“The goal of Duet is to have devices go from individually smart, to collectively intelligent.”
-+Xiang Chen 

With the growing ubiquity of smart devices such as phones, watches, and eyewear, interaction designers are hoping to redefining mobile interaction from the solo performance of a smart phone, to a “symphony” of multiple devices that will enable new possibilities in cross-device interaction.

At #chi2014 , Carnegie Mellon University PhD student +Xiang Chen  and co-authors presented a CHI Best Paper, Duet: Exploring Joint Interactions on a Smart Phone, exploring the interactions made possible when a smartwatch is used to enhance a wide range of phone-based tasks. 

Based on the devices' spatial configurations, Duet coordinates their motion and touch input, and extends their visual and tactile output to one another. This transforms the watch into an active element that enhances phone-based interactive tasks, and enables a new class of multi-device gestures and sensing techniques.

Watch the video trailer below to see Duet in action. What interaction possibilities between a phone and a watch would you find most useful? #googleatchi  
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