Hello all, I am at it again lol, yes I am making my Split Pea Soup and wanted to report how really inexpensive this is.

Spiral Ham and all the veggies cost is $30.00  out of this I am getting 7 weeks worth of lunch meat for my hubby. He loves the Spiral Ham for lunch meat. Of course we are getting enough Soup that I can feed 10 People easily and still have some leftover for 4 more meals. So to my count each meal and the leftovers and also the Lunch meat comes to each Cost of  drum roll please ................ $1.42 wow now that is a fantastic savings. I hope you all enjoy my blog n Video's n Post's. I am always trying to make the most out of each meal. :) you all know it is contagious :) :) :) ........ Reny.
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