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The World in Your Hands

Shot in Flushing Meadows Corona Park/Queens last Wednesday as we had some hours for just hanging around before we went to the baseball game NY Mets vs. Philladelphia Phillies.

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Thank you +Joe Wehry, glad you like it :) wasn't that easy at first to holding the hands the way it looks like the unisphere is really between them, 3 shots for HDR and focusing on background and some more shots focused on the hands. Had to remove the background from the hands image cause the different focus lead to a slightls different angle
I used my tripod but I missed to make a 9 exposure HDR close up from the unisphere, I'll post another one later on, self-timer and my own hands with the 8mm Walimex Fisheye , thank you! maybe +Sascha Einspieler will post his results too the next days?!
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