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We recently completed a second run of Google's community-based online course (or MOOC), Power Searching with Google. Our goal was to bring search education to a global audience and give our users some additional tools and knowledge to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. You may recall that during the first run of this MOOC we had 155,000 registrations, with 19% of students finishing the entire course, making the First-Class-to-Course-Completion Rate (FCCR) a good result for online classes and for MOOCs in particular.  

For our second course, which ended just this week, we were pleased and happily surprised to find that the FCCR was almost double that of the first class, at 36%, with students enrolling from 206 different countries. 

We plan to continue offering search education courses and other great MOOCs on Google's products and services.  

You can follow future course announcements on the G+ page for +Google Online Courses, or to receive announcements about future search-related classes, add yourself to the Search Education Google Groups mailing list:
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I loved the course. Think I got quite a bit out of it too. I watched ALL of the videos, but frankly am too busy working to cram that much in, in such a short space of time.

I'd have taken the assessment if it had been 1 course a week for 6 weeks, but really I struggled to keep up, unfortunately,...So though I don't have my "Google accreditation" in Power Search, at least I have the knowledge gleaned...thus it wasn't a waste of my time...

Will keep an eye out for other courses...
Thanks Big G.
Besides educating the public how to search, there is another way to encourage more searching, by adding a "Watch" button alongside the "Search" button for the user to "subscribe" to a query for new results. Everyone has some long-term interests for which he wants to stay informed of the latest online information, right? Full idea:
Sometime later, do you plan to give the course in other languages than English? I know 1 or 2 people that would be interested in the course if it was available in French. 
"Power Searching with Google" was a great course... I wasn't able to complete it myself but I know as some of my buddies enjoyed studying it... :-)
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