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An intro to MVC in PHP for beginners.
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Great introduction to the m-v-c design pattern. Have y'all considered adding comments to the blog, or maybe a "feedback" or "Contact Us" avenue?
Hey +John Wallace thanks for your feedback! There is a comment section (using Disqus) on the bottom of each articles. If you can't see it, maybe you're using a blocker extension?
Thanks! (Disqus content was not loading for me; refresh did it.) 
Question: Given the discussion about audience in comments for the tutorial, and your comment ("I did Google for PHP and MVC stuff"),  can you recommend a good reference for taking the next steps?
Well, actually if you feel comfortable enough with the basics of programming and the basics of web development I'd rather suggest you start learning a framework. It'll take more time at first but you will get an awful lot out of this. Learning (Ruby on) Rails helped a lot in my case but you can go for any MVC framework really. I would suggest one of Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), Symfony (PHP) or .NET MVC (C#). They are probably the most popular ones out there.

I appreciate the suggestion. Now reading about Symfony.
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