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Hi Rene
I have the wifi version of the mini and was disappointed that is never came with passbook and the weather widget app. Will the LTE version offer it. 
Just got my iPad Mini with LTE,My only issue is trying to get a answer about what plans I can get I was hoping to get a pay as you go data plan but none of the Canadian carriers offer this,They only offer flex no contract plans,I CAN"T BELIEVE THAT OUR CANADIAN CARRIERS DONT OFFER A PAY AS YOU GO DATA PLANS,
And no Toronto Wireless it doesnt
Can't wait to use the Square Mobile Payment app plus adapter on my iPad Mini now that Square Payment Plan is in Canada now
if you are in Canada and with rogers wireless, they are offering data share plans for only $2 month to month
I ended up going with Bell $5 Flex Plan no contract,I was quite surprised at how little Bell new as far as what Sim card I needed,Had to make sure I wasn't putting the wrong one into the device,So unfortunately I have no LTE in my area yet but I did test it with 3G and it was a little bit faster than my home high speed internet,Also just syned up with Square Mobile Payments and I can now get paid by visa or MasterCard while doing my mobile business.
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