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Renato Martinez

North America  - 
Inaccesible portal
+NIA Ops +Ingress I want to report the next portal.

Portal Title: Fuente de Neptuno en Canalejas
City, Region, Country: Calpulalpan, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Appeal category: Invalid portal
Reason/comments: This portal doesn't meet the rules for a valid portal. It can't be accesed because there's no cellular phone signal there, you can only access it with some of the wifi networks near, and none of them i'ts open, all are password protected. Also this is inside a private property, it's inside a house and can't be reached from the outside.

I'm submitting this portal through Google+ because it can't be accesed or reached to see it in the scanner or get a key.


+Krizar Ashiel +Jorge Pedrero +Hector Jaime +Lulú Prado 
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Renato Martinez

Logros Agentes RMX  - 
Una nueva medalla!! (o dicho de otra manera 10 millones de unidades de XM recargadas después)
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Renato Martinez

Noticias Ingress  - 
The Resistance capture #Recursion Berlin.

The Resistance secure Berlin and Brussels, and the Enlightened rally in Measurement 3 and capture Nantes. The Resistance Target Portal will manifest in Berlin from 15:00 to 17:01.

Berlin, Germany
Los Angeles, CA

Brussels, Belgium
Nantes, France 
Oakland, CA
Spokane, WA

#Recursion - BERLIN - Measurement 3 Report

The Resistance owned 2 Volatile Portals and 50 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 2 Volatile Portals and 15 Non-Volatile Portals

The Resistance had 20 Links standing at Measurement Time

The Resistance controlled NR02-GOLF-04, based on an average of all Checkpoints in this Shaper Septicycle prior to this Measurement. (50)

The Enlightened controlled the Global Score, based on an average of all Checkpoints in this Shaper Septicycle prior to this Measurement. (100)

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 290
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 170

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 895
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 372

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 1:05 (Minutes:Seconds past the hour)
Padded: H 1:05 GRLtivrqrfhaAmkHMpytNAhewYOfP
MD5 of Padded String: 73b7cb019672e690153cbfd6f55fb632

Portal Ownership Details:
Märchenbrunnen im Volkspark Fr (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Stierbrunnen Arnswalder Platz (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Base Station (VOLATILE) - Neutral
Mutter Mit Kind (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Schweizer Käse (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Platz der Vereinten Nationen - Enlightened
Bedromte - Enlightened
Junge Und Mädchen Stuck    - Enlightened
Filmtheater am Friedrichshain - Enlightened
Pavillon - Enlightened
Gedenksteine Familie Jaskulski - Enlightened
Eingang zum Märchenbrunnen - Enlightened
Jugendclub KoCa - Enlightened
Holzkobolt - Enlightened
Windspiel Im F'hain - Enlightened
Säulen Am Dietrich - Enlightened
Denkmal Am Vivantes Klinikum - Enlightened
Playground Parrot - Enlightened
SEZ Berlin - Enlightened
Freiluftkino Friedrichshain - Enlightened
Kindersoldat Mit Fisch - Neutral
Fischerjunge - Neutral
Rotkäppchen - Neutral
Holzbär - Neutral
Großer Teich Im Volkspark FHain - Neutral
Brüderchen und Schwesterchen - Neutral
Eckstein - Neutral
Frau Mit Hut - Neutral
Mädchen - Neutral
Café Schönbrunn - Neutral
Friedensglocke - Neutral
Spielplatz Im Volkspark - Neutral
Maske - Neutral
Steinmann - Neutral
Neuer Spielplatz im Volkspark - Neutral
Der Rosenbrunnen - Neutral
Gedenkstatte der Deutschen Interbrigadisten - Resistance
Steinrobbe - Resistance
Metallknubbel - Resistance
Knirps mit Ziege - Resistance
Talisman - Resistance
Stolperstein für Ludwig und Else David - Resistance
EBKO Evangelische Kirche In Berlin-Brandenburg - Resistance
Bear  - Resistance
Wasserpumpe Bötzowviertel - Resistance
FridericusRex - Resistance
Stolperstein Denkmal Josef Cyzner - Resistance
Springbrunnen - Resistance
Steinpinguin - Resistance
Trinkbrunnen - Resistance
Kletterfelsen - Resistance
Holzschwein - Resistance
Sport und Erholungszentrum - Resistance
Cows on a Cafe - Resistance
Stolperstein und Denkmal Elisabeth Schmidt - Resistance
The Island - Resistance
3 Würfel - Resistance
Kletterburg - Resistance
Skulptur Pasteurstraße - Resistance
Skulptur Blumentopf - Resistance
Holzkatze - Resistance
Gr.Metamorphe - Resistance
Staffelläufer - Resistance
Bibliothek - Resistance
Frauengefängnis von Rosa Luxemburg - Resistance
Deutsch Polnisches Denkmal - Resistance
Wandmalerei - Resistance
Art Nouveau on Door Gable - Resistance
Die Eule Von Liselotte - Resistance
Bärenstuck - Resistance
Aschenputtel Märchenbrunnen  - Resistance
Neptune - Resistance
Steinfluss - Resistance
Kind Macht Waage - Resistance
Stolperstein Georg Stolt - Resistance
Kletter-Park Weinstrasse - Resistance
Volkspark Friedrichshain Skulptur - Resistance
Nackte Frau - Resistance
Relief Spanischer Bürgerkrieg - Resistance
Head Stucci - Resistance
Schlumpfi - Resistance
Berlin Bear Statue - Resistance
Peter und der Wolf - Resistance
Couple Statue on the Entrance - Resistance
Abstrakter Akt - Resistance

