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Google I/O 2012

Registration for Google I/O 2012 will open at 7am PDT on March 27, 2012. Be sure to sign up and sign in to your G+ account before you register.

Tickets will be first-come, first-served -- so set your alarm. Seriously. I don't want to get your email at 8am complaining that you missed out ;)
Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise application...
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So ... any chance they reworked the back end so that pages don't just time out this time around? :)
Any chance to register early for "key developer partners" again? Or did I fall out of favor.
Ed Lea
How many attendees usually go to i/o ?
Will there be early registration for us Ions?
+Ed Lea I believe the total attendance amount is 5000
Oh man, I'm happy the info is out but it's hard because flight tickets are $500 now at that time compared to the $300 it was last year's time. Now the academia pricing is double as well :-/

Understandable I guess because of the swag reselling people were doing last year that totally was disappointing
+Mike DiGiovanni and +Greg Williams I don't know if there will be early / special registration for anyone, though I suspect it'll be similar to previous years. If you haven't heard anything by the 27th, don't hold-off in the hopes that something will come your way :)
Exactly same spot I am +Ryan Warner, I think I may pass this year and just watch the videos after the fact, and connect via G+ w/ devs(yea for Google making G+ so awesome ;)).
Yeah it just makes it really tough. It was such an experience going though! Looks like they aren't going to do any early registration for previous Google I/O attendees either?
+Andrew M I have a feeling the keynotes will be available live on YouTube, so you shouldn't have to wait to see them.
+Ryan Warner Generally academics don't get early/pre registration based on past conference attendance(I double checked last year after IO w/ registration staff).

+Neil Lund Yep live keynotes and fast turn around on all the other sessions up onto YouTube == Win/Win for both attendees and those of us unable to attend. :)
Last year we live-streamed the keynotes and most of the Android and Chrome sessions. I don't know any details yet, but I sincerely hope we do the same again this year. I'll set up a laptop and hold a hangout on air for my session if all else fails ;)
+Andrew M Thanks for the information!

+Sterling Udell That's true, I forgot about the people traveling from other countries. It's still tough considering I'm a student though :-/
Last year the registration server locked up immediately on opening. The lag and response one minute after opening was crippling... they said it sold out in an hour but it was more like instantly. So you might get that complaining email at 7:01 am PDT.
Just a quick story for those who may despair during registration on the 27th. I tried registering last year on the day and got through half the registration before the servers overloaded (coldfusion I think? :-D), but I got an email from Google a few days later that i could go ahead and finish the registration. It was awesome! Thanks +Reto Meier
+Thomas Brand :( I know! Don't think I wasn't getting "why can't I register!!!" emails at 7:00.50 last year. I'm hoping this year our systems are a little more... robust.
Well it was a third party hosting/registration system last year right? And yea it was cold fusion(at least parts throwing errors), yeash, though we got a descent amount of CF running here still :-/
So I've heard a rumor that Ion members have already been able to preregister. Any way to get admitted to that exclusive club? I've been attending Google dev events since GDD 07, but have only been able to make it to I/O once.
+Sterling Udell I know one guy who went last year for the first time that got an early pre-registration invitation. Myself and 4 other friends who went last year are still waiting, and assume by now that we'll have to register with the masses next Tuesday.
I wonder if there's any benefit for academic researchers from Google IO? I see it's strongly oriented toward developers.
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