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Starting a new "advanced" BJJ class next week. It's not fancy/difficult techniques, but more conceptual, systematic stuff. Probably start with smash passing or press escapes... I much prefer teaching this kind of stuff to random techniques. When under stress, like sparring or competing, the brain can't remember too many things at once, but if you teach the core movement patterns and concepts, things can invent themselves as needed.

We'll find out, at least!
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I'm not a big fan of inspirational quotes, but one of my buddies posted this one on Facebook a few days ago by Saulo Ribeiro, which seems appropriate: “If you think, you’re late.  If you’re late, you muscle.  If you muscle you tire, and if you tire you die.”
+Scott Rooney I'm not a huge fan of Krav. In my experience, its effective because of the people, not the core structure of the system. I prefer way simpler stuff.
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