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Results With NLP Perth- NLP Training & Life Coaching
NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainings across Australia. Come train with us!
NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainings across Australia. Come train with us!

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Why not spend the weekend learning hypnosis and experience that relaxing state of trance. You'll get certified to start working with clients to create lasting change in their lives. AND you'll get invaluable skills to help yourself
➜ Learn how to unlock the power of your mind to accelerate results..
➜ Experience hypnosis for yourself and have fun learning to go into trance and access deep levels of relaxation.
➜ Join a group of like minded people and get heaps of practice with all the hypnosis techniques.
➜ See all the hypnosis processes demonstrated and experience them for yourself.
➜ Learn how to guide your clients to let go of old habits and to achieve desired outcomes.
➜ Get take home scripts and tools for weight loss, smoking cessation, performance enhancement, rapid relaxation and others.
➜ Learn how to run hypnosis sessions that get results.
➜ Learn from internationally certified trainer's and get individual attention and feedback.
➜ 3 Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training May 5 - 7, 2017 in Crawley WA
➜ Early Bird special: 20% OFF right now. Contact us to save over $200!
or call 0426 832 581

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Hypnotherapy Certification Training coming up March 31 - April 2 in Perth.

We have a couple spot remaining at our Early Bird Price of 20% off. Contact us if you would like to book in to this training and receive the pre reading book right away.

Get all the info you need about this course at: or call us on 0426 82 581 
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Become certified in Hypnosis and learn the specific techniques for:

• Weight Loss
• Stopping Smoking
• Improving Mood
• Performance Enhancement
• Self Hypnosis

Use the tools you learn to improve your own life, or work with clients to assist them to remove old habits, increase their motivation and effectiveness, and to achieve their goals!

Hypnotherapy is growing at an astounding rate in Australia as a viable alternative therapy practice. Each year thousands of people discover the power of learning to work with the deepest parts of the mind to effect lasting change in the body. Hypnosis is effective for pain reduction, improving one’s mood or state, and removing unwanted habits like smoking or eating certain foods. Get certified in Hypnosis and you too can begin to work on yourself or with clients to produce deep, lasting change!

It has been proven scientifically that hypnosis is effective in accelerating change at a deep unconscious level. All lasting change takes place in the unconscious mind, so it is vital to learn how to master this process to produce the best results in yourself and in others. At this 3 day training you will learn techniques to stimulate change using Krasner Hypnosis, including the specific steps to follow in a hypnosis session. In this fun, hands on training you will have the opportunity to practice both as a client and Hypnotist, as well as ask questions, work in groups, and receive individual attention.

Skills you will learn at this training include:

• The history of hypnosis
•The stages of hypnosis
• What is trance?
• The Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
• The relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind
• The Krasner Method of hypnotherapy, including the 8 distinctive stages
• How to conduct a client session, including demystifying hypnosis
• The role of trance in everyday life
• Suggestibility tests: knowing how susceptible someone is to trance
• Important keys to hypnotic inductions
• Deepening techniques
• Using convincers with clients to ‘prove’ they are in trance
• Hypnotic suggestions for positive change
• How to eliminate unwanted habits like smoking or eating certain foods
• Using hypnosis for motivation
• Using hypnosis for pain control
• Self Hypnosis
• How to legally and ethically use hypnosis
• Marketing ideas for hypnotherapy practitioners

Who can benefit from a Certification in Hypnosis?

• Life Coaches
• Health Care professionals
• Personal Trainers
• Parents
• Students
• Anyone looking to make positive change!

Regular Price: $1195
Special Offer: $956 (20% OFF)
Secure your spot with a $300 deposit.

Sign up and get your pre reading right away!

Contact us to learn more about how to take the next step!

Call us on 0426 832 581

visit our website:

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What if you could change your life while learning the tools to help others change theirs?


Here are all the tools you'll need to become a Certified life coach or learn these valuable skills for your own personal development!

Get certified as a Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching and gain experience with all the tools taught so you leave with confidence and motivation!

Learn the world's leading technologies for personal change! Use your skills to create massive change in your own life & in the lives of others!

Now is the time to take your results and your life to the next level by learning the real keys to success.

NLP is the world’s most effective collection of techniques to take control of your thinking at the conscious and unconscious level. This training will teach a practical way to use the power of your thinking to produce results in yourself and others.

This training also includes a certification option in 4 of the world’s leading methods of producing lasting results including Neuro Lingquistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. Completion of this training will make you eligible to become a member of international governing bodies.

At this training you will:

• Learn techniques for effortless communication
• Learn how the body and mind are connected and how to influence both
• Learn to take control of your results with techniques to shape your focus
• Understand the fundamentals for learning and mastering new things


• The Prime Directives of the unconscious mind: what directs your deepest patterns
• Rapport: how to create deep connections and agreement with others
• Representational Systems: how we experience the world through our 5 senses
• Submodalities: the specifics behind how we internalise everything we do
• Language Patterns: how to create lasting change in self and others in conversation
• Anchoring: how to take control of your state instantly in any situation
• Strategies: how to achieve specific results by controlling your mental processes
• Parts: how to recognise and stop inner conflicts

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification:

Learn Ericksonian Hypnosis, an Indirect Permissive Approach created by one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists, Milton Erickson. This training will teach you how to create profound change in your clients by working with the unconscious mind.

Also learn to work with Pendulums to increase conscious/unconscious mind integration & to promote healing.

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification

Learn the process created by respected personal development master, Dr.Tad James. Time Line Therapy™ techniques enable you to work with the unconscious mind to let go of negative emotions, and decisions and to set goals in a way that guarantees their outcome.

• Eliminate negative emotions, decisions and beliefs from the past
• Gain the ability to truly live in the moment
• Discover what is important to you
• Get motivated and stay motivated to achieve your goals
• Learn the most powerful process for getting results in the future
• Understand how people conceptualise time and how that relates to their results

NLP Coaching Certification

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and around the world.
The certification will allow you to work with clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

• Learn how to use the principles of NLP to create lasting change in others
• Learn how to support your clients in results-based coaching that focuses on their outcome
• Get a clear understanding of the Coaching Cycle and how to start and maintain a coach-client relationship

Get started today!
When you enrol, we’ll send you our FREE enrolment pack, which includes your course manual, a 16 hour audio program and 2 books!

Your investment:
Full Price: $4995
Early Bird Price: $3996

Secure your seat for only $1200.

Decide to take your life and your results to the next level by learning the world's most effective techniques for lasting change!

Contact us today by Calling us:
Mobile 0426 832 581; or
email us at

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Learn how to become an internationally certified Hypnotherapist in 3 days.

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Merry Christmas from Results With NLP! All the best for 2017!

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Pre study material for our upcoming training. This is such a great resource for coaching, hypnotists, and just anybody interested in how the mind plays an instrumental role in creating results.

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Pre study material for our Hypnotherapy Certification Training coming up Oct 14 - 16! Get yours today by booking your spot in this training
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