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Starting to really miss the lack of post length limitation on G+. It becomes more like a forum than something like Twitter, with entirely different (and more demanding) time requirements to properly participate.

Giving me flashbacks to endless debates on Compuserve in the 90s...
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So wait a minute, there's a post length limitation now?
Complex ideas sometimes require more than 140 characters to express.
+Craig Froehle I can blog those, or talk about them on innumerable forums. Investing my time on Google's content engine does have the benefit of greater exposure, but at the expense of time of engagement.

"Someone on the Internet is WRONG!" is sometimes a phenomena hard character limits favorably discourage.
Your position as a community website manager colors your perspective a little, I think. G+ is much more like competition for you than is, say, Twitter.
+Rene Ritchie you can mention more than one person per comment too.  that might save you a few precious seconds.

+Andrew Martonik he must not know that time of day doesn't factor in to grammar police LOL
+Rene Ritchie The lack of a limit can be annoying, but at the same time, I enjoy the fact that I can flesh out an idea instead of try and make it a soundbyte.

I think there's some sort of happy medium (I find my feed is increasingly image heavy..  with fewer longform posts) but for the moment, I'd take the option to self limit over strict limits.
+Craig Froehle It's competition for my attention, to be sure. 

My biggest problem is that I'm easily distracted and discussion platforms that lend themselves to more in depth distraction are like catnip. 
:P  I actually never tried mentioning one person more than once.  FYI, still shows up as just one notification.
+Jason Bauman The ease with which you escalate to Comic Sans is disturbing. I'm calling Lord John Marbury immediately. 
Google + ≠ Twitter so why should they behave the same?
Google made A social network to work this way with long stories.
Rene, I feel that on g+ you can actually make sense using complete phrases and not having to jump from site to site to finish reading some news...
+Rene Ritchie because of the extra time requirements of G+, I've tended to only limit my participation to only quality posts. Also realize that not everyone needs a reply and that sometimes, just a +1 is a good enough reply for most people.
Oh, and like you noticed on that last +Android Central post, once there are more than like 70 comments, just ignore the post. Means it's been hijacked.
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