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Awesome swag for an awesome show. Be sure to check out Coffee with a Googler with +Laurence Moroney​. Thanks Laurence!
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Any time!
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Reto Meier

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Excited to announce that our official dates for Google I/O in San Francisco are May 28 & 29, 2015. Whether you’re able to join us in person, online via I/O Live or at an I/O Extended event in your local community, we’re looking forwarding to connecting with the global +Google Developers community to share what we’re working on next. 

More details to come over the coming weeks; be sure to check for the latest.
Google I/O 2015 brings together developers for an immersive, two-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. Join us online or in person May 28-29, 2015.
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Can't wait to see you win another speechless!
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Reto Meier

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I want one of these awesome Android Performance Patterns Tea Shirts (see what I did there). Help me out by getting one for yourself. 100% guaranteed to make your Android apps more performant.

* Guarantee void in all countries, states, and territories.

Let your team know the reality of the situation : The speed of their application is directly related to how much Caffeine they feed you.

BUY a TEA version of the shirt here :
BUY a COFFEE version of the shirt here:

This is  TEESPRING campaign. Which means that 20 shirts need to be ordered before the whole group is made. I'm actually pretty interested to see which is more popular... Coffee, Or Tea?


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I Like this 
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Reto Meier

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"I'm having trouble Googling my Facebook"
<p><img src="" alt="Codex Parentes" /></p><p><strong><a href="">Codex Parentes</a></strong></p><p><a href=""></a></p>
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I just fielded this question: I just set up an new email with, and it walked me through setting up a recovery email. Now all the email is going to the recovery email... What do I do to fix it? 

Never mind that I'm 1200 miles away...
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Reto Meier

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The Christmas Grumpus
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I'm surprised your tree survived. Our cats immediately had to investigate and climb
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Have him in circles
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Reto Meier

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Love this quote from Henry Kissinger’s World Order:

“Because it is not possible to read all books on a given subject, much less the totality of all books, or to organize easily everything one has read, learning from books places a premium on conceptual thinking - the ability to recognize comparable data and events and project patterns into the future. And style propels the reader into a relationship with the author, or with the subject matter, by fusing substance and aesthetics.

(Emphasis mine.) His context is concern that the availability of information on-demand (thanks to the Internet) threatens to undermine the acquisition of actual knowledge. The result, is that as individuals we expect to “look up” answers to problems rather than think them through using the broader context of history and experience.

I’ve encountered this interviewing job candidates — they’ve learned the “right” answer to some questions, but once we get beyond those memorized responses many are unable to use their knowledge and experience to answer things the don’t yet know.

That said, I don’t agree that, “The acquisition of knowledge from books provides an experience different from the Internet.” The Internet is just a different delivery mechanism. 

When I consider my team at Google, I would hope that beyond sharing specific coding tips, we’re able to teach developers the knowledge required to solve new problems. As such, you’ll (hopefully) notice that our presenters are increasingly fusing substance and aesthetics to form stronger relationships with you (our  audience).

I think the same truth can be applied to software — both substance and aesthetics are necessary, but neither alone is sufficient, to form a real relationship with your users.  
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Is Professional Android - 4th Edition still slated to come out in March 2015?
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My Nexus 6 combined with AirDock car dock/charger, Nexus wireless charger, Beats Studio Wireless headphones, Android Wear, and Chromecast device means I never have to plug my phone into anything. Ever. This makes me exceptionally happy.
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+Reto Meier​ is the Nexus 6 compatible with the N4 orb?
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Reto Meier

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I was browsing Quora this weekend when I stumbled across a couple of questions I just had to answer: "What is the Scalable Developer Advocacy team in Google Developer Relations" (1) and "What is it like to work in Google Developer Relations" (2). 

If you've ever wondered what me and the folks on my team are supposed to be doing all day, and what it's like to be part of the team - check out my answers.

Like what you see? We're hiring! ;) 

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I'm almost there!!!
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I'm so excited to see this performance-focussed material. Improving your app's performance is one of the most significant ways to improve the user experience.
New year, new initiative: Android Performance Patterns

The beginning of every year is a great time to sit, reflect, and make plans for improvement in the coming months. But don’t worry if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, because we’ve got you covered with Android Performance Patterns

Throughout 2015 we’ll be rolling out videos, articles, docs, demos, talks, discussions, examples, and events dedicated to helping you fix your apps’ performance problems.

And what better way to kick it off than with the first wave of videos, starting with Rendering Performance 101

Oh, and don’t forget to join the Android Performance Patterns Google+ Community (which you can join here : for more great tips, tricks, and advice from other developers.

Throughout the year, keep your eyes on the G+ community, and +Android Developers as more content becomes available for your perusal.

See, making performant apps is way better than going to the gym!

Watch more Android Performance Patterns here:

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Reto Meier

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I'm really excited about this initiative from +Colt McAnlis. If you found any of my "Protips" I/O talks useful, you'll love Android Performance Patterns.
Android Performance Patterns is coming soon!

You should take some time this last week of our annual year to reflect, process, and enjoy the leftover eggnog and ham in your fridge.

With 2015 will come waves of Android Performance content, all here to help you build better, faster, more awesome apps.

If you want to get a head start, check out the Android Performance Patterns G+ Community ( Start asking questions, reading content, and preparing yourself for the most performant year of your professional career.


Also, pro-tip : Don't mix Egg nog and cold ham... Even on a dare.. just... don't do it....
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Reto Meier

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All set with some Christmas cocktails - a necessary preparation when settling in for some Christmas movies!
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yes sir me my friend watched Linga de
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Just 'cause we have a lot of Android statues around here, doesn't mean we don't care about our iOS developing friends too :)
So it looks like +Todd Kerpelman is working on a series of videos for iOS developers. But it's okay. You can still watch it on a Nexus 6.

#route85   #iOSdev  
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  • University of Western Australia
    Computer Science, 1996 - 2000
  • Duncraig Senior High
    1991 - 1995
  • Sorrento Primary
    1984 - 1990
Basic Information
June 19, 1978
Geek, Googler, author, and Developer Advocate
I the manage the Scalable Developer Advocacy team as part of Google's Developer Relations organization, and I wrote Professional Android 4 Application Development.

I'm currently living in Los Altos California, but I'm from Perth Western Australia originally and spent 6 years living and working in London.
Scalable Developer Advocacy team lead and author
  • Google
    Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy, 2009 - present
  • Goldman Sachs
    Software Engineer, 2005 - 2009
  • Propero
    Software Engineer, 2005 - 2005
  • Webspy / Netlink
    2004 - 2005
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Get the iced cookies - you won't be disappointed. Moist, delicious cookies with a perfect layer of frosting.
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It's not the worst airport in the world, but that's not saying much.
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We opted for the "surprise" tasting menu and enjoyed it thoroughly. Delicious food and attentive, friendly service. Was expensive, but a great experience.
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An absolutely beautiful place to have a wedding. The Barn itself is delightful, renovated into a comfortable an elegant venue. The surrounding grounds are perfect - rolling greens with lakes surrounded by willow trees.
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Delightful elevated park way is just the place for a stroll away from the traffic of downtown NYC.
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Rude and condescending service.
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