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Finessing bipolarity. Writing horror. Chasing ghosts.
Finessing bipolarity. Writing horror. Chasing ghosts.

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Hello Terry. I'm a long-time user and I can't live without this app. In general, I think it's the best app on the market (really ... it is brilliant) but I sometimes have trouble getting it set up right.

I just got a new phone (an LG10) and did a fresh install. I'm having a problem I think I've had before, but can't remember what it is I'm doing wrong.

My historical calendar is only tracking the tasks that I check off. Even if I do only 2 tasks (of 40+ on the list) the stats tell me I've achieved 100%. On the percent-view page, then, all my days are green, when they should be red or yellow, according to the values I've assigned.

There is a similar problem with the check mark view. I have 10 tasks classified as high priority, so I should only get a green check mark on the calendar if I complete all those high priority tasks, but it is giving me the check mark even if I don't complete all 10.

I think this is something to do with the "action attempted" function, which I've never understood. It seems I can go in and cycle each historical task through check mark, blank, and x, but that's a pain and it doesn't always stay, even though I save. I know I've had it set up in the past so that the app automatically knows my intention is to complete all the actions on my list, and that if I didn't check it off, it's a fail. What do I have to do to make it understand?

Hi Folks. I'm on my second full day of obsessing over Scrivener. I am overwhelmed, but I don't suppose that surprises you.

I've been furiously experimenting with the program, and I think I have a decent understanding of how things work, but I'm having trouble with UNDOING all the strange stuff I've done to various templates, formats and settings. 

Do you know if I can reset the whole darn thing back to the way it came when I first installed the trial?

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Stephen King and Clovis #Sleepwalkers (1992)

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You could be getting a much better feed from me if you'd follow my Google+ PAGE rather than this PROFILE.

I never remember to update this profile, but I I send out lovely little dark snippets to the PAGE once or twice a day. (Okay, sometimes 3-4 times in a day, but that's rare.)

I need to migrate from Facebook, because I'm fed up with their practice of sending a page's followers only a fraction of the content generated by a page's author. I'm tired of missing out on so much of what I subscribed to read, and I'm tired of my subscribers not seeing what I've posted for them.

I'd like to become more involved with the Google+ community, but I think I'd rather do it from The Paranormalist: Renae Rude than from just plain Renae Rude.

As I get settled in here at G+, If I accidentally follow a profile rather than a page, or a page rather than a profile (depending on your preference) please let me know so I can get the right one.

I am so sick of Facebook's filtering shenanigans. Because I fear Change and New Things, I haven't really dived into Google+ but I think the time has come.

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