gorilla glass. Check your facts.
+Jake Weisz Please stop stating your personal opinions as facts. Back up your assertions with actual data, or please stop trolling this thread.
+Tobias Swan I think you meant to tag me. :)

iPhones and Gorilla glass seems to be a come and go thing, the current flavor does. Although in honesty, it hasn't seemed to stop it from shattering, so I'm wondering if it's how they're using it rather than the glass itself.

I don't have to configure anything on any of my cloud services for Google, so I'm not sure where you're buying that iCloud has less configuration. As soon as my phone is activated, it automatically is syncing all my email, appointments, contacts, books, and music. The only reason it doesn't immediately sync documents is because Drive is new and not built into Android by default yet, and you have to install it yourself first.
+Terence Stigers You know what they say about people who just sit around accusing other people of trolling in discussion threads, right? It doesn't make you a big boy to call others trolls. Just so you know.

Androids generally require two to three less clicks to get anywhere you need to go to do the same task on an iPhone. And while trying to assist patrons at a library with eBook rental, it was apparent how much the lack of multitasking hurts ease of use. (When setting up OverDrive on a mobile device, you bounce back and forth between the library website, the Adobe website, and the OverDrive app, and doing it on an iOS device is just purely painful.)
+Jake Weisz I've been waiting years for the study that proves "less clicks" is a meaningful measurement of any kind.

Simple: A particular build of iOS is the same on any one device as it is on any other device.

Not Simple: A particular build of Android varies from device to device, as well as from carrier to carrier. Even from phone to phone.

Simple: iPhone apps are approved for use by an overseeing body. This means they invariably work.

Not Simple: Android apps are not vetted in any meaningful way. Purchasing and using Android apps is a crap shoot under the best of circumstances.

Simple: Apple products all get along well with each other. It takes no special technical knowledge to get any two (or more) Apple products to communicate and co-operate with each other.

Not Simple: Getting an Android device to play well with any other device can be a real chore. There are so many variables involved that the simple process of getting a phone to communicate with a computer can be a nightmare. Often, the easiest solution is to use some third party, like Dropbox.

We get it - you have a massive hate on for Apple. I don't know if Jobs ran over your dog or something, but your personal hatred for a company doesn't magically turn their products into garbage. You don't like Apple products? Fine - don't buy them. But don't expect the rest of humanity to look to you to make their decisions for them.

I know this will come as a shock to you, but the rest of us don't attach nearly as much value to your opinions as you think we do.
+Terence Stigers Less clicks = faster to get where you're going = less buttons to know where to use = easier/simpler. Common sense.

Varying Android builds has almost no effect on users looking for simple. Because they only are generally using one or two devices, that UI is all they know. Also, see my post on my wall on how Fragmentation is not only normal, exactly identical to iOS, and more the result of inability to comprehend how software is released, rather than actually being a problem. Or don't read it, and keep being oblivious, your choice. :)

If you mean by vetting, checked to ensure Apple is the only one making money off them... yes, they're vetted. Most apps with significant security threats get through Apple's "vetting" without a problem. Apple is only worried about their bottom line, not protecting you. Hate to burst your bubble.

