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We may have to close our non-profit in the next couple of months due to a policy change at Google..
Blog - Google announced today that they will ban all ads for self-defense products in September.  They started down this road..
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We're selling these every day to women who are giving them away free to family and friends!
Blog - Our fundraising has changed quite significantly in the last year, with far more people buying the popular giveaway pepper spray..
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Yes Angel, it's legal to own but pepper spray cannot be shipped to NY.
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Unfortunately, Google just cut off a major way that we raise funds. We've never wanted to sell what we classify as weapons  and have always followed Google published rules on that. This week they informed us that Batons - although not on their restricted products list - are also banned.  So we had no choice but to delete nearly 100 products.  

Somewhat ironically, we're only able to advertise because of a generous grant from Google, so one dept giveth, and another taketh away..
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Jarrett offers her opinion on the recent Cosmo article.

"Wandering through the world unaware and in denial that there are bad people who do bad things means that you (a) are more likely to be chosen as a target and (b) you have little to no chance of recognizing danger until it's too late". 
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It’s International Day to End Violence Against Women, but sexual and gender-based violence continue to be of great concern according to the #UnitedNations.

We’re stemming the tide by changing what it means to be ‘cool’ for men and boys, making it socially unacceptable to abuse women.

Across Angola and the DR Congo, we’re using radio, TV, and advertising campaigns to show what it means to be a real man.  You can learn more about these and other projects on our website:
Conflict resolution and conflict prevention NGO seeking to transform conflict into cooperation action.
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Don’t forget to join us for our 16 Days of Activism Facebook Live Chat next Monday (Nov 25) where you can ask our panel of experts anything you like on sexual and gender based violence. If you can't make it leave your comments and questions on the events page now -->
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Good read; some language
Probably not the answer you are looking for but here we go. 1. Common sense. Common sense is your best day to day option for protection. Not being...
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Just in case you needed proof just how seriously messed up some guys' opinions of women are.. there's this guy.  Wow.

Ladies. We're not all secretly like this inside. 
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Today is International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Please do what you can to help end domestic violence. Please pray for the safety of the victims. Please pray for the hearts of the abusers. Violence is not love!

Violence against women must be stopped! We must educate our victims, the abusers, as well as our communities. There are many forms of domestic violence. Physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Know the signs and end the violence. Abuse is never okay!

Every 9 seconds a woman in the US is beaten or assaulted.

1 in 9 women around the world is in an abusive relationship.

If you are in an abusive relationship it may seem hopeless but it is not. I am living proof that you can end an abusive relationship and move on. Call family or friends for help. Find a local domestic violence organization to help you. Call the national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-safe (7233). To anything and everything you can to leave. You will be okay. There is hope!

If you know of someone who is being abused offer them a way out. Silence hides violence.

#StopTheViolence #survivor
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Every 9 seconds a woman is battered in the United States, but you can do something to help them. Donate your old cellphones in ANY condition, we'll even pay for the shipping, and all proceeds will benefit survivors:

One of our members Jess collected 7 phones with the help of 4 of her friends, she sent in the phones with this message: "I was a victim of domestic violence a few years ago. I know first hand how isolated you feel and how important is is to be able to call on family or friends for help. Once I left the relationship, it was imperative to my healing to be able to vent, keep in touch with loved ones, and simply have a means of communication for this new life I was embarking on. A lack of a line of communication (as far as not saying something or asking for help sooner) is what lead me to a prolonged breakup, and a line of communication is also what opened up doors to the new job I started, friends I made, and so much more. When I left I had to start all over. Every and any little thing that helped me reclaim my independence was a huge stepping stone in the direction I wanted and needed to go. I had a great support system from family and strangers alike, and I hope I can do the same for someone else."

We're completely inspired by Jess' strength and bravery.

Help make a difference like Jess, donate your old cellphones now:
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Contact info
Our mission is to give a free pepper spray to every woman in America
We started as a family-owned company, but after a few years we had the idea that we should be doing more to help. Our mission was born in 2011, and after a year - and after giving away over 3,000 pepper sprays - in 2012 we formed an independant non-profit organization called The Resist Attack Foundation to focus better on our mission.

Having two lovely daughters and a beautiful wife is the reason James started all this. It can be an ugly world out there, and we should all be trying to fix that too. In the meantime, we're trying our best to help all women protect themselves.