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If you are new to using a hearing aid, we have a program that will help you adjust, so you can use them properly.

This 3 part program includes Orientation, Auditory Training, and Group Sessions.

Find out more information by clicking this link:

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Have you ever experienced a constant ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in your ear(s) that no one else seems to hear?

There is a name for that, it's called Tinnitus.

Although there is no cure for it, there are many treatment strategies that can help patients cope and live a more stress free life.

Learn more: 

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Being exposed to high volumes of sound can lead to numerous work-related challenges. One of the most common is hearing loss.

Hearing Conservation is extremely important to us at Resonance Audiology and we want to help you protect your ears when you are in loud environments.

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Have you had trouble responding to a traditional hearing test?

OAE (Otoaccoustic Emissions) might be the answer for you.

Learn more about this type of testing: 

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Hearing loss can affect anyone — people of all ages, and even the rich and famous.

Here's a list of wellknown people who you probably didn't know have some degree of hearing loss:

Our goal is that you achieve the most success with your hearing aids in any environment, loud or quiet.

Through the computer software we have in our office, we are able to measure the sound coming out of your hearing aid and measure it against your goals.

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We are available to work with your physician if he or she prescribes you prescription drugs that are known to be highly ototoxic - drugs that have a high risk of hearing loss.

We will monitor your hearing levels to ensure there aren't any significant changes during your treatment.

Visit us online for more information:

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Although the main problem with hearing loss is that it's difficult for you to hear what is going on around you, there are many other health challenges that have been found to be linked to patients with hearing loss:

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