I have five Android devices purchased over the last two years. They all sync with each other perfectly. And while I don't carry the older ones anymore, I could pick it up, reactivate it on Verizon (same process an old iPhone would have to do as well), and get to work. My three year old Droid 1 could keep up with me as a stand-in, without any setup on my part. Sorry, Google services work great across not only all mobile devices, but they sync perfectly with desktops as well in a seamless not-stuck-on-an-iTunes-loading-bar fashion.
Who r these rest of the fellows ? Is somebody out there to answer???
Those who don't know how their expensive tech works are at the mercy of those who do. If you don't know how your refrigerator works, how do you know the repair man isn't ripping you off? If you don't know how it works, how can you compare specs with other machines to know you're actually getting the best deal for both the money and your needs? The worst thing about Apple they actively encourage consumer laziness. Knowing and understanding the basics of most tech, especially smartphones and computers doesn't take advanced degrees or months of study. It just requires a minimal amount of effort. Apple isn't better than anyone else at anything other than marketing. Their tech breaks just as often as anyone else's, it encounters issues just like anyone else's.
+Mike McConnell
I still have my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant, and even when it doesnt have front camera and have like 3 years in the market I love it, and now running ICS at the best, for me, my money was well invested, I didnt have to "buy another device" to feel like an upgrade yet.
+Jake Weisz I was wrong. You're not a troll - you're actually a Zoro-like folk hero who tirelessly rides across the internet looking to selflessly help others with your vastly superior intelligence and technical know-how.
+Terence Stigers Thank you for recognizing my contributions to common sense and reason on the Internet. It's usually such a thankless job.
Pei Li
Samsung is amazing :) although I think Apple got the most of the profit
Very funny HTC is among others, despite the fact it is much better than Samsung, Apple and Nokia. I think the high price of HTC may be the reason. I wish HTC remains with their price plan and deliver good quality rather than following the croud and deliver less quality.
+Sherif Kholeif Personally, I dislike HTC because I dislike both Sense and the build quality of their devices. (Motorolas are far more rugged.) But I know HTC has a small base of fans that support them quite a bit. But HTC is most definitely not high build quality. They're all plastic phones.
+Jake Weisz You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Plastic feel is what you get with Samsung, not HTC. You should hit up a store and check out the One X.
+Isaa Andersson I buy Motorola phones, they's made of metal. I dare you to hold the build quality of any HTC device up against a RAZR. There's no contest.
+Jake Weisz the one x is polycarbonate and the one s and v are aluminium. both are very rugged materials...
Motorola phones are less relevant than Nokia. ;)
+Jake Weisz I don't know when was your last use of an HTC device. All plastics??? Sense bothers some users wishing to root their phones or operate at the system level. But other than that you can install any android application just like any other device. Samsung has more plastics than HTC. Nokia - no comment. Apple well it is Apple.
+Isaa Andersson Motorola's developed the smartphone with the longest battery life, hopefully pushing us away from Apple's idiotic obsession with making things as thin as possible, no matter what the cost in quality or capability. If other manufacturers catch on to the "little thicker for tons more battery life" concept of the RAZR MAXX, Motorola could be pretty darn relevant.

Also, they're being bought by Google, and might start churning out vanilla phones if we're lucky. So there's that.
+Isaa Andersson Also, "relevance" is not an argument as to why Motorola does or does not produce more solid phones.

+Sherif Kholeif I use all of my devices in stock configuration, I do not root. Therefore, if the UI that comes on the phone from the store sucks (as Sense does), then I won't buy it.
+Jake Weisz Plastic can also be good... soft-touch is nigh impossible to scratch and nice to hold.
IMHO HTC is inbetween iDevices and mainstream Android phones: (relatively) high price, slightly outdated OS version, but the software is damn good (Sense is ready to use with lots of widgets and apps initially). And rooting gives them the latest updates :)
+Anthony Seleznev I was surprised HTC updated the first sensation with Android 4.03. It probably took them some time to update their "sense" working with ice cream sandwich.
+Jake Weisz"All of my devices" How many do you have? Just a joke! Sense does not suck, their latest works just fine for the normal and slightly advanced users. I advice you to use it frequently on some of their latest phones such as sensation XE, XL or One X. Think of "sense" as an add-on to the standard OS.
+Sherif Kholeif Motorola Droid 1, Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Xoom, B&N Nook Color. So... five. :)

I don't want a mandatory add-on to my OS. The reason I tolerate Motorola's skin is because their current version is very very close to vanilla, and actually does improve on it (a little bit). And I love their hardware.
I've always been a fan of Sense. It used to a bit bloated and a memory hog. But with the latest iteration i.e Sense 4, that is an old fact. Sense remains to be the most polished and intuitive..
TouchWiz is like any other Play Store launcher imo.

I've heard great things about Sony's software but have yet to try it myself.
+Jake Weisz vanilla/stock Android is always nice. I like it, too. Used it with ICS for months on my phone but had to revert to Sense to be clear of bugs and certain functions I missed.
I personally have a Samsung phone... albeit a dumbphone rather than a Smartphone. Perhaps the ideal (generic) Smartphone is preconfigured to meet generic usage (i.e. point and click), but also makes it relatively painless to get into advanced options, whereby experienced users can reconfigure it to their heart's content.

