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It's finally out! +Professional Android 4 Application Development is shipping today from Amazon US and also available for download from Google Play Books or for Kindle.

It's an 800 page monster that took over a year to write. Compared to the 2nd edition It's been massively revised and expanded, with four new chapters and more than 300 extra pages. More details in the link.

For those of you who do pick up a copy, I'd love to know what you think. If you found it useful, you may be surprised to know how valuable a good Amazon review can be :)
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Congratulation. Writing a book a tremendous amount of work, I pre-ordered in Germany, I guess shipping the english version will take a bit longer here.
I pre-ordered it in January... hope to receive it soon :)
Great job! Do you have any idea when the dead tree editions might start to appear internationally?
Heh Kindle edition is more expensive than the paper back one... :)
+Nathan Wong Not really, form experience probably a few weeks from now at best.

+Jose Carlos Miñarro Gil Best bet for a paperback is to get it shipped from the UK using either Amazon or the Book Depository.
I bought and instantly downloaded it on the german Kindle / Amazon store weeks ago - love it so far :)
Just put an order in, looking forward to it!
I'm thinking of getting it on Kindle as well (as soon as I get my kindle touch, in a couple of weeks)... It's been while since I've been coding on anything... That t800 motivated me enough to give it a second chance (on my favorite current platform) :P
Cool looking book cover.
Glad to see there are DRM-free e-editions coming from Wrox for those of us who prefer to purchase our books rather than rent them.
Pirate Bay has copies for an ultra low price!
+Matthew Foos C'est la vie. Hopefully enough folks find it useful enough to pay for and this won't be the last edition :)
Will have to pick this pick up. Already have the one for Android 2, but it feels like Android 3 and 4 brought so much new cool stuff that it wouldn't hurt to buy it "a second time"
Is it for beginners too or should a beginner use a primer first?
Android loooks like Terminator meaning dont get unless you want Terminator in your house.
+Troy Wilson If you're pretty experienced with programming in general, but new to Android, you should be fine. If you're more of a beginner to programming (particularly Java) then a primer might be a good idea.
+Reto Meier Great work again. Buying a book a second time (already owned Professional Android 2 Application Development) has never appeared more sensible to me ;-) And please, do not only work in powers of two - having to wait until Android 8 before the next edition would not be favorable...
is this just in time for Android 5 to come out? ;)
I'm waiting it from Amazon uk. :) I must to find how copy the Reto's signature from my Professional Android 2 XD
Looks awesome. I can't wait to get my copy. I actually won one in a contest through +Android Police. Looking forward to giving it a read and getting back into app development.
Just placed my order. This will look good sitting on top of my 'Android 2 Application Developement'. Thanks +Reto Meier!
+Andrew Kelly The versions is comprehensive -- meaning it's got all the content from #2, but expanded and improved. No need to buy #2 if you're buying #4.
spent many a day with those hung on my window did not care about the screen
Well this book is the first product ever I paid extra for a faster delivery.
Thank you! Submitted first app to the Android Market three years ago and still feel hunger for knowledge. Your books are up until now probably the best. Keep up the good work!
Just got my copy yesterday, thanks again for your persistence! I will definitely post a review on Amazon, and I predict a 4+ ;)
Will I be able to buy it at googleio? And hopefully get a dedication?
+Alexandre Gherschon We don't usually sell vendor products at I/O (including books), but if you're willing to cart one around I'm willing to sign it :)
+Andrew Kelly Cool -- hope you find it useful. Having a way to "sign" digital copies of books would be cool.
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