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René Pirker
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Very beautiful  photo /wundervolles Foto +René Pirker 
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Finally Framed

Took quite a long time till I got some custom frames and glass for my prints, but actually it looks really great! The two large ones are 90 x 60 cm in size and the smaller one 60 x 40 cm!

+AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +Night Photography Friday +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Magazine +Kärnten +Oberkärnten

#prints #orbital #motion #austria #carinthia #kärnten #nature #nightsky 
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bei +Sevenhill Digitaldruck & Werbetechnik im +Südburgenland! Hab dort in der Nähe Verwandte und komm' doch ein paar Mal im Jahr raus. Preis/Leistung ist optimal. Außerdem ist mir der direkt Kontakt wichtig und des Weiteren unterstütz ich lieber lokale Unternehmen!
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My 1st +Fotolia Instant Photo

There's a #worldwide #contest going on and this one is my first submitted photo, which has also been accepted to be part of #Fotolia's #Instant #collection

Taken one week ago on my way to top of Mt. Dobratsch here in #carinthia near Villach! The user with the photo that receives the most downloads till end of the year will win 5.000€!

So if you like my photo here, I would really appreciate your support in any kind of way. #sharing means #caring ;)

+AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +AUSTRIA ART +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +Kärnten +Oberkärnten +Villach +Villacherin +Faschingsmandl der Villacher Faschingsgilde +Landscape Photography +International Mountain Summit

#austria #austrianphotographers #landscape #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #landscaping #mountain #mountains #mountainphotos #mountainmonday #hiking #hikingtrails #skiing #skiingholidays #dobratsch #villach #kärnten #alps #photography #zoomin #winter #winterwonderland #snow #snowday #bluesky  
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René Pirker

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Radenthein Winterpanorama

A panorama, taken on February 4th, 2014, consisting of 6 single exposures stitched together. The original resolution is > 70Mpix. In winter 2013/14 we got snow late, at the end of January, but really a lot of it. In some other parts of Carinthia there is snow 3m high on top of the houses. Some towns were disconnected from the grid for some days, schools were closed and so on. Doesn't sound that funny, but better like this, than green winter. Just my opinion. We here in Radenthein have around 1m of snow in sum till now, forecast predicts snow for next week again!

Also on Flickr:

+AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +AUSTRIA ART +Kärnten +Oberkärnten +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +Landscape Photography

#austria #austrianphotographers #carinthia #kärnten #radenthein #landscape #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #landscaping #nature #naturephotography #naturemonday #naturephoto #winter #winterwonderland #snow #snowday #ktr14 #canon #canonusers #canonphotographers #canonphotography  
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oh, yum.. 
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Wordpress Blog: My Stock Photo Portfolios

I wanted to write some lines for a long time over there on #wordpress too, so here's it. Think the style looks a bit cleaner than the  one from #blogspot :

Will try to update both in future a little bit, if you show me some support :) Still under development, as I have started to give it a try this morning, so please don't look at it in a too critical way. Hope I can improve the layout and content a little bit the next days if I have time.
#blog #portfolios #stock #online #photos #new  

+AUSTRIA ART +AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +Kärnten +Oberkärnten +Canon Users +Shutterstock +iStock +Fotolia +Dreamstime +Depositphotos Inc +123RF +WordPress +WordPress Deutschland +Wordpress Developers 
I have started digital photography back in 2006 with a Canon PowerShot S80. As I wanted to go a bit deeper into this topic, I got myself a Canon EOS 60D in 2010. First I started to upload my photos...
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well done !
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Photopresse 03|04 2014

Many thanks to +Klaus Plaumann for writing some lines about me in his stock photography article in the #Photopresse 03|04 #magazine ! My most popular photo, the #NYC #Sky #View has already more than 600 #downloads #worldwide in a bit more than a year and I will soon reach 1000 downloads on #Shutterstock !  

In this article also mentioned: +Shannon Fagan, +Robert Kneschke, +Marinescu Lenuta, +Gennady Rybalov!

These are the links to all my portfolios online:
+Depositphotos Inc:

You can also find a #collection of all the links to my photos in albums on #Pinterest and I regularly post updates there, so in case you like my work, I would really appreciate your support!

