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Live Simply and Love Remarkably
Live Simply and Love Remarkably

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When You Thought You Are A Step Closer to Opening Up..
You had actually taken a HUGE step back. I am talking about myself, of course. Sometimes you really wonder, why do people talk as though verbal words are so cheap? It should not be the case, should it? You should honour every word that comes out of your mou...

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High Expectation Comes With Disappointment
High expectations lead to disappointment. Many times, I told myself not to have any. Simple things like movies, I don't search for them nor watch the trailers anymore, because I want to go in to the theatre without expecting anything. When something happene...

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Why I Hardly Seek Help.
Call me stubborn, but I hardly seek help from someone unless it is really needed/when the help is not really for myself but for something else. Why? I am not trying to act tough. Instead, I am aware that I am not strong enough, which is why I did not seek h...

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#MissysimplyJAVAnderlust Exploring Bromo, Surabaya
#MissysimplyJavanderlust for my collection of pictures during my 10 days trip going around Java, Indonesia! Jakarta -> Surabaya -> Bandung -> Puncak  I went there with my mom. This trip was totally unplanned and last minute, but I am glad that I get to enjo...

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Imma Spilling The Beans! Hello friends! How are you? I have been quite packed and busy but busy good. If you do not already know, I have started a small project back here in Batam call "Birthday in a Box Batam". Well, actually I brought over the id...

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"You Ex Had Found A New One, What About You?"
I bet everyone has received the above comment before
sometime in his or her life. After being single for quite a while, everyone
started asking me the same question, “Why haven’t you find a new one? You are
still not over him?” I still cannot quite understa...

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Fe '15 Birthday Celebration at At Taqwa by Reni
Our lovely volunteers of the month It's that time of the month again, the day that we are always looking forward to! This time we have more volunteers joining us for the celebration! Despite being only the second celebration, we have received a lot of suppo...

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Lessons Learnt in 2014 and Resolutions for 2015
Helloooo! I finally have some time to update my own blog! Time really flies. It's been a month since 2015 commenced, how is your year so far? Mine had been busy, like really packed. Some of you who followed me on my Instagram would know that I had recently ...

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How it all began... by Reni
Cindy, Founder of Birthday in a Box, started this initiative because she wanted to do something different on her birthday. Knowing that the children from underprivileged families have difficulties celebrating their birthdays, she sponsored them with cake an...

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January '15 Birthday Celebration at Panti Asuhan At Taqwa by Reni
Hooray to Birthday in a Box Batam very first birthday celebration! Our special guest, Cindy, who founded Birthday in a Box, also came over to show her support! Pssssssst, it also marks Birthday in a Box first year anniversary! Here is to many more anniversa...
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