Meanwhile, with Samsung overtaking Apple in terms of mobile device sales, maybe that provides a partial explanation for Apple's seemingly spurious patent battles. Surely someone could easily have found prior art for rounded corners, black cases and application icons arranged in a grid. Also while it's possible Apple may have invented the swipe to unlock feature, only chasing one manufacturer about copying it, several years after several dozen others have done so, should IMHO rightfully be treated as "Either sue the lot or don't sue at all."
+Ben Norwood Apple has been litigating instead of innovating for about two years now. Which came first, the suits or the failure to compete, is anyone's guess. But they've been on a downward slide for a while, it's just the stock market hasn't figured that out yet, so the stock's horribly overvalued.
+Jake Weisz Well, you are a Motorolla fan, You love it and defend it. I understand. Same with me but with HTC since windows mobile. However, I have experience with Samsung helping some members of my family with it. Also I have few experience with Sony xperia play. They all work fine under android. Latest "sense" is very polished. I also liked Sony. In every phone with a special add-on, what you like in one does not exist in the other.
Oh man, I am so sick of this PC vs Mac or iPhone vs Android discussion. It's never end.
+Sherif Kholeif Well, first and foremost, I'm an Android fan. ;) But yes, I my personal preference clearly sits with Moto.
+ Mafer Yu This is now extended to android add-on vs android add-on. Have fun.
+B Gallagher Yeah, it's something I hope takes off. The story goes that Motorola did the RAZR, which was the thinnest phone ever, and experimentally, an engineer made it a little bit thicker and shoved twice the battery in it to Sanjay Jha... and they realized: Heck, this is a good idea, and ended up releasing it only two months after the RAZR came out. The RAZR MAXX still feels thinner than most phones, but has a ridiculously awesome battery life.

I've never been about thinness personally, I carry keyboard phones usually, so I don't mind bricks. But battery life is the #1 complaint most people have about their phones, so it'd be nice if more manufacturers spent time working on extending battery life, and less on making it thin.
I haven't checked it out in a while but I have AT&T and they grandfathered my plan in but at one time told me I'd loose my plan if I got an iPhone.
JoPa Mi
+Jake Weisz thank you for seeing some fanboy straight.

I will jump in on the Samsung v HTC though. HTC has a decent product. But they are intent on excreting the user over. First with shitty sense (Samsung does the same however) then locked boot loaders, now with no external sd and no removable battery? I don't care if you can go scuba diving with it, it's useless to me.
+Jake Weisz yes, I was intending to tag you.

And no, any Android phone cannot automatically sync documents, movies, podcasts, and audio all from one connection or from the cloud. The closest app to provide part of this feature is DoubleTwist, and it still has a long way to go before matching iTunes.

That isn't to say iTunes doesn't have it's issues, but when it comes to syncing devices, it just works.

You pointed out Gorilla glass as some big feature, but it's clear that it's a common component of many phones and portable devices. How you managed to think iPhone lacks it is bewildering.
+Tobias Swan It's strange that you think it can't... because um... I have one, and it does. "iTunes works" being the funniest thing I've ever heard. Google Music was cloud-synced music before iCloud even existed. And yes, all of those other things are also automatically synced over the network through a Google account. iCloud is actually a rip-off of Google's system.

Regarding Gorilla Glass, because three out of five of the iPhone models didn't have it? Including the iPhone 4, which I believe is still the unit most iPhone owners have.

+Diana Shea That's very strange, every carrier, including AT&T, to my knowledge, grandfathers in plans through phone upgrades.
JoPa Mi
+Tobias Swan Hahahahhahahahaha... my roomate is an apple fanboy and he was just asking me to help him sync his iPod and iMacMini (or whatever that worthless piece of crap is called) to the iCloud. Hes been working hours on it. As someone who sees and helps him with it, all the time, apple does NOT just work like they claim. Apple fanboys are just too proud, or stupid, to admit they got an inferior product.

Also, the only time I have not had all of my data immediately sync'd to my phone is when I was testing custom roms. I use my Vibrant as a car stereo that syncs via wifi tether to my galaxy s 2. Everything works unless I want the newest thing on my phone, even though it is still in testing phase.

