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A (3) consecutive years of total domination story.
Year (2): #SitRep -->
Year (1): #SitRep -->

This is still one of the longest #operations that took place in the history of #ingress . Not only in its time span, but also in the distance needed to execute, the number of countries involved, and the people needed to travel to help us complete it.

::.. Location ..::
Cell : AF14-ROMEO-10
City : #Alexandria , Country: #EGYPT

::.. Brief ..::
The above links tell the story of the local cell domination by the Ingress Resistance Egypt Team (aka #MegaEpicFieldTeam ) all over the #Year2014 #Year2015

We figured that the #Year2016 was not going to be as easy as it was in the past year. And we were Wrong ;) It was the easiest :-). We thought that the #enlightened would give us a good fight over our beloved cell. And we were wrong again :D They barely showed us any “Resistance” this year :P
Our operation is still a go. For a full year, all (50) cycles of the cell in which our beloved city of Alexandria is contained were never to be won by enlightened. They even hit the rock bottom (0 MUs) for full 6 cycles, not to mention their beloved number of MUs of (1) for 2 full cycles.

Again, needless to mention that this operation was the successful resolution of the whole Resistance Team of Egypt, not only Alexandria.
We also must not forget to mention that the enlightened put up a good fight over some cycles (Total of 1) during the past year.

It is never considered as a good win without the help of our fellow resistance agents all over the world. And here we give you a good story, with wishes that it will inspire resistance all over the world:
Enlightened have been sleeping all year long, and barely fought back. Suddenly, in the last two check points, they ‘tried’ to fight back - if you know what I mean - and fielded over our cell using an inaccessible anchor in Egypt and an off shore portal located in a little island of #Malta. Fortunately, Egyptian enlightened agents don’t understand that winning a cycle requires long sleepless nights and a continuous fight throughout all 7 days of a complete cycle: getting hyper active for few checkpoints doesn’t cut it.
As usual, their fields never last beyond 24 hours, and it was down from inside Egypt.
But then. an inaccessible link from Egypt to Malta stood and would give them a chance to field again if they tried.
+Adriána Perkele offered to help in taking down Malta’s portal in order for us to block. She introduced us to +Sam Xzens and +David Arts, two enthusiastic resistance agents, who were willing to go as far as it took to lend a helping hand. See their SitRep →

Completely worth mentioning:
+Jonathan Barbara, an enlightened agent of #Malta, started an early fake celebration that the enlightened won the last cycle of the year 2016.
See the posts:

We The Resistance Egypt Team have decided to put an end to their suffering, and to stop the operation. Hahahahaha, we are kidding.
No, but seriously -- we will call it a day (I mean a 3 years) and stop this operation.

Finally, we would like the enlightened to get to work on their team development, instead of cooperating with spoofers and cheaters to try to win the cell by any means. If this cell is keeping them from building their team and learning to play the fair game, without using multi-accounts and filling the COMM chat with inappropriate talks and curses, we will not be fighting for this cell anymore unless it prevented the newcomers from playing and having fun.

::.. Countries ..::
This operation would never be a success without the humongous efforts and support provided by the following #Resistance Teams:
- Resistance Team of #Lebanon
- Resistance Team of #Belgium

::.. Numbers ..::
Cycles Won : 50/50
Average MU's : 2,868,080 MU's
Median MU's: 2,400,000 MU's
Minimum MU's : 470,000 MU's
Maximum MU's : 8,000,000 MU's
Total MU's : 143,404,000

::.. Thanks ..::
This section is a small and inadequate gratitude to all who were involved all over the past year:
- All Agents of #Ingress #Resistance #Egypt
- Special Thanks : +Gese Ftw for his great help with statistics charts.

+Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Ingress +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN +John Hanke +Hank Johnson +Anne Beuttenmüller

#Ingress #Resistanc #year2017 #yearinreview #Alexandria #Egypt #Cycle #Cell

||||::::....* Viva La Resistance *....::::||||

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Update: It's down! Go go go!!
The last time I saw Singapore stay green this long was back in 2013 when Singapore was dominated by the Enlightened.


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When a libertarian goes vegetarian, he/she stops eating meat.

When a leftist goes vegetarian, he/she starts an internet meme or calls a press conference, starts pushing for legislation to ensure everyone is vegetarian, and then pickets butchers and tries to shame people at meat markets and restaurants.

I chose to go. No one asked/hinted/forced me.

I wish you success in getting stronger support now that I'm gone. One less arrogant person to stand in the way of the flood of volunteers.

Thanks for the memories.

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Spoofers have no faction

First of all, congratulations to the ENL for their big op today. The sheer scale of it and the coordination was very impressive. I can't say comment about other parts of the West Coast, but the ENL ground agents involved in San Diego were very well-coordinated and organised.

It is thus that the ENL ground agents involved should be disappointed that spoofers were involved in clearing RES blockers off the West Coast in the past few days (Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, Point Conception Lighthouse, Upper Reyes to name a few). Likewise, as a RES agent who was trying to defend against the op, I'm disappointed in seeing spoofers appearing at Hāna Bay Lighthouse.

So to those responsible for the accounts @Agent_3180064, @sthvrryged, @rfhydvhtr, you should be ashamed for trivializing the hard work of thousands of agents who are legitimately playing the game.

+NIA Ops I don't think I really need to repeat about how this is killing the game and the efforts of legitimate players.

But enough of the negativity from me. We can still enjoy the sunsets that come with actually playing the game the way it should be played. And once again, to the ENL ground agents who took part, well done!
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Delighting customers. One dongle at a time. 

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Spoofers suck. Cheaters suck.

With that said, spoofing has always been an issue with ingress. In the last couple months we have seen multiple Enlightened and Resistance portals spoofed and spoofing accounts leveling up in Las Vegas

From the LVE side of things, we would like to reiterate that spoofing is not tolerated and will therefore be reported.

We all love playing this game, lets keep it clean from cheaters. If you know someone is cheating, please report it

Thank you! 
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