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My MacBreak Weekly pick of the week was +Jordan Mechner's Karateka. Http:// 
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Hey Rene, during MacBreak Weekly today you mentioned a designer / design firm while talking about skewmorphism. It sounded like it was a must-see, but I missed the name. Can you fill me in? Thanks!
Thanks for picking Karateka.  I used to play that game all the time back in the day (apple IIe in grade school).  Nice to see older games like Karateka, Pitfall, etc. get 21st century makeovers.

Fun fact: back in the days of the Apple II, you used to be able to essentially double the capacity of your floppy disks by punching a read/write hole on the other side of the floppy disk (they actually sold little hole punches that were custom-made for doing this), thus turning a normally single-sided floppy disk into a double-sided "flippy" disk; by turning over the disk and reinserting it into the floppy drive you could use the normally unused back side of the disk.  Most commercial software wasn't distributed like this however.  Except in the case of Karateka, they hid a nice little "easter egg": if you boot the back side of the Karateka disk (They didn't give any indication that the back side held any data, there was no label, etc.), you would boot up into a completely playable version of the game... only all the graphics and gameplay was rendered  upside down on screen!  (Get it... when you flip the disk over, you flip the game over... heh)  It used to amuse me no end that when playing this version of the game and you killed an enemy, instead of falling to the floor he would stick himself to the ceiling :)
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