Also I do not have to wait a year for my phone to upgrade. I have the option to test out different roms and flavors every day. I do agree that some people do not care about customization, and a lot do not even like the idea of upgrading because that might mean they have to learn something new. But when a new feature becomes available, especially a useful one, for our phones, we can get it if we choose. Apple fanboys cannot.
JoPa Mi
Oh, and another thing. When I want to upgrade my OS it is free. I dont have to buy another phone. Granted, manufacturers have a lot of say on this, and are trying to be stupid, like apple and make us upgrade, but the beauty of android is you can always choose to customize and install a custom rom yourself.
+Tobias Swan Also, while you have to sync all your music, documents, and such to your devices and computers, I can not only do that, but log in from any computer on the planet and access and edit all my stuff in the cloud without waiting for it to sync.

Guess how hard it is to play music on someone else's computer with Google Music? Sign in to and press play. Documents? Sign into and start editing your docs. Can you do that with iTunes?
Here, you want proof android is easier to use and factual hands on use? Apple fanboys only watch the following videos if you feel like being proved that android systems are easier to use than the iphone. Sorry, but its just the way it is. If you haven't actually gone and used an android for a few months, and then gone to an iphone, you'd never know! And you can't compare it to Android 2.2 and lower. Cause thats plain old! Its a 5 part series going through all aspects! Here you go:
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 1 of 5
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 2 of 5
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 3 of 5
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 4 of 5
Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS Part 5 of 5
in the android market and download something, you arent sure its gonna be good or gonna be complete rubbish but on apple you can usually expect quality since on android anyone can add anything. But still ANDROID RULES!!!
+Alex Smith Eh, not really, it's just called "reading reviews". What everyone should do before they download.
JoPa Mi
If you can read, then you will never really get a bad app. The community does a much better job of weeding out crap apps than apple employees staring at one app, that they would never use, after another, ever could.
yes but reviews can be misleading and they will probably have a different phone. for example angry birds makes my phone freeze, but on my mates galaxy ace it works perfectly.
JoPa Mi
Also is your phone like a behold 2 or running pre android 2.2?
I'm not dissin android since I think android rules I'm just saying sometimes apps dont work as they should do
+B Gallagher yup! It puts it pretty plain and clear how much easier Android is to use.
+Alex Smith at least you can get a refund if its rubbish on Android. With iOS your screwed.
Quality verification on Android can only really be done via word-of-mouth, since there are so many different devices (with new ones being added regularly) that it would be virtually impossible to test an app on all and verify it works OK.

I suppose the major manufacturers could theoretically contribute a couple of people each to testing apps and give a 'probably works OK' rating - but getting across the message that they haven't time or resources to test every single app submitted so it's only likely to be the ones the team members find useful could be as tricky (if not more so) than the collaboration in the first place!
excuse me jake weisz but not everybody can afford expensive galaxy aces and as I said... ANDROID RULES!
+Alex Smith Expensive... Galaxy... Aces...? The Galaxy Ace was a bargain bin phone... o.O Wikipedia: "The Galaxy Ace is one of the four budget, low-cost Android-based smartphones planned by Samsung."
+Alex Smith Honestly, though I'm not trying to knock you here, but it's just a common sense thing, when you buy a budget phone, you have to expect a budget experience, including but not limited to poor app support, fewer or nonexistent OS version upgrades, etc. It doesn't make Angry Birds a bad app, is what I'm saying.
No im not saying angry birds is a bad app im saying it dosent work on my phone
I just think a lot of people who say Android holds nothing on iOS haven't truly used an Android device for longer than 5 minutes. And if they had an Android it probably had froyo or older on it.
You buy apple if you are quite wealthy and dont wnt your phone to get hacked. you buy android if you are a DUDE WHO WANTS TO TEXT AND CALL MATES, GO ON THE INTERNET AND PLAY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow. If it weren't for Jake Weisz I might have actually enjoyed reading this thread. Mr Weisz, I humbly applaud your ability to prove others wrong without addressing the actual points they bring up. Because if they are wrong, we all know that you're right. (Thank You For Smoking proved that, right?)

A hearty reminder to all that when you are most certain you are correct, you are most likely missing a vital piece of information because of your certainty. As Leia would say, "The tighter you clench your grip, the more systems will slip through your fingers."
it is always fun to debate with idiot fanbois like +Jake Weisz who can't understand facts.

