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Renato Mangini
Android dev platform engineer, mountain biker and bacon lover.
Android dev platform engineer, mountain biker and bacon lover.

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PSA: we've published new versions of some drivers (apa102, button, gps, ht16k33, rainbowhat and ssd1306), added a new driver (sensehat) and added individual changelogs.

The driver table in the main README now links to the changelog and shows what is the latest version, instead of linking you to the Bintray page as it was before. Now it's even easier to copy and paste the "compile" dependency line.

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Yay! The project I've been recently working on was launched today. Great tool for Android Auto developers!
Try the Android Auto Desktop Head Unit
Are you an #AndroidAuto developer? Try the Desktop Head Unit ( The DHU enables your workstation to act as an Android Auto head unit that emulates the in-car experience for testing purposes.

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We're hiring Developer Platform software engineers!

The Developer Platform team is comprised of Googlers who are passionate about the coolest new technology and thrive by connecting to other developers who share similar passions. This is the team behind all the rich, technical content on and, as well as the people you’re likely to see speaking at Google I/O, on or in our Udacity courses.

The team is currently hiring for the following software engineering roles:
* iOS API development
* Web API development
* Backend API development
* Metrics pipeline development
* Tools development 
* Web development
* Game technology development
* Test engineers
* Release engineers

Detailed descriptions available at

Interested? Apply at!t=jo&jid=41144. When you apply, indicate your interest in Developer Platform as well as the specific area of development listed above.

#googledevelopers   #AndroidDev  

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The project I've been working on has launched. YAY! Go, Android Auto, go!

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And we have just published the source code for IOSched14, with Android Wear, material design, our custom server side protocol and a lot of other cool stuff.

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Android Presentation API
As part of the recent support for Android Mirroring, developers can now use the Android Presentation API with Google Cast devices. The Android Presentation API was introduced in API level 17 to support secondary displays:

This means that when a user uses Android Mirroring, your Android app can display a different user interface on the mobile device than what is displayed on the Google Cast device.

We have released a sample app that explains how to use the Android Presentation API with Google Cast devices:
The sample app uses the MediaRouter API to choose a presentation display.

Note that users first have to start the Android Mirroring session before the Presentation API will be able to use the Google Cast device as a secondary display.

We're looking forward to see what interesting apps developers create that leverage the multi-screen architecture of Google Cast.

Happy Casting!

#googlecastsdk #chromecast #googlecast

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My I/O 2014 codelab was featured on Gigaom :-)

You can try it by yourself at
(alongside with many other cool codelabs)

Kudos to the amazing team working on Chrome Dev Editor and Android integration! Happy to have helped raising awareness to it.

+Sriram Saroop  +Devon Carew  +Mike Tsao  +Michal Mocny +Gaurav Agarwal 

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Google I/O 2014 Android App — L Developer Preview

A sneak peek at the I/O app updated with the #materialdesign visual language. An APK is available at and source code is coming soon!

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Hint: the I/O app has a cool integration with Android Wear (you can send session feedback directly from your watch!). If you are an on-site I/O attendee and you already picked up your watch, here's how to enable this: #io14  

1. If your phone is set up with a different account than the one you used to register for I/O, get your phone's account added to the whitelist:

2. Join the beta for the Google Play Services:

3. Make sure Google Play Services has downloaded and upgraded successfully (it should be version 5 or above)

4. Join the beta for the Google I/O app:

5. Download the update to the Google I/O app (it should update to version 2.2.3)

From that point on, you should see session feedback notifications on your watch. But if you want to trigger a notification manually just to see what it looks like, here is a hint: search for "zzznotif" to get a debug notification :-)
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