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Probably not far off...
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I like it. I really like the iPhone 4 design and I think a slightly changed version of that will be awesome.
Yeah doesn't look bad. Certainly nothing revolutionary in terms of design. Hopefully the camera is improved as well as the display.
Design wise though I have to admit, I'm not ecstatic over.
I'm not too excited if that's the final design, but I'm far more interested in what Apple's holding back for iOS 6 (if anything). I don't hear many people clamoring for an extra row of app icons.
What I you expecting guys? A round phone with wings? The damn thing is going to be a rectangle, probably with the antenna components in the frame and a round home button. Minimal buttons on the edges and a new dock connector. Perhaps another color? A little thinner ore maybe not. The reality is, the iphone 5 is going to look a hell of a lot like the iphone 4 and 4S because the design is near perfect as is. Make the screen a little taller? Ok but not too tall or we can't use it with one hand and if we can't use it with one hand, there's no reason not to approach 4.5 to 4.7 inches and just make it a two fisted monstrosity.

I'm more interested in the guts. Screen resolution and size. Thinner? 4G LTE. A few camera upgrades... would be nice to improve low light even more and I wish there were a way to get a little optical zoom out of the thing. 2X, nothing major. Quad Core A6 perhaps? A little more battery life so I don't have to use the mophie juice pack anymore. NFC capability I suppose is possible but the security problems with NFC are growing and not remotely resolved yet. Unless Apple has something else up their sleeves, even hitting all those options only gives you a more refined faster iphone 4/4S. Is there something else they can do to really bring this sucker to the next level?

The reality is we're pretty much at the limits of what you can do with the form factor of a circa 2012 Smart Phone. Round an edge here. Bevel or side there. I suspect the iPad 4 will run into the same issue. They'll speed it up, thin it out, up the battery life a bit. Upgrade the cameras a bit. But in the end, there's only so much you can do with the industrial design. The rest is really software so it should really be iOS 6 that we're paying attention to.
LTE will be interesting. With AT&T, it won't be a big deal since LTE is a GSM technology. Verizon and Sprint are a completely different matter because of support for CDMA 3G. Apple can't drop CDMA support entirely, certainly not for Sprint at this point. Verizon LTE is data-only right now. Cramming those chips in is problematic.
I think Apple is pushing this out to fake out Samsung. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy 4. Just kidding

Cook said Apple was doubling down on security. If he wanted to throw hints he would have by now, just like he did about the Facebook integration with All Things D. I think Apple will pull off the greatest psych out if the next iPhone looks nothing like this. 
Look at the 2005 purple Proto type. Seven years later and Apple is still making the same design. It's probably the design Jonathan I has always wanted to make. The platonic ideal. Form phone. Apple is going for a screen and nothing else. They'll keep whittling away until only a giant rounded rectangle screen remains
I agree. I think the home button's days are numbered and the back may go through small changes. The screen may get thinner and better. But what you see is what you get with both the iPhone and iPad until there's some new functionality thought of. Or of course, when they release one and they hear crickets instead of sales.
Right now, that button is an iconic part of all touch enabled iOS devices. People see the round button and that tells them it's an Apple iDevice. When they really redesign it, look for that button to be removed. Bet it drives that crazy that it's there.
I don't think the current version of Android (4.1 Jelly Bean) is a close enough copy but some variations of Android in the 1.X to 2.X range were too close for comfort. Some devices as well. That being said, I would hope Apple stops their lawsuits if they don't win the Samsung one going on now. But if they do, I suspect they'll double down launching new suits while Samsung inevitably appeals.

But this is in fact why I'm not expecting major changes to the iPhone "5" externally beyong longer and thinner. If we can add some vertical pixels and make the device measurably thinner, add 4G LTE while retaining or better yet enhancing battery life, improve the functionality of the antenna slightly, improve the cameras slightly, and go to the Quad Core A6. Toss in a different color external edge and back and I think you pretty much have the best case scenario for the new iPhone.  I'm hoping they can achieve enough of a boost in battery life that I don't need a Mophie Juice pack case and can really partake of the thinness. Apple achieved 70% more battery capacity in only a slightly thicker case on the new iPad (though I believe the Retina display already has brought the battery life down noticeably). The iPhone already had a Retina display and supposely the Sharp version uses less power, not more. And by now the 4G antenna should be pretty efficient. I wouldn't be shocked if they bring battery life up 20% and that would pretty much do it for me. I rarely engage my Juice pack's battery now. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks. 20% longer would be enough to cut that to once every 4-6 weeks or only when taking lots of flash pictures negating the need for it. I'd probably just get an external battery pack and take it only when traveling.
I think a new dock port was overdue really. It's a shame if they don't use, or at least allow for charging and basic communications via a micro USB port - however I did not expect that.

With so many parts to allow for and the need for more power to feed LTE every cubic millimeter counts. The larger speaker ports should help and moving the headphone port to the base seems OK to me. Superior blue tooth connection for headphones would probably become a more sensible option.

Many will be glad to see the end of a fragile back plate, something that never made sense.
My understanding is that there aren't enough pins in MicroUSB to give them all the control they need. They can only sync and dock but there are apparently some other pins necessary for some of the goodies that get plugged in. The fact that they can license its use out is obviously also part of their business model.

As to bluetooth, I think it's the same 4.0 in the current iPhone 4S and there aren't a lot of compatible devices yet.
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