He denies fragmentation. Today, you can buy Android devices ranging from Eclair (2.0) to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). He also conveniently forgets that Amazon is selling a bunch of tablets that are based on Android, but with certain APIs removed. Furthermore, Samsung has developed a set of stylus APIs that are distinct and DIFFERENT from Ice Cream Sandwich's stylus APIs. But in his mind, these are not fragmentation, even though most programmers would consider it fragmentation. In the Android world right now, most app developers have to aim for the lowest common denominator, which is Froyo (2.2) which means they can't take advantage of improved APIs. And most of these can never be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Compare this with Apple. Every single device sold today can run iOS 5. Every device sold last year can run iOS 5. Every device sold the year can run iOS 5.

He blathers on about security, but conveniently neglects to remember just how many malicious apps made its way through Apple's AppStore, versus the Android AppStore. There are also "drive by" hacks, etc.

More Security
In iOS, if a vulnerability is found, apple releases an update (true, sometimes, it takes Apple too damned long to release it). That update is available immediately to all iOS devices.

In Android, certain classes of exploits target fundamental design weaknesses in Android (watch all the Defcon talks for more info). So, a vulnerability that exists in 2.x but is fixed in 3.x... but will not be available to users who bought devices TODAY. Why does this happen?

1) First, Google must work on the vulnerability. Some are easy to fix. Others are hard, or impossible (and require version upgrades). Google releases an update. Unless you're a Google Nexus phone user, good luck getting that patch when it is released.

2) Now the phone vendors have to take that patch and work it into their release. Wait 6 months. If you are lucky. See how many Android phones sold last year can be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich.

3) Now, the telcos have to want to deliver that patch/update. Most don't. How often do telcos patch your year old or two year old phone? Once in your first year, if you're lucky?

YET More Security
Your Android device does not have "full device encryption". This means, if you lose it, anyone who picks it up, can basically grab all the data off it. All your texts. All your photos. Emails. Files. Yes yes, certain 4.0 androids can have full device encryption. Which ones? Damned if I know. Go do your own research.

Apple has had full device encryption since iOS 3.0. This means on an iPhone, with good security set up (8+ character password, etc), I do not have to worry about it being stolen.

Of course, +Jake Weisz might offer up a solution - jail break your phone. This is a non-solution, as it is not supported by the vendor.
@Stefani Gonzales - Nokia 808 PureView - looks like Nokia are trying to compete with Nikon.. It's Nikon - not Nokia ;-)
I like the Apple handsets. I have 3G and 4G models, they are certainly much better design than Android, the operating system is in fact superior as is the battery life also. I know this as I develop both iOS and Android apps, with Android clearly being the looser with it's market fragmentation, which is something that Apple learnt from decades previously with sub-licencing of it's hardware.

Galaxy Nexus is my primary phone. The battery life is tragic, without modifications the O/S is quite lame and most of the applications are straight out rubbish. Having said that, Google Play distribution is much better than iTunes Connect for developers.

The Nokia N95 was one of the best phones I ever owned. The camera was exceptionally good, battery life amazing. The thing that let it down was the operating system. Nokia could benefit from moving to a pure Unix like environment and using the principles that made them giants in the first place.

HTC Desire HD is a nice body on Android. I have only seen cheap plastic devices from the company since and the One X is Quad core battery guzzling piece of plastic. I own a few different devices and tablets, so I'm not just talking as a window shopper.

The best aspects of HTC devices, is also the worst in Sense UI. Which is a fact, that it is a vast improvement on Apple, Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft's lack of appreciation for the word "consumer customisable".
+fan tai - Android does have full device encryption, you are mistaken since version 2. - One last thing... a non-jailbroken Apple iOS device, is still a great device.

A jail broken Apple 4GS can also run Windows Phone 7.5 and Android Gingerbread 2.3.x - I love Apple phones when they are jail broken... I love Android stock.
yup appleee have always an edge over samsungg...doesnt care abt market shareee
Mexico is number one manufacturer of smartphones, recently surpassing China and South Korea, many of these are imported into the US and sold under local brands. Just so you guys know it ^_^
+fan tai maybe you should watch the videos posted. Your info is outta date n your comments about Android refer to very old versions of Android. Watch the videos before making these claims about Android. Your iPhone is not everything apple claims it to be. Its got a lot of vulnerabilities. And don't go downloading every app on the market. You have no control over what it controls! At least with Android you can control what apps have access to.
Still not certain why this matters at all. Some people like one thing, some people like another. Who cares?
+fan tai Honestly, your arguments are so stupid and misinformed, I don't really need to respond. I'll let everyone else tear you a new one. :)
+Jake Weisz the fact that you responded twice to ONE reply from me is hilarious. Your loyalty to "expose" Apple is certainly entertaining.

