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Hey, all,

I've made a tool to easily search into the most recent Apps and Extensions APIs. It is still a beta version, but I would appreciate your feedback.

Please, check it at

It should be self-explanatory. You can click on namespaces and methods to get detailed descriptions. It is updated daily with the latest APIs from Chromium trunk.

Please, let me know if you find it useful, and fill bugs in the Github project as you find them :-)
Fork me on GitHub. Search in. Chrome Apps API Chrome Extensions API.
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you rule.  I just got a samsung chrome book and looking to get my coding fix.. google app engine, apps, extensions... so many choices :D
+Renato Mangini Awesome job!!! nit, when landing on the page no APIs show up, if you switch the radio button all the APIs show up. Id say show all APIs by default and reduce when typing in the search box.
Nice job.. Searching proper API or samples was miserable.. 

thanks ! 
Interesting how googlers have been moving away from GoogleCode in favour of GitHub (and from Groups to SO)
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