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'The Guardian'

The Silent Sea by Kaitlin
 A recurring ray calls out and tints the blue o'er my head,
 Which when beheld withheld the tone of baby's breath,
 The glass from which it originates stands steadfast and solemn,
 In a lachrymose stone languor kin to death,
 But in an expanse of tears is quieted,
 The presence of this pylon,
 For its countenance is entwined in matrimony,
 With the sands as spell treks on,
 That the blooms of choice in superior coast,
 Thrive without one bee,
 Is a sole and solemn magic unique,
 Only to the silent sea.
 And here I shall lay all suspended supine,
 As the brackish breeze whistles calmly to me,
 This serene dance of salts is a waltz some farewell,
 And the svelte song of the silent sea,
 In the sylphlike tendrils of its waves that foam with no sound free,
 The space between shore and saline,
 Mind and body,
 Is the silent sea.
 The zenith of zephyrs so mighty but speechless,
 Seems a seamless stillness to see,
 But on the line that severs endless drift and myself,
 I am reflected and reflect in the silent sea.

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as always, gorgeous,  That Light!
Beautiful view !! Excellent shot. 
ana T.I
Beautiful, as usual. :)
Wonderful shot my friend René, good day
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