And that is mainly because of several inconsistencies. You mentioned that you can log into any computer in the world and access all your data. This is false for the simple fact that not every computer in the world can meet the minimum requirements of google music.

Even if it's exaggeration on your part to prove it's more compatible than iCloud, it's still a very false statement.

I also find it ironic for you to claim to be a Motorola fan, considering that they made Apple's CPU's for over a decade.

Shouldn't you also be an Apple fan, or do you choose to conveniently ignore that piece of Motorola's track record?
+Tobias Swan Okay, let me clarify for the idiot in the room. I can log in and listen to music on every computer purchased within the last twelve years that has an Internet connection, without having to download my music onto their computers first. Is that clear enough for you? It's still far better than iCloud in that regard, and you didn't mention that, because you know I'm right.

I'm also fond of Samsung, and we know Apple uses all their parts and claim them as their own too. I fail to see your point. We already know Apple can't build anything itself and all the innovations it brags about are actually cool new Samsung parts. Motorola's record, is selling parts to a company that wanted to order them. Samsung's record, is similar. More ironic would be the fact that Apple is trying to sue the pants off the companies that it can't make iPhones without. They're literally biting the hands that fed them. Apple is nothing without the real innovators in companies like Motorola and Samsung.
There's no need to clarify, and no need for name-calling of "idiots" unless you want a childish debate, and in that case you can count me out.

I was being completely literal regarding the google music issue because it IS a literal issue (what something can do vs something that cannot). You clearly exaggerated to add to a debate in which it clearly isn't needed.

I can log in and listen to music on any computer purchased within the last twelve years (be it Windows or OSX) that has an internet connection, and also do so without having to download music first. ITunes Match and iCloud are an extension of Home Sharing (again, a feature used with Macs and IOS devices long before google's cloud services were public) and do not require downloading of anything. You can stream from any device with iCloud enabled, and it's literally three steps (run iTunes, go to iCloud control panel, turn on iCloud).

Why you assume this isn't possible is beyond me, because I've been doing this for years with Home Sharing and built-in VNC, and iCloud only expands upon those ideas.

And no, there's nothing "easier" about google play. It's free by default, but has 5,000 less songs that can be stored in the cloud, and it doesn't give you free songs for every "legit" song you've already ripped before. Honestly both Google Play and iTunes Match pale in comparison to Amazon Cloud Player since it has parity with ALL OS's and streams them all just the same with 5GB.

And google drive simply cannot compare to the massive size iCloud provides free access to with regards to iLife files. Music, Movies, Documents, email and contacts have ZERO impact on your 5GB limit. One movie on Drive will easily kill your cloud service with Google. Google play does nothing to match what you already have when it comes to movie files- they must be rented or purchased from the Play store. If you create a movie file on your PC or Mac, there is no automatic way to sync it with Google Play or Drive if it's over 5GB.

And that's not to mention the privacy issues most Google products are plagued with. Google has full rights to EVERYTHING on Google Drive, whereas SkyDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud have taken measures to tell that is not the case on their services.

Every OS and service have their faults. Knowing that and still seeing the advantages that are there makes the difference. There are advantages to Drive (free), and there are advantages to iCloud (almost nothing counts against your 5GB).

To me (and a lot of people out there considering userbase), IOS is just simpler. Syncing whether wirelessly or tethered requires very few options to play with, and most of it is done automatically. The two reasons I still own an Android phone (using T-Mobile, and Swype is awesome) are starting to become less and less important as features for IOS increase.

So feel free to pick apart every comment here while not fact-checking your own. Android vs Apple is not a war that can be won by the likes of you.
+Tobias Swan I can't even begin to pick apart yours, because yours is so misinformed. It's like you've never used a non-Apple service in your life.
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