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Editorial: Insects: Yum? | Restaurant Hospitality

Americans are becoming increasingly more adventurous at mealtime, but are they ready to start munching on nutritious insects such as grasshoppers in restaurants?
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I've started hearing more and more about chefs using insects in dishes. Some of it makes sense. For instance, many Americans love shrimp, which, in a more critical light, are sarcastically referred to as the 'cockroach of the sea.' In that sense, I think that a limited number of people would try it (though not necessarily enjoy it). It seems too fear-factor-ish for it to actually catch on.

But, I could be completely off here. I just don't think American culture is prepared to deal with it. Maybe in 10-15 years? But I don't think it would even be mainstream at this point. Who wants to go to the drive thru for a flea-burger, caterpillar pizza, or hornet con queso?
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