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IBM Watson Health takes on Healthcare Initiatives

IBM has announced their new plans to further their involvement in healthcare, one a collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the second the creation of the IBM Health Corps. #patientrecruitment #patientenrollment #healthcare

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CDISC Unveils Clinical Trial Registry Standard

The Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) has announced the availability of a new standard, Clinical Trial Registry (CTR) XML. #clinicaltrials #patientrecruitment #patientenrollment

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Clinical Trials Awareness Week

The Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness (CCTA) announced that May 2-6 is Clinical Trials Awareness Week, which it is co-hosting with other key stakeholders to increase awareness about clinical trials and highlight challenges presented by low enrollment in clinical trials. #clinicaltrial   #patientrecruitment  

Scientists teaching machines to make clinical trials more successful

Scientists are teaching computers to figure out why people accept or decline invitations to participate in clinical trials. Recruiting sufficient numbers of participants is a current challenge in medical research that can compromise results or stop some studies altogether. #patientrecruitment   #clinicaltrials   #patientenrollment  

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#Cancer: Researchers Are Conducting Huge Studies Using Twitter, Facebook

Instead of relying on the small number of patients who go to research hospitals, doctors are recruiting huge numbers of participants online. #patientrecruitment #clinicaltrials

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FDA and WHO warn about clinical trials run by an Indian company

"The US Food and Drug Administration last week alerted an untold number of drug makers that marketing applications containing clinical trial data prepared by an Indian contract research organization would not be accepted due to concerns about the integrity of the data."

#clinicaltrials #patientrecruitment #FDA #WHO

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US agency suspends clinical trials after contamination risk discovered

Two NIH facilities that manufacture products for use in patients have been shut down because of safety violations. #clinicaltrials  

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Pfizer and IBM join forces to develop remote monitoring solutions

Using an experimental Internet of Things system that enables remote monitoring, the companies believe the multi-year project has the potential to change the way clinical trials are conducted.

#patientrecruitment   #clinicaltrials

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Dimerix has regulatory win in kidney disease fight

"Dimerix (ASX:DXB) will be able to continue its phase II trial of flagship drug DMX-200 after it got the sign-off from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to do so.
It is currently undergoing phase II trials of the chronic kidney disease-fighting drug on two patients, but needed sign off from the TGA to do so." #patientrecruitment   #clinicaltrials  

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New program to expedite clinical trials through data sharing

Finding the right patients quickly is an ongoing problem in launching clinical trials, so several companies have formed an alliance to advance precision medicine development. #clinicaltrials #patientrecruitment #datasharing
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