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Last week I bought a successor to my good old Nexus 5 which has served me tremendously well for 3 years, but I am really happy with my new one. I am curious what you guys think of it, and considering its specs, what would you consider to be a fair price for such a gem? As a sidenote, this is a well built metal unibody phone!

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Taylor can't wait till Loki is ready...

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This looks great: Git support which can run locally, Android (and iOS) app, Chrome extension --> all I need :-) Well, maybe a native elementary OS application...
Manage Passwords From The Command Line With `Pass`:

`pass` is a simple, flexible command line password manager that follows the Unix philosophy. The application saves each password in an encrypted GPG file and allows organizing them in various folder hierarchies.

#commandline #linux #macosx #passwordmanager  

Can someone please share the default elementary / Pantheon plank theme or settings for me? Somehow mine got corrupted and I'm now looking at a pre-Luna thingy. 
Essentially I only need to know the default values from these lines in the default theme file:
#The color (RGBA) of the outer stroke.
#The starting color (RGBA) of the fill gradient.
#The ending color (RGBA) of the fill gradient.
#The color (RGBA) of the inner stroke.

Thanks in advance!


Hey everybody,

I was just trying to install a newer version of utouch with Multirom, but everytime I get an error "failed to initialise ROM-folder". Tried to install multiple version, both devel and devel-proposed. Already reinstalled multirom app and boot stuff. Anyone with a solution to get things rolling again?

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In the Netherlands Nutella has a campaign to get your own name on an official Nutella label... I guess I won't be the first/only one, though I still proudly present the best tasting Open Source Chocolate Sandwich Spread :+D #gnutella  

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A screenshot of today's desktop!
#showyourdesktop   #elementaryos  
Theme: slightly modified Lion by kxmylo:
I copied the the window control buttons from one of his other themes, the workspace switcher background is from the Fresh theme.
Icons: Pacifica by bokehlicia
Plank theme: Fresh by matheusligabue
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