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Good Friday? Great Friday.
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Back in my day, no shops were open for the entire long weekend! The Easter egg hunt was just a nice spin on having to forage for food.
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Reto Meier

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Science! It works, bitches.
TIL: Commander David Scott took a feather to the moon on Apollo 15. There he conduct one of the most awesome physics demos ever.

It's even in the mission's science report:

"During the final minutes of the third extravehicular activity, a short demonstration experiment was conducted. A heavy object (a 1.32-kg aluminum geological hammer) and a light object (a 0.03-kg falcon feather) were released simultaneously from approximately the same height (approximately 1.6 m) and were allowed to fall to the surface. Within the accuracy of the simultaneous release, the objects were observed to undergo the same acceleration and strike the lunar surface simultaneously, which was a result predicted by well-established theory, but a result nonetheless reassuring considering both the number of viewers that witnessed the experiment and the fact that the homeward journey was based critically on the validity of the particular theory being tested."

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And the people of the future will find that feather and make a theory that the Moon was once populated by falcons.
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Reto Meier

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Nice tip!
Tip: Syntax highlighting everywhere

Occasionally, I get questions from people about how I apply such neat syntax highlighting in my emails and my presentation decks.  There are online tools to do this, but frankly, it sounds like work, and I don't want extra work.  

My current favorite way is right in Android Studio — the IntelliJ plugin 'Copy' on Steroids.  (Plus, it has an amusing name.)  You can install it by going to Android Studio > Preferences > Plugins > Browse Repositories.  Now, your default Ctrl-C copies RTF text ready to paste into Gmail, Keynote, or whatever you use.  Keep doing what you're doing, just do it with more style!

(not really #androiddev, but close enough)
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Thanks. This will help me a bit
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Reto Meier

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Today marks exactly 5 years to the day that I started working at Google, and because I have the best wife in the world, I get to celebrate with these awesome and tasty +Google Developers cookies!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I joined what was then +Dan Morrill's +Android Developers team. I started in London sitting alongside +Chewy Trewhella working alongside +Limvirak Chea and +Petteri Koponen my BizDev counterparts.

Between the +Londroid meet ups, Google Developer Days, and Android Developer Labs I’ve probably met tens of thousands of developers using Google’s developer platforms and APIs. Along the way I’ve made a lot of good friends and consider myself privileged to have one of the best jobs in the world. 

It’s been five years, but I still feel like a Noogler. Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way; I’m looking forward to the next 5 years and whatever comes after that!
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Hi +Reto Meier  I'm working on a GIS project that has to do with determining an approximation of the damage radius of an earthquake given a magnitude, and while doing some research I found the app you created which essentially does that. I'm hoping maybe you can help me a bit, my biggest problem is determining the calculation I need to make to determine an approximation of the damage radius. I'm also thinking on adding census data to the map as well as type of soil or bedrock, and infrastructure type and age, but first I need to determine the approximate damage radius for earthquakes of magnitude 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0. My GIS map will only cover the the SoCal area to start with. I hope we can get in touch and that I can get some guidance from you. my email is 
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No-one delivers updates on Google Play services quite like +Magnus Hyttsten. Enjoy!
This episode of #DevBytes is from +Magnus Hyttsten. He shares all of the latest updates on the latest release of Google Play services 4.3. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

Analytics API (new!) - Google Analytics and Tag Manager are now part of Google Play services

Games services update - Our new Game Gifts API enables games to send virtual in-game requests to anyone in a player’s circles or through player search. 

Drive API - Change notifications, offline content, and more

Address API (new!) - Let your users provide complete addresses in a single click

For more information:

DevBytes: Google Play Services 4.3

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Brilliant delivery of a potentially dry subject matter!
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Have him in circles
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Last time Fincher got his hands on one of my favorite books, he turned it into... one of my favorite movies. Can't wait to see this.

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What's a book?
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Stop. Hammer time.

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I believe in cat language he's saying: "That's MY hammer"
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Reto Meier

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...and once again +Romain Guy makes me feel like my very best efforts at photography are akin to a child playing with a plastic toy. Incredible.
Grand View
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is as impressive to witness in person as it can be difficult to photograph. The canyon is so wide that only the best light and a perfect sky can make it justice. I never had the chance to find Grand Canyon bathed in the right light until last week.

Leica M
Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm ƒ/3.4

#landscapephotography   #sunsetphotography   #wideanglephotography   #southwestphotography   #grandcanyonphotography  
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love it
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From bridge-to-bridge. Panorama of San Francisco as seen from the bay, courtesy of a day spent on on the water with my fantastic team. 

h/t +Peter Lubbers who organized it for us.
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Reto Meier

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New stickers! One for each of the regular +Google Developers YouTube shows we produce. Which one's your favorite?
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Dev Bytes and ADIA !!!!
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Have him in circles
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I the manage the Scalable Developer Advocacy team as part of Google's Developer Relations organization, and I wrote Professional Android 4 Application Development.

I'm currently living in Los Altos California, but I'm from Perth Western Australia originally and spent 6 years living and working in London.
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Handling Phone Call Requests the Right Way for Users | Android Developer...

Posted by Dirk Dougherty, Android Developer Relations. One of the things users like most about Android is the flexibility to choose which ap

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Great little spot in otherwise quite grim Victoria. Go with a small group and get 3 or 4 small plates each and you'll be able to sample nearly the whole menu. Great tasting food at a reasonable price, and some great cocktails to go along with!
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"Delightful" is the only word to describe afternoon tea at The Goring. Friendly and accommodating staff serving a delectable selection of finger sandwiches, scones, and sweets along with an incredible selection of traditionally brewed teas served from silver tea pots. It would be difficult to a imagine a lovelier, more relaxing afternoon. Highly recommended.
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Hidden Gem tucked away off the Cabrillo Highway. Pull over at the Tanbark Trail Trailhead and head down the (steep) Partington Cove trail. You'll cross a short bridge, then head through a very cool tunnel. At the end, you'll find a beautiful sheltered cove, home to a kelp forrest and strikingly blue water. Worth the hike.
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*The* iconic image of the Central Californian Coast, take this opportunity to pause your journey along Highway 1 to get a proper look at the only waterfall in California to empty into the Ocean (or beach - depending on the tide). There's no beach access, so it remains pristine and an incredible view.
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Wonderful french bistro experience in beautiful Yountville. The food is very good, if not quite "excellent" - and expensive - but the atmosphere and service are wonderful. Definitely an experience to enjoy.
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Beautiful white sand beach with impressive rock formations that make it a great stop for anyone with a camera and the urge to take some stunning photos. The beach itself is streaked with purple from the manganese garnet deposits on the hillsides. It's a little awkward to get to - the turn-off from Highway 1 is well hidden, and the road itself is a winding 1-lane affair - and once you're there parking ($5) can involve waiting for someone else to leave, but it's worth the journey.
• • •
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Nothing quite captures the vibe of the Central Californian Coast quite like the Henry Miller library. Stop by to browse the books, stay a while to enjoy the ambience. There's always a few people hanging out on the sunlit deck: sipping coffee, reading, or even playing the piano. They also host film screenings and live music -- while I wasn't fortunate enough to attend either, the setting and atmosphere couldn't be better suited to a fun evening under the stars.
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