  #Twitter :

+AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +Kärnten +Oberkärnten +Canon Users +New York Magazine +The New York Times +The New Yorker +G+ NY Photowalkers +NY Free Guide

#stock #photography #stockphotography #stockphoto #stockport #portfolio #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorkcityphotography #austria #carinthia #canon #canonusers #canonphotography #canonphotographers #canon60d #cities #germany #deutschland #österreich #kärnten #istock #istockphoto #dreamstime #123rf #fotolia #depositphotos  
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Me too, many thanks to Klaus Plaumann for this great article!
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Nightview On Döbriach From Raven's Wall

Two days before going up there by night I went there by daylight to check out the location and to know how long it takes me to reach this viewpoint. About half an hour of walk through the woods. There was still some snow on the way, which didn't make hiking up there easy but as always the view compensates the effort!

+AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS +Kärnten +Oberkärnten +Kinderfreunde Falkencamp Döbriach +Millstätter See +Millstatt Hotel, See-Villa +Romantik Hotel Seefischer am See +Bogensport Döbriach +AUSTRIA ART +International Mountain Summit +Landscape Photography +Night Photography Friday +Beautiful planet Earth +EarthSky +Milky Way Scientists +Earth Hour 

#austria   #austrianphotographers   #nightphotography   #nightlife   #nightscapes   #carinthia   #kärnten   #millstättersee   #earthsky   #earthhour   #starscape   #mountainmonday   #mountains   #mountainphotos   #winterwonderland   #hiking   #hikingholidays   #canon   #canonusers   #canonphotography   #canonphotographers  
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Sehr nett
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René Pirker

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600k views on my Flickr photo stream

Thanks a lot to everyone who has ever visited my #Flickr #photo   #stream on:! If you find something worth sharing don't hesitate to do so. Really appreciate your support!

100k views in 2.5 months. Is 1 million doable till the end of 2014, what do you think?

13.09.06: 400k
13.12.06: 500k
14.02.23: 600k


#stats #flickr #600k #views #share  
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  • Infineon Technologies
    Trainee, 2012 - present
  • Infineon Technologies
    Trainee, 2011 - 2011
  • Infineon Technologies
    Trainee, 2010 - 2010
  • ACC Fürstenfeld
    Trainee, 2008 - 2008
  • SEZ
    Start-Up, 2007 - 2007
  • Österreichisches Bundesheer
    JgB26, 2006 - 2007
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Information Technology student, Photographer and a little Geocacher
Hello, I'm studying Information Technology at the Alpen-Adria-University in Klagenfurt/Austria, have finished my bachelor studies in early April 2013 with my thesis "Kerf Data Checker - A Tool to improve the Process of Kerf Generation and Mask Layout" at the department of lithography at Infineon Austria, Villach. 
My hobby is photography and if you'd like to see more of my pix just take a look at my Flickr PhotoStream and feel free to share or give comments or add me on Flickr if you have an account there.

Some of my photos are also on sale via Fotolia:
Photos by René Pirker on sale via Fotolia
As well as some are on Shutterstock:
Photos by René Pirker on sale via Shutterstock
Some more are on sale via iStockphoto:
Photos by René Pirker on sale via iStockphoto
And some are avaiable via Dreamstime too:
Photos by René Pirker on sale via Dreamstime

If you like you can order some handpainted images based on my photos on:
Handpainted Images based on photos from René Pirker

Some of my photos have been part of the exhibition of The Long Night of Musea 2011 on Oct. 1st here in Klagenfurt at the Mozarthof: Lange Nacht der Museen 2011

Did some Night Sky Time Lapse Videos some time ago and this one was also shown at our local planetarium here in Klagenfurt at their "Current Stars" event on March 16th 2012 as there was the Venus-Jupiter Concjunction

From May 22nd till June 16th 2012, there was an Art Festival in Villach called gemmakun?tschaun.2012, where some 3 of my photos were part of the exhibtion at the Infineon Art Space and one at the Kunsthaus Sudhaus.
One of my photographs has also been selected to be published in the Official Canon Austria Calendar 2013 - Power To Light - October
If you have some special topic you think I might be interested in feel free to contact me!
Bragging rights
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Track @ Infineon, Photography, Astronomy, HDR, Landscape, Nature, 360°,
  • Alpen Adria Universität
    Informationstechnik, 2007 - present
  • HTL Lastenstraße
    Elektrotechnik, 2001 - 2006
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