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Faster builds with Dex In Process in Android Studio 2.1

Android Studio 2.1 includes a new feature: Dex In Process, that can dramatically increase the speed of full clean builds as well as improving Instant Run performance.

To take advantage of Dex In Process, you’ll need to modify your file and increase the amount of memory allocated to the Gradle Daemon VM by 1 Gb, to a minimum of 2 Gb.

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Still take long in first time running even 5 minutes...
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Reto Meier

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Really enjoyed putting this together. Instant Run in Android Studio is kind-of amazing -- was a lot of fun learning how it really worked.
Instant Run: How does it work?!

When something’s simple and helpful, most people are satisfied with that. But we engineers — we’re not normal people.

In this Android Tool Time Deep Dive into Android Studio’s Instant Run feature, +Reto Meier get’s together with the Android Studio engineering team to get a peek behind the curtain and learn how Instant Run actually works.

Medium 📄

YouTube 🎥
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+Reto Meier You say that creating a flavor that targets API 21 can make the build faster.

I thought that the recent improvement in Android Studio already made this unnecessary. I thought that when AS ask the user to select the device to deploy on, if the device is API 21 or greater, the multidex phase is not executed.

I have a large app targeting API 17. When I run it on API 21, the instant run build/deploy cycle is 13s. It's the same if I use a flavor that targets API 21.

So, is creating an API 21 flavor is still necessary?
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Reto Meier

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So far, it seems that using tab to replace rather than insert when selecting a new method or value from autocomplete within Android Studio is the most popular protip from this collection.
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Yep, I've been using IntelliJ IDEA back before 3.0, and I have developed muscle memory to handle the double-insert issue from completion. Amazing I never knew this was there, and they never had it as a Tip Of the Day?
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Reto Meier

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If you're playing with the Android N preview, you'll want to get Android Studio 2.1 -- now in Beta!
Android Studio 2.1 now available on Beta channel

It's been less than a week since Android Studio 2.0 went into stable, but the team has been hard at work on version 2.1!

The main feature in Android Studio 2.1 is support for development using the Android N preview -- otherwise, the release is nearly identical to the 2.0 stable release from last week (along with a few extra bug fixes and some tweaks to Instant Run performance).


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Reto Meier

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Really excited by this new series! Hoping to do a new episode every month starting in a couple of weeks.

What kind of thing would you like to see me cast?
Pivotal with +Reto Meier is Asynchronous Pair Programming at Scale

You can watch as he makes mistakes (and debugs them), talks through decisions (and goes back on them later), and develops an app architecture (then build something that often ignores it). He’ll get my code reviewed by other engineers, ask for advice, and even look stuff up on Stack Overflow.

Season 1 will demonstrate the best practices for building context-aware Android apps to offer the best user experience, and minimize battery drain by updating an old app to take advantage of the latest location and context features available on Android. By the end of the season, you’ll not only have the best-practice location and context implementation, but you’ll have heard why it should be done that way, and seen how the code evolves along the way.

Read more with this Medium article:
Pivotal playlist:
Video Teaser:
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+Vladimir Bjelakovic Oh! forgot about that! Think it would be a huge event this year #io2016
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Reto Meier

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Late last year I asked if a video series of me “live coding” updates to an app to make it use newer Android APIs would be interesting, and got some positive responses.

So I put together a pilot episode to see how "edited live coding" might work.

Interested to know what you think! And would love any suggestions and feedback as I get stuck into recording the series proper.
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+Reto Meier new episodes planned? ;)
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Reto Meier

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Please update to Android Studio v2.1.1

We wanted to make you aware of an important security update for Android Studio.

Today we released the Android Studio 2.1.1 update. The incremental update addresses two security vulnerabilities in the underlying IntelliJ platform that affects all previous versions of Android Studio:

Built-in WebServer Vulnerabilities: A Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) flaw in the IDE’s built-in WebServer could allow an attacker to access the local file system from a malicious web page without user consent.

Internal RPC Vulnerabilities: Over-permissive Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) settings could allow an attacker to access various internal API endpoints; gain access to data saved by the IDE; gather various meta-information, like IDE version; or open a project without permission.

We have had no reports of active customer exploitation or abuse of these newly reported issues, but it’s important that you update to this new version now.

JetBrains notified Google of two security issues that affect all versions of Android Studio and we worked together to develop a solution. These issues not only affect the Android Studio development environment but all JetBrains products built on IntelliJ Platform including IntelliJ IDEA. See JetBrains security posting here:

We are offering security patches for versions 1.5.1, 2.0, and 2.1 of Android Studio to upgrade to v2.1.1. Simply go into Android Studio and check updates (Help → Check for Update [Windows/Linux] , Android Studio → Check for Updates [OS X]).

If you need to stay on Android Studio 1.5.x, we are also offering a zip file of v1.5.2, which includes the patch for the security vulnerabilities. Download the zip from Android Studio tools website ( and manually install the zip package over your existing Android Studio installation. 
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Reto Meier

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I know you don't watch all the way to the end of my videos, but this Android Studio protip for creating custom type rendering your objects while debugging and evaluating expressions is too good to miss.

Details, and more tips are in the Medium article:
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Sería muy bueno ver lo que a cada cual le guste no

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Reto Meier

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Collection of about a dozen productive pro-tips for using Android Studio. How many are new for you?
We all have better things to do with our time than count the exact number of Android Studio pro-tips in this 3 minute video  with +Reto Meier— so check it out for yourself and see how many are new to you.

Video too fast? Read the article!

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thing you

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Reto Meier

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Android Studio 2.0 is now available as a stable release!

And to celebrate, it's got its own Google+ page! Exciting times.
Android Studio 2.0 has been promoted to a stable release!

Android Studio 2.0 is focused on build performance, with brand new features like Instant Run and the new & dramatically faster emulator.

Update your version of Android Studio now, to take advantage of all the new features.

Not using Android Studio? There’s never been a better time to start.

We’ve been testing this release in Canary and Beta for months, so we’re excited that it’s now ready for use by all Android developers.

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Reto Meier

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Putting together some advice: What tips would you give experienced devs setting up projects in Android Studio / IntelliJ for the first time?
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+Reto Meier big things like how Eclipse projects map to AS projects, modules, build types, and flavors; and little things like how to name components in a way you won't regret later. 

It's really about migrating a nontrivial project (with multiple libraries, JARs, and APKs). Every migration guide I've seen is about taking a very simple, one-dimensional app from Eclipse to AS. I've got the outline of a blog post on the topic, with many of the issues I encountered bringing mature products over, but haven't found time to write it up yet.
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Reto Meier

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I'm a huge fan of Live Templates -- saves me precious keystrokes and makes it less likely I make annoying little errors. What's your favorite Live Templates? What would you want to templatize?
Android Studio Live Templates help you write more code by writing less code.

You may already use these shortcuts to quickly insert templated code snippets for everything from displaying Toasts, to inserting logging statements, creating loops, and finding Views by ID -- but did you know you can create your own Live Templates to templatize repetitive or boilerplate code in your apps?


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Wow that'll be handy. Thanks
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