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The way Google+ notifications open in that damn narrow sidebar in the web browser drives me nuts. I want them full window. What do I have to click on, or who do I have to sleep with/send a case of Scotch to, just to get them to pen full window, and at the proper comment for me to read/respond to?
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View all Notifications at the top of the sidebar when you open it.  As for the comment, I have no idea.
Awesome! Full window it is! But I still have to hunt for the actual comment that I'm being notified about :(
View all Notifications > More > View all Mentions of You

Does that do what you want?

EDIT:  No it doesn't.
I'm not a huge fan of it either, but I don't want to give up the convenience of not having to navigate away from my stream to read comments.  They just need to make the window expandable to the left; maybe a toggle of some sort.
+Philip Stinger That'd be great. I'm finding it hard to actually get to what they're alerting me about :-/
The other issue, for me, is that when I do get the alert, it starts with whatever happened first in the potentially LONG chain of events; not the most recent.  Once I expand the notification, I can see better, but until then I have no clue.
+Philip Stinger Yes, exactly. I just saw 100+ comment thread, with no indication of where mine was, and gave up. 
Google+ still has it's annoying quirks, the notifications are one of them, but it's still evolving. If your missing Facebook +Rene Ritchie , I could send you a game request...or 12.
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