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The Nook version of +Professional Android 4 Application Development is available now for $26.

Amazon say they'll have the paperback in stock on Sunday, so if you want a copy at the start of next week, now's a great time to pre-order :)

Handy links to a bunch of different buying options can be found at:
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You should proabbly poke someone in the play store system, it shows the pervious version's ratings and such. :)
+Reto Meier I'd think it would go by ISBN, but I don't have any experiences with goodreads, other than their reviews popping up in the play store. Looking froward to reading the book, though. ( once I can spend on "big" purchases again, shouldn't even be buying the songs I have been. :p )
Ken Liu
+Randy Bishop stack overflow will be your best friend. It is, over possibly, my most visited website when I'm building apps
For Amazon, it seems that $27.38 in the US translate to €36.70 in Germany. So this book is only 75% more expensive over here... :-(
Reto do you cover jni / ndk in this edition?
Thank you Reto, i ordered two days ago. But shiping price to Malaysia was abut 40$ :-X i'll give you my comments later. I really have problem with writing code once deploy on every device :-) hope to be covered in this book. Thanks again.
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