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I need to do a proper write-up on my thoughts on Android Wear. I've been wearing a device for a while now, and it's already awesome -- but the potential! So many possibilities. Feels like the early days of Android again (but with better UI / UX). 
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+Reto Meier Android Wear is a great idea, but current watch implementations are poorly designed for battery performance. LG Always-On feature is a total misunderstanding IMHO - as if I couldn't just press a power button on my watch or tap the screen to power it on. The same goes for used display type. Who got the idea to use LCD instead of color eInk or at least Mirasol?! Until those watches will stand at least 4-5 days on a single charge, they'll be only a "toy" or "gadget" for majority - and that's not what Google wants does it? :)
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Reto Meier

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The Android Job Scheduler is one of my favorite APIs in the Android L Release. 

Using the Android Job Scheduler
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JobScheduler is a system service and - just like BluetoothManager class - it won't have it implementation in support library. If the creator of JobScheduler would make it as BroadcastReceiver with saved states (network, idle, battery, time) then he or she could copy the code into support library.
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Mmmmmm Android Wear Apps...
Apps for Android Wear launching today!
A collection of apps for Android Wear is now available on Google Play (

In addition to notifications bridged from the phone, Android Wear allows developers to write code that runs directly on the wearable. Nearly all the APIs Android developers are already familiar with are accessible on the wearable allowing fully customized UI, reading sensors directly, integrating with voice actions, and sharing data between the phone or tablet and the wearable.

We've worked with some friends to create some great early Android Wear integrations.  Please take a look through this photo album for more inspiration and start extending your app for Android Wear today!
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Gear live, I have nice looking watches to go out and about in but I don't have a watch with a heart rate monitor. 
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Reto Meier

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If you've ever wondered what Developer Relations is all about: this

+Vinu Charanya A P thank you so much for sharing your story. You are awesome, and I am humbled.  
A mind blowing speechless experience.
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 Thank you +Reto Meier  :)
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Reto Meier

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And then there's this session that I'm in at 4pm today. It should be... Interesting. I hope you can join us. I hope I can, too.

You've seen them present. You've even seen them present at I/O. But you've never seen them present like this. Join Colt, Timothy, Reto, and Chet as they give totally new presentations in totally unpredictable ways. Based on the SF comedy show Speechless, with a tech-conference spin, this session will bring new meaning to the phrase "slide show". Joining them will be Speechless creator and professional comedian Sammy Wegent along with a panel of geek-celebrity judges. You'll laugh, you'll learn. Except for the "learn" part.
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When is the Robot Killer Hamster API rolling out?
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Another day at IO14, another near dawn photo from the shuttle bus. Lots of news on day 1, but lots of sessions today so we can learn how to make our apps use the cool new stuff. What sessions are you looking forward to?
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The one where I can line those bicycles up in orderly rows to make the most efficient use of the space! ;)
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Reto Meier

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New! Download lesson videos & transcripts, plus supplemental study resources, to learn offline. 
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Oh I like this a lot.
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I like how they leaked that the watch contains a gremlin in their blog post. :-)
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Reto Meier

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Spent a few relaxing post-I/O days recovering in Bodega Bay.
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Very beautiful! I have been meaning to go there, any spots you recommend +Reto Meier+Kristy Everington? 
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Reto Meier

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I've talked about my preparation for I/O talks before. Careful scripting followed by weeks - with hundreds - of rehearsals until it's perfect. So being part of the Speechless session yesterday was entirely new. Making up a presentation on the fly in front of 600 people - with slides I'd never seen, on a topic selected by the audience - was one of the most terrifying, fun, and exhilarating things I've ever done.

Big shout out to +Sammy Wegent from Speechless for putting it together, +Chet Haase for tricking us into participating (and going first to show us how it's done), and +Colt McAnlis & +Timothy Jordan for joining me in putting out careers on the line for the sake of cheap entertainment.

Improv comedy is one of those "you had to be there" things, so we didn't officially record the session. There were a bunch of phones and Glass in the room though, so maybe parts of it will end up on YouTube :)

(Special thanks to +Hiroshi Lockheimer, +Dave Burke, +Matias Duarte, and +David Singleton for being good sports and letting us keep our jobs)
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Not fair anyway! I applied for the Google IO but was not lucky enough to get chosen for attendance.

This  was unfortunate enough, now I also have to endure the fact I'll never be able to see this session.

That's too much for me.

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Reto Meier

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You know we spent a lot of time on it because there's a trailer!

Lesson 1 is up now -- and don't forget it's totally free to do the course (you can pay to get additional, personalized help from Udacity instructors).
New course by Google: Developing Android Apps with +Reto Meier +Katherine Kuan and +Dan Galpin

Check out the course: 
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Will it be updated to Android L and new Designs from Google IO?

Anyway, thank you very much for this amazing course!
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Reto Meier

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The most common theme in questions people asked me at Google I/O yesterday was how to get your Android apps ready for material design in L. If you've got this on your mind, come to (or stream!) this session at 11am pacific time for an overview. +Chet Haase and I will be lurking around to answer your questions through the day.
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Great little spot in otherwise quite grim Victoria. Go with a small group and get 3 or 4 small plates each and you'll be able to sample nearly the whole menu. Great tasting food at a reasonable price, and some great cocktails to go along with!
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Wonderful french bistro experience in beautiful Yountville. The food is very good, if not quite "excellent" - and expensive - but the atmosphere and service are wonderful. Definitely an experience to enjoy.
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Beautiful white sand beach with impressive rock formations that make it a great stop for anyone with a camera and the urge to take some stunning photos. The beach itself is streaked with purple from the manganese garnet deposits on the hillsides. It's a little awkward to get to - the turn-off from Highway 1 is well hidden, and the road itself is a winding 1-lane affair - and once you're there parking ($5) can involve waiting for someone else to leave, but it's worth the journey.
• • •
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"Delightful" is the only word to describe afternoon tea at The Goring. Friendly and accommodating staff serving a delectable selection of finger sandwiches, scones, and sweets along with an incredible selection of traditionally brewed teas served from silver tea pots. It would be difficult to a imagine a lovelier, more relaxing afternoon. Highly recommended.
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Hidden Gem tucked away off the Cabrillo Highway. Pull over at the Tanbark Trail Trailhead and head down the (steep) Partington Cove trail. You'll cross a short bridge, then head through a very cool tunnel. At the end, you'll find a beautiful sheltered cove, home to a kelp forrest and strikingly blue water. Worth the hike.
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*The* iconic image of the Central Californian Coast, take this opportunity to pause your journey along Highway 1 to get a proper look at the only waterfall in California to empty into the Ocean (or beach - depending on the tide). There's no beach access, so it remains pristine and an incredible view.
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