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An Update -
As many of you have probably already realized, I have been pretty scarce around here.  That has been the case for a number of reasons one of which was health.
The other, was the need to take my photography to the local level. My neighborhood, if you will. Much good has come of this decision including the award of a grant to teach a one year course in photography to persons with disabilities. Class begins January 2014 and I'm so excited !
With so many things going on  in my personal and professional life, I have had to make some tough decisions as to where my 'spare' time could be spent, if any :) So, my 'home' has become that 'other' place. You know...FB and I would love to have you come follow me there :)
With that, I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope to see you in the  wonderful New Year ahead !

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Happy 4th of July everyone !

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Finally a place for us 'squares' ! LOL !
Thanks +Gene Bowker  :)

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Finally a place for us 'squares' ! LOL !
Thanks +Gene Bowker  :)

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Let sleeping cats lay....

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Added photos to The April #CanonUsers Event.

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'Can You See The Real Me ?'  is my submission for the #plusonecollection2012 project. The money being raised is going to such a great and wonderful cause. Do check it out !

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Time's running out if you would like to participate... it's quick, it's painless so get busy !
ANNOUNCING PLUS ONE COLLECTION 2012 + Image Submission + Fundraising Campaign

Alright, let's do this thing! The publication of Plus One Collection 2012 is officially under way. Read on for details, watch the video, re-share it, and get on the train before it's too late. 

Who can contribute a photograph for the book? 

Anyone. Send us your best image you took in 2012 and it'll get published in one or in all forms - in print, in ebook, and in our online gallery. 

What's the theme?

Same as last year - your best photograph you made in the year just ended, 2012. 

How else can I help?

Re-share this post with your circles. Invite friends and family to participate. This is a photography community publication, and we want as many submissions as we can get. Everyone should hear about this. Remember to tag your posts with #PlusOneCollection2012

When is the deadline?

Image submission is open from now until January 16, 11:59pm California time. In other words, don't wait and send us your work today. 

How do I submit my photograph? 

All details and submission form is here -

Will we be able to see what's being submitted?

Yes. Once submissions start coming in, I will setup a +SmugMug gallery where you can see all that's being sent to us and you'll be able to find your image too. 

How will the book get published?

The book will be printed and bound professionally through Oddi in Iceland. They're known for working with photographers and for their great quality of printing.

How can we afford a print run?

To afford the cost of publication, we launched a crowdsourcing campaign through Indiegogo ("Kickstarter" that allows charitable causes). There are all levels of contribution there, so take a look -

How do I pre-order a copy?

Just like last year, for limited time only, you can order Limited Edition of the book that will ship numbered, signed, and with a fine art print. The only way to order it this year is through Indiegogo campaign that will run through January. These copies will ship first and before book officially goes on sale. So again, don't wait and chip in today!

When will the book ship? 

We're shooting for the same time frame as last year - so sometime in early spring. 

What cause are we supporting this year?

We are very proud to have teamed up with the Kilgoris Project. In short, we will use any proceeds from the sale of the book and buy digital cameras for underpriveledged children in the school in Kenya. But it's a much bigger project than that. Please watch the video!

Who made this video?

We proud to be still working on +Andy Lee who made this video is our chief designer for everything pixel related. 

Ivan, why are you not smiling in the video?

I'm Russian. We never do. But I'm always smiling inside. 

Kmm. I still want to help.

Click that "share" button right now!


Leave them in the comments. 

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