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I'll stick with AL2 for the time being, until AL3 adds support for Icon Packs and other features missing from the release lineup. Am I the only one ?
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Stick with Action Launcher 2. For now
HELL NO ! Action Launcher 3 is too sweet
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Nexus 4  - 
Hello guys, I recently got my nexus 5 stolen so now I'm back on my old nexus 4 until I'm able to get my hands on a nexus 6. In the meantime the nexus 4 has been acting weird I mean the bottom part of the touchscreen (where the nav bar resides) has lost sensitivity (does not sound to touch input) at first it was fine I just used an app that allows me to have floating nav bar buttons but now the problem is increasing and the area that's insensitive comes up to the space bar (when the keyboard is active) which men's it's a real pain to use the phone to do anything.

1-I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before?
2-were you able to find a solution?
3-did that solution did not involve factory resetting and routing the phone?

Would really appreciate any feedback on the matter. Thanks
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René Morel

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Get over $135 in top paid apps & games FREE! Thursday 9/25 through Saturday 9/27 only.
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René Morel

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Please, help keep the streets safe from mathematicians. Call 1-800-NUMBERS to report any suspicious behavior near your home or office.
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René Morel

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Installed and tried AL3. But as beautiful and eye-popping as it is with all the bells and whitles from AL2 combined with the ever-so fresh looking Lollipop, I'll stick with AL2 for a short while. I got WAYYY too used to icon packs to not use them anymore. All in All, KUDOS to +Chris Lacy  for improving on the already so great AL2. #KeepUpTheGoodWork  
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René Morel

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Best Design innovation in the last 2 years?
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René Morel

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The ending of this cute animation is so brilliant it blew my mind  The final twist is so unexpected it blew my mind.  This short animation for the British Channel 4 is brilliant in many ways. It depicts an overly developed world inhabited by millions of cute little creatures, with cute little jobs, and cute little bars. Watch it until the end. (2:00 min)
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René Morel

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Hello guys, trully excited to join this community. I have been playing awesomenauts since its early days and have supported the game anyway i could ( even spending way to many hours playing the game) but in the recent past i have been too caught up in my work life to play the game. but I have recently started playing again (joining in again after about 6 months ) and i gotta say i was pleasantly surprised with how many and how good the changes were in the game, from the updated the visuals to the improve mechanics so much has gone into making this even better.

and now with the announced new features of 2.6 like the removal of the loadout I couldnt be happier to be able to play again.  

my in-game tag is Widow.maker or W.maker say hi if we meet in a game ;)
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+Michael Speth thanks 
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Which do YOU think is the next Android version called?
Embrace the Martian.....
I Embrace The Martian in Me..................................You Should Too
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