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W is for Watches, take 2
I am trying to get over an old habit of thought that "Photographs" should be straight out of camera.  This one begged for me to try some textures. 
For the #abcproject  hosted by the wonderful +Levi Moore 
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I liked the original shot, but this one is much warmer .. well done :-)
I really like the processing!  Very pretty.  
I like both versions, and am really really pleased for you that you're freeing yourself from that slavery to sooc.
Thank you +Frances Schermers,  I like them,  I am going to have to do some research into how to create my own, so they will be unique. 
Beautifully done, Rennata!  Perfect choice of texture for the subject; lovely results.
It has a vintage feel for me that is very complimentary to the image. Well done!
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