Google Statistics: Google researchers conducted more than 400 studies on the effect of “search ad pauses.
” We found: Over 89% of traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic search results when ads are paused. Results are similar across verticals, among the broadest sample of consumers, and regardless of industry. 9 out of 10 visits to advertiser sites would never happen in the absence of related search ad campaigns.

Other Statistics: Google Ads displays local businesses with their phone number. If the same phone number is displayed in Google Ads, the probability of a customer making a call directly from the ad is not double but increases to 2.5 times. Significant improvements can be made if your Google Ads contain a phone number and Google Places are displayed at the same time.
Where Users Search on a Page: On the right is a conventional heat map showing where users focus their attention on the screen (red being given the most attention and blue the least). Users typically look across the screen and down to the left, half way down the screen. Thus, the optimal position for ads is near the top of the page. Studies have shown that the top 4 ads in Google Ads garnish significantly more traffic than the rest. Well written ads which closely match the query can easily be the major factor over any specific position in the top 4.

The screen shots above shows what a user would see with a standard wide screen display. Typically only 5 Google Ads are displayed above the fold. Over 80% of users will re-query to find the information they are looking for before scrolling below the fold.
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