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Thanks to +Phil Nickinson my Nexus 4 is now up and running. Time to explore. 
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Interested in your take coming from the iPhone. Android has matured quite a bit in the last year. 
Hope you enjoy. Would be interesting to hear your views and having watched your iPhone 5 review I know you will give an honest verdict.
Just had my 1st 24 hours with mine.
Sounds good, +Rene Ritchie. I just switched from my epic 4g touch to iPhone 5. Noting the differences as I go along, but leaning all the same
When you use the nexus, is it with a sim or just WiFi?
Keep us posted on your thoughts, I'm still hoping for that epic Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini comparison.
Come on over to the dark side enjoy some dessert take a break from the fruit
I'm kinda scared. He hasn't hardly had a post on here since he got a Nexus 4...
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