#Recursion - NANTES - Measurement 3 Report

The Resistance owned 3 Volatile Portals and 1 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 2 Volatile Portals and 15 Non-Volatile Portals

The Enlightened had 25 Links standing at Measurement Time

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 31
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 85

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 106
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 180

Portal Ownership Details:
Cacatoès (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
tireuse du mcbyrn (VOLATILE) - Enlightened
Rue du Moulin (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Général de Gaulle Statue Nante (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Follow the Leaders (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Demon St Croix - Enlightened
Pinnochio - Enlightened
Plaque Place Du Bouffay - Enlightened
Spaceinvaders, Nantes - Enlightened
Nantes, rue de la Juiverie, ba - Enlightened
La Vierge Et L'enfant - Enlightened
armoiries rue Léon blum  - Enlightened
Plaque Pour  l Ecole Laicque - Enlightened
Guerrier Saint  - Enlightened
anges  du quai des tanneurs - Enlightened
la facade au visages - Enlightened
Rochebobois - Enlightened
Nantes, méridienne de l'hôtel  - Enlightened
Informatic School Epsi - Enlightened
Cheminées Extérieures, Bouffay - Enlightened
Link Streetart on Rue de la Baclerie - Neutral
Place Saint Vincent - Resistance

#Recursion - BRUSSELS - Measurement 3 Report

The Resistance owned 4 Volatile Portals and 4 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 0 Volatile Portals and 21 Non-Volatile Portals

The Enlightened had 13 Links standing at Measurement Time

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 44
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 47

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 146
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 98

Portal Ownership Details:
Belgian Parliamant (VOLATILE) - Neutral
Le Lion Du Parc (VOLATILE) - Resistance
The Wolf (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Statue at the Warandepark (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Cathedral (VOLATILE) - Resistance
Lady Statue at Royal Park - Enlightened
Sculpture Moderne - Enlightened
Place du Musée - Enlightened
Woman Statue at Parc Royal - Enlightened
Statue of Godefroid De Bouillon - Enlightened
Children Statue in Brussels - Enlightened
L'enfant A La Cruche - Enlightened
'Le Scorpion'  - Enlightened
Fonteinen De Kunstberg - Enlightened
Gotische poort - Enlightened
Brüssel / Brussel - The Whirli - Enlightened
Foudre Et Trompette - Enlightened
Henri Alexis Brialmont Statue - Enlightened
Notre Dame du Coin - Enlightened
Vache Rossel - Enlightened
Royal Palace - Enlightened
Bruselas Parque - Enlightened
Onink - Enlightened
Femme Parc Bruxelles - Enlightened
Kiosque Du parc Royal - Enlightened
Statue Parc De Bruxelles  - Enlightened
Golden Church Angel - Neutral
Beeld warandepark - Neutral
Bruxelles : le Palais Royal - Neutral
Kathedraal van Sint-Michiel en - Neutral
Repos Sous La Roche - Neutral
Park van Brussel (Warandepark) - Neutral
Brussels, Belgium - St Gudule - Neutral
Standbeeld voor Fortis-gebouw - Neutral
Bibliothèque Royale De Belgique - Neutral
Park van Brussel (Warandepark) - Neutral
Park van Brussel (Warandepark) - Neutral
Clock In Brussels - Neutral
Museum Nationale Bank Van Belgie - Neutral
Park van Brussel (Warandepark) - Neutral
Statue in Parc Royal - Neutral
Statue De O. Jespers - Neutral
Statue at Parc Royal - Neutral
Charle De Lorraine Statue - Neutral
Statue of Woman at Parc Royal - Neutral
Peter De Grote - Neutral
Warandepark  "De Bode" - Neutral
Theatre Royal Du Parc - Neutral
 Leopoldo II - Neutral
Brussels, Belgium - St Michael - Neutral
Brussels, the statue of king A - Resistance
Statue at Parc Royal - Resistance
Kathedraal van Sint-Michiel en - Resistance
Statue De Femme Nue - Resistance

Photo by Agent +Tzafrir Rehan.
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Renato Martinez

Shared publicly  - 
Felipe Sarabia's profile photoJaime Ochoa Malagón's profile photo
nah! me refería a que le hizo una consulta y no le dio la respuesta... :-(

este teoricamente tenía ID (sabe para que era el otro filtro) 

Lo bueno es que o hace las instrucciones

imaginate que le faltara el where en el chat :-P
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Equipo Naranja  #Ingress    #Mexico   #Recursion  
Aqui con los compañeros del equipo Naranja, después de la Anomalía  #recursionanomaly04  

Lider de equipo @edrico (topside)
From left to rigth agents @Nikk0C0rp @mariuss @BlueHopeStar @KiaraCimmino @Ardroz @RenatoMtzMx @Chemonky, missing from photo but also attended @OmarCruz @Jodsan @valquiz @DonieTheJewish @Profetaz @Pochelas
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Renato Martinez

Noticias Ingress  - 
#IngressWear Design Competition

Agents have been creating incredible XM-inspired artwork since Day 01. And at every Anomaly, new designs emerge that showcase Regional Cells, like Agent +Vincent Rammelt's design worn by RES Agents during #Recursion Berlin. We are working with +WeLoveFine to host the #IngressWear Design Competition for Agents around the planet to help us create new, global Ingress wear. Winning designs will be made available through internationally.

