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Upgrade Your Storage- Win a DS415+!

Simply share the image below and enter to win. Winner will be randomly chosen from those who share, good luck!

-Open worldwide
-Contest ends 10/6/14

Learn more about the DS415+:
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Maximum PC Online: Nvidia Tegra K1 Claims Fame as First 64-Bit ARM Chip for Android.

I'm probably the only one who notices that almost everyone is using the image of the 32-Bit Tegra K1 in their articles.
This is the exact same image with the 64 bit denver cores.

That said, this chip will start a revolution in mobile computing. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions will make waves.
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Net neutrality!? Here's why you should care explained in a matter that won't bore you to death
A must watch for anyone who cares about the future of the internet... Or just wants a good laugh.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neu…:
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JT mega cinema being constructed in Hilversum

I recently took these shots of JT's new mega cinema under construction. JT plans to build what they call a mega cinema in Hilversum with 7 theatres for a total of 1400 seats. The cinema will be outfitted with cutting edge technology, starting with 4K high frame rate projection capable of the most detailed 2D and 3D projection yet. While this isn't an IMAX certified theatre the projection technology is very similar to the high end IMAX theatres that have 4K projection, including the use of a curved projection screen.

The main theatre will be an XD experience theatre. XD Experience is JT's top of the line cinema experience that includes Dolby Atmos sound for better sound immersion and detailed placement of sound effects and ambient sounds. Dolby Atmos leaves behind the concept of fixed sound channels like the 5.1 or 7.1 channel systems used in other theatres and replaces it with sound objects moving through a virtual space. The in theatre sound system then calculates which individual speaker should play which particular sound. Only one or two specific high powered speakers will create the sound for these sound objects, resulting in much clearer placement of sounds. Dolby Atmos theatres also have speakers on the ceiling for even better placement of sound for overhead sound effects like a chopper, thunder or rain.

The XD Experience also comes with D-Box motion chairs. These chairs will move along with the scenes of a movie. JT says this helps draw you into the movie. The theatre won't be completely filled with motion chairs, visitors will have the choice to go with D-Box chairs for an added fee.

The new cinema will be one of the best in the world when it's finished. It is planned to open its doors in october this year. JT's new cinema will replace JT's older cinemas in Hilversum that were running much older equipment and were in dire need for an upgrade. With the new cinema JT hopes to draw people back into the big screen experience by delivering something new that can't be duplicated at home.
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Art in a game format

It's not really a game, it's more like interactive highly visual poetry. A story unravels that remains just out of reach. The narration and music are beautiful throughout the game and the visuals are truly stunning.

At first the story in the game will seem hard to follow. The narration is part story, part poetry and part delusion. Give it some time and a couple of playthroughs and you'll find that the story is actually a deeply emotional tale of a man looking for a way out.

The dialog changes on every playthrough and you keep learning new things about the story. I can't really say much more without spoiling things, but rest assured even after you hear all there is to hear and see all there is to see, what's really going on in this game is still grounds for insightful discussion. I guess true art is open to different interpretations.

This one comes highly recommended for anyone who is intrigued by what I've written about it or the trailer I linked to. It's also 1.99 on steam for 22 more hours! But trust me, it's worth the 7.99 as well if you don't get it in time.

#game   #story  
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3D Webcam
Indiegogo campaign to build a prototype robotic webcam that mimics the movements of an Oculus Rift, potentially the first domestic visual telepresence device.
More Here:
Animated Photo
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February 11th, I will be fighting back!
The freedom of the internet is increasingly in danger. The NSA has no boundries on data collection. And proposals for laws that damage the free and open internet keep popping up, while at the same time important net neutrality cases are swinging the wrong direction in courts.

If nothing changes we're looking at a future where there is no privacy at all. Technology is moving fast and more and more data will be available online. Think about the automated home, wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers and Google Glass, the internet of things and the quantified self. All of them leading to a treasure trove of very personal information being stored online. Information that could be very helpful to us, but very harmful if it's not kept private.
Furthermore, if net neutrality is definitively shot down, our service providers will be able to decide what we can do online. They could choose to block facebook, youtube or netflix and charge more for access to popular websites. They could limit which devices can use their connection, forcing you to buy your next laptop from them.
Together it would break down the internet as we know it.

So it's once again time for the citizens of the world wide web to speak up and point decision makers in the right direction. We need to show governments around the world that we're not ok with giving up our privacy. We need to tell them how the internet works and how vital net neutrality is to keep it going.
We need to fight back!
Will you join me on February 11th?
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Goodbye OCZ, and Thanks for the Drives.

Man, this sucks... Both SSDs I bought were OCZ and I've frequently bought their memory in the past. I wonder what they did wrong because their stuff was always great quality.

Well there goes my extended warranty on the SSDs I guess. But also a great competitor on the SSD market is just disappearing. Sad times, I hope Toshiba will keep the brand alive.
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This has to be the best Humble Bundle so far! 4 of the greatest games of the past few years and you pick the price. Pay more than average and you get another 2 top games!

For just $5 you can get all of them right now. But feel free to pay more if you think it's worth it. Part of what you pay goes to charity and you can pick the distribution of your contribution between WB Games, We can be heroes and Humble Bundle inc.

If there ever was a time to give to charity and get something for yourself as well, this is it.
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