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"GOOD GOD woman, parenting is not a popularity contest! Your job is not to be the “cool” mom so that your kids will like you; your job is to get them safely and responsibly from childhood, through adolescence and on to adulthood where they will use the skills you’ve taught them to become fine, upstanding citizens."

Read more.. DO you agree with my advice? 

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Eye-opening stuff. Did you or anyone you now have IVF?

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Patience is a must 

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Vacation at Disney World Resorts.. something for every budget 

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Would your child know what to do in case of a vehicle emergency? Click the link for a free eBook from OnStar full of great, important and useful info!

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When I was nine-years-old, my mother let me ride my bike to the store.

I will never forget the young, white kid who called out from across the street, words that hit me so hard I almost fell off my little, orange Huffy.


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Would you have handled this the way she did?

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"In other words, I and every other entrepreneur, is playing 100% of the time without a net and the stakes are high, exactly the opposite of a Paycheck Player." Read more.. 

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Did you know: 
*Women take longer to make the purchase of a new car; on average women take 75 days to men’s 63 days. 

*1 in 5 men know exactly the type of car he wants while women were twice as likely to be undecided.

*Women take longer to make the purchase of a new car: on average  75 days to men’s 63 days. 

*Nearly 60% of men feel comfortable in the cary buying arena where just under 40% of women feel the same.

*Men are more likely to see their cars as tied to image or accomplishments, women see them as a way to get from point A to point B.

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"Let me explain how out of my comfort zone I am right now. The last time I was actually single, Seinfeld and Friends were both on television. I didn’t have 1 kid let alone 4 of them…let alone raise them alone…let alone face the fact that they may not be very happy I’m dating at all. Add to this the myriad of worries I have…what happens when you go out, do you kiss her goodnight? I haven’t kissed anyone in so long…what if I’m terrible at this? What if they want to have sex?! That means more kissing again! What if they are freaked out by the fact that I have so many kids?! Dear God I hadn’t thought about sex.  What if they don’t like that I have grey hair? OH MY GOD WHAT IF THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX?!


OMG I LOVE David Manoucheri​ for being so transparent.

Read the rest of his piece and his take on online dating.. 
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