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New Prometheus trailer looks incredible.

Hard to say if I'm more excited about this or Game of Thrones season two. Luckily I don't have to pick only one :)
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Its about damn time another good Sci-Fi story will be in theaters. Though I can't afford to see a movie at the theater.
Sadly, I can't see this having a good story, but I hope I'm wrong!
And you get a TED talk as a freebie too, right?
Awesome, of course. But I hate trailers that try to make a resume of the whole film's plot though. Why can't they just edit out an awesome scene of the movie and provide a clip? These trailers always feel the need to edit together the movies highlights!
Oh, wow. Hanging out for this one. Hope the movie lives up to the promise of the trailer.
For a second I thought it had to do with Mass Effect 3. Then I pressed play and my mind was blown.
looking as good as expected ,but there are still some time...
to get it
Thank you for posting this! I'd read about this one several months ago & had been wanting to see it, but I'd forgotten about it in the meantime! lol Adding it to my IMDb watchlist NOW! :D
I have a bit longer version of this trailer...
I also have the IMAX 3D trailer.
Please check my streams...
Have a nice weekend everyone :)
This trailer reminds me Mass Effect 3
Wow, gets better each time more is revealed. Usually its the other way around.
My plan is to watch the existing box set before it's released. Looking forward to seeing it. 
Awesome! Finally some sci-fi to get excited about.
Nice, i could definitely see myself watching that
Kez G
Can't wait for this! So excited!
just a wild prediction based on the trailer, the plot probably involves some aliens harvesting us by introducing us to agriculture which causes our population to multiply.
nhung canh quay the nay that thu vi
bao h` thế giới mới đc như thế này nhỉ
I would go with Prometheus considering we already (a lot of us anyway) know the story in Game of Thrones. Tyrion Lannister is gonna be a beast this season though. Loads of awards on the way for Dinklage.
+Sandeep Deshpande The plot is already known and out there .... googling it will reveal results. To make this short: it's a prequel to the "Aliens" series of movies and if you watch closely you will realise that the alien ship that can be seen in the Prometheus trailers is identical to the alien ship wreck in the "Alien" movie ...
From IMDB "Ridley Scott decided against featuring Xenomorphs (the titular Alien of the franchise) in the film, as "the sequels squeezed him dry, he did very well... and no way am I going back there." Instead, this being an indirect prequel to Alien, he decided to feature an Xenomorph ancestor/parent.
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During production, Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof kept the use of computer-generated imagery as low as possible, using CGI mainly in space scenes; Scott recalled advice VFXpert Douglas Trumbull gave him on the set of Blade Runner: "If you can do it live, do it live", and also claimed that practical VFX was more cost-effective than digital VFX."
We will be going to see this on the big screen
được thì được nhưng hơi ngắn !cho thêm tý nữa đi !
hiệu hứng hình ảnh và âm thanh rất hay
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