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Whatever you have done to the least of these...

"Jesus made a gesture, a job, the service of a slave, a servant," he said. "And he leaves this inheritance to us: We need to be servants to one another."

Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people Thursday - women and non-Catholics among them - in a pre-Easter ritual designed to show his willingness to serve others like a "slave."

The Vatican didn't release the exact breakdown of their religious backgrounds, but said they came from various religious confessions. Italian news reports said one was a Libyan Muslim and four were women.

Francis told the faithful that he was performing the ritual to remind himself how to serve others, as Jesus did when he washed the feet of his apostles.

Pretty cool. Wishing you a good Good Friday, G+.

Image: Tony Gentile, Reuters
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I just like the way he's into Jesus and actually doing what he said: like standing up for the powerless and giving everyone dignity, including the tax man, sex workers, thieves on crosses and other social outcasts – even (shock, horror!) Muslims, if there had been any +Dan J. ; ) 
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Renata Sherwin

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Oh for ffflower-shooting G-men

Launches Google Camera, makes a crucial stand – and he's right, it is most powerfully made by men. 

There is so much I can say about what makes Google Plus wonderful, but I'll let this speak volumes and ask you to comment on the original.

Think I found some magic +Vic Gundotra ; ) It's not quite the one in use the other night, but close enough.
"This isn’t their problem, guys. It’s ours. We have to solve it.

Sexual harassment isn’t an occupational hazard. It’s not a glitch in the complex matrix of modern life. It’s not something that just “happens.” It’s something men do. It’s a choice men make. It’s a problem men enable. It’s sometimes a crime men commit. And it is not in the power nor the responsibility of women to wage war on this crime."

Renata Sherwin

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Smile, some bunny loves you

There's a bunny in our backyard. And a bubble wand. : )
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Peter Cotton Tail?
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Looks like Google has hidden registration links for #googleio in random Developer pages (hint look at the bottom):

Found one valid one!

#googleio #io14
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Renata Sherwin

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Fingerprints and eyescans? They've got them already.

This is why mockery of the iPhone 5s was ridiculous and short-sighted. I'm all for paying by giving someone the finger. But if you think they haven't captured your fingerprints and eyescans on all sorts of devices already, you are also naive.
Google, Microsoft, and Paypal are plotting to kill the password — the world’s most powerful companies want you to log in with fingerprints and eyescans
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Noze P.
Just imagine what ppl could do with your fingerprint ...geeeez. Its already polluting with ID theft with all the data out there on internet, add prints and hell will go on loose. 
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Renata Sherwin

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I've been very grateful for my friends lately and this touches me in a number of ways.
My next double exposure!

I posted in January that I needed to get out of the house more, so I made a decision I'd take a portrait of someone I love, and double expose it over a part of our fair city, to which that person feels connected. 

This exposure is my bestie, +Maryanne Wirkkanen  and the glorious cherry blossoms that fire off around our city for just a few weeks each spring. Maryanne and I share a love of sunshine and so the cherry blossoms to us are the city's signal that summer is coming, that winter is over, and that even though the rain will continue, there's hope. Maryanne also has a thing for flowers and nature, taking care of the earth, and being outside, so I could have done a whole whack of different 2nd exposures. 

I went with Cherry Blossoms because while Maryanne is an extraordinarily strong person, with firm and deep roots in her faith and in herself, and who has weathered all sorts of storms, much like the cherry blossom trees who stand tall all winter, she also is a gentle and kind soul who bursts into all sorts of blossoms and beauty. Also much like the cherry tree, she often blooms in warm weather :) 

And, like how a cherry blossom tree is actually native to Japan but has been planted here in Vancouver, Maryanne has a wanderer's heart that longs to be planted overseas. No matter where she is planted, there she shall bloom, this much I know.

Maryanne, My Cherry Tree. 
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awwww!! yes. It's so... hooray! Aww. Now I miss +Kate Siobhan and +Maryanne Wirkkanen and hope you can come out to a Drink and Click again soon +Renata Sherwin! :) 
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Renata Sherwin

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A Ballistic Monte Carlo Approximation of π
The shotgun approach to mathematics

'Imagine the following scenario. The end of civilisation has occurred, zombies have taken over the Earth and all access to modern technology has ended. The few survivors suddenly need to know the value of π and, being a mathematician, they turn to you. What do you do' [+Yonatan Zunger]? 

'Their value of π is 3.131, [which] is just 0.33 per cent off the true value. “We feel confident that [the] ballistic Monte Carlo methods constitute reliable ways of computing mathematical constants should a tremendous civilization collapse occur.'

'Ref: : A Ballistic Monte Carlo Approximation of π.'

Via +Jane Ellen
If you’ve ever wondered how to estimate pi using a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun, a sheet of aluminium foil and some …
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Exactly, +Renata Sherwin. Why waste thousands of rounds of ammo, to estimate a number - when most people have memorized that number to a greater accuracy?
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A Game of Drones

Who will sit on the Iron Drone being built in a hangar in Area 51? Victory to Lord Larry of Page Indexing. +Larry Page, if you rule at Page Landing in Bubblebros, will you celebrate in this manner befitting a wise and magnanimous king:

Via +Joshua Berg
Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to build a global network of satellites capable of incinerating Google drones in midair.
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Renata Sherwin

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Except for Vancouver 

The only viable choice is Vancouver. It's balmy here: 16 degrees, like Cape Town. Has been for days. We'll get a light splash of rain and all the flowers will look even prettier and then the outdoor pool will open soon.
In solidarity with Canadians this frigid April...
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True story +Ryan Lestage I mean +fgt 
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The strongest magic

I get on these rolls... I dream of my own book, and film or television adaptation, perhaps to rival The Social Network.

To paraphrase +David Brin, it is the strongest magic in the world. David Brin, "Existence" | Talks at Google

Image/gif: HuffPo again. #GameOfThrones
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well I'm completely enchanted, I must say
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