We are looking for up to 5 of your most creative and original T-shirt, bag, and accessory designs. These can be Faction-specific or neutral, but keep designs global. Agents will be asked to vote for their favorite designs, with Niantic Labs' Agents +Anne Beuttenmüller, +Brian Rose, and +Joe Philley also reviewing submissions, perhaps with help from our favorite Detection Algorithm.

To submit your designs, go to

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Renato Martinez

Res Internacional  - 
How to Break the World Record Getting to 1,549 Concurrent L8 Portals in One City in Four Simple Steps

1. Call up a hundred great friends. After you’ve gotten all your friends in your city excited about the prospect of topping Singapore Resistance’s record of 1,426 concurrent portals, spread the word. In addition to 85 local players, NYC Resistance was able to get participation from visitors from California, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Upstate New York, Cambridge, UK, and the Washington DC area, and support and wisdom from Singapore and Hong Kong Resistance. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones adds to the fun of record-breaking!

2. Cover every corner of your city. At the end of the operation, we had 1,549 L8 Resistance portals standing in New York City along with another 88 standing just over the water in New Jersey. These additional portals, among hundreds built by participating agents from New Jersey Resistance who also came into the city to build more, slowed down and distracted attackers from NJ that could have aided in threatening the record. In this operation we were able to cover all 5 boroughs of the City, and many of the agents involved got to go places where they’d never played before.

3. There will be plenty of time to sleep once you are dead. We needed to build these portals quickly and with stealth to avoid too many of them being destroyed before we were done building, so most of the agents agreed to participate from 3:00am to noon on Saturday, March 29, the day of the operation. By using the early morning hours of a weekend day when many opponents were sleeping or just getting up, more than 90% of the portals we built were able to stay up until noon.

4. Have fun doing it. As you can see from the photos, beyond setting the record, the agents involved had a great time executing this operation, and in the ensuing after parties, where we were joined and congratulated by gracious adversaries @lighthouse0, @Dendrocyte, @thelifeof, @kogent, and @Das. NYC Resistance is lucky to have opposition that fights us relentlessly, but enjoys a drink with us when the battle is done.

Inspiration and leadership:@TIM3PORT

Team leaders and planners:@0CF, @worksascoded, @putch, @kpants, @TheBladerunner, @warbuff, @T3hpanda, @cosmicat, @314159265358979, @Gar, @BlueElves, @IPCOP, @maj123, @Mutex, @ruidh, @ex0, @PhoenixxKing

Eye in the sky:@Farq

Team members
There were a lot of people in this operation. We regret any oversights. If we missed you, please ping us so we can update the post. We love you all.

@BOOMBASH, @rmazzara, @eck, @BBS950, @Hrefna, @CMacchiato, @Dymelo, @funnymonkeey, @LuminaireWolf, @R2Detour, @YozhikVT, @Idgit, @TerribleTrioJon, @XNYC, @Yurisaiko, @dsb3, @aeknor, @anadolis, @Henc, @Essgeeheff, @Heartrender, @infinitepoolboy, @nylonee, @TheBellman, @GandalfGrey, @Hadez, @Cree8tor, @DrOctagon, @Henric, @mugu, @nitrocity, @StandaloneDraco, @tarantinofan, @AugmentKapital, @StarkRavenMad, @agent3141592654, @Pamcakes, @CaptPicard, @Obyron, @rudman, @Xoder, @C7IRVDRG, @ChaimTime, @DarthSpacegrass, @JosephEBushey, @LetoMorbus, @Teraquad, @CanisMajoris, @JayXon, @Supervisor194, @zhenbaoyang, @DeeSkully, @InfoCrash, @BeardedB, @PraetorXircon, @Samgray, @caprica6, @KeyserJoze, @whereisspike, @skidplate, @SpadeDV, @rougewolf1631, @nyckid211, @Syrax22, @ByronFeldspar, @mrmyxlplyx, @TheQueenB, @superxmario, @Jona0801, @gatt76, @LibilaTimmy, @Greycloak42

+Ingress +Niantic Project +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 
Aaron Silva's profile photo
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Renato Martinez

Noticias Ingress  - 
We're winning Recursion

Spread the word
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  • C.E.C. y T. 6 "Miguel Othón de Mendizábal"
    Técnico Laboratorista Químico, 1987 - 1991
Contributor to
  • Insitituto Politécnico Nacional
    Soporte Técnico, Administrador de Red, 1991 - present
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