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Fact +CarboAfrica+Living Trees Africa​ - we plant #Trees in #Africa
Fact: Giving women farmers more resources could bring the number of hungry people in the world down by 100-150 million people.
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How will you serve your fellow human beings this #NelsonMandela​ Day? Are you looking for a #MandelaDay action to join? 

Register and tell us about your planned actions or find an action to join at

It's #Time2Serve  
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Let's not forget the importance of feeding our bodies and sole. +Health Tips for Healthy LifeStyle

#LivingTreesAfrica | #CarboAfrica | #LivingTreesFoods
+CarboAfrica+Living Trees Africa
​ we Plant #Trees in #Africa
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+Bees, honey and +Trees
+Living Trees Africa 
Makes you think when you dip into a jar of honey the next time!

#health #healthtip #organic #food 
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Putting "things" in perspective - Who says size does not matter. 
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World Bank Group and African Development Bank hold first Diaspora Trade Forum in Washington DC +Ato Ulzen-Appiah+John Blossom+Nkansah Rexford+kofi yeboah​
[caption id=attachment_705 align=alignleft width=300] Photo of World Bank Group building by Africaatlse[/caption] The World Bank Group's first Annual African Diaspora Trade Forum will bring together donors, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who are looking to create trade, investment, and mentorship opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The main goal of this year's forum is to engage and incentivize entrepreneurs and investors in the Afri...
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Celebrate #BiodiversityDay and compare interpretations of nature in the Library of Virginia's new online exhibition on view at:
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How will you serve your fellow human beings this #NelsonMandela​ Day? Are you looking for a #MandelaDay action to join? 

Register and tell us about your planned actions or find an action to join at

It's #Time2Serve  
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we serve by #Planting #Trees in Africa  - +Living Trees Africa , a +CarboAfrica Rainforests initiative.
+Naturally +Sustainable.. mitigating #AirPolution , whilst building communities naturally - #Everyday #WeAreOne  #MandelaDay with #NelsonMandela at #CarboAfrica 
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Planting the #Trees of tomorrow, with the #Seeds of today - Starting at the roots.

Look what happens when we cut down to many trees!
Global warming is one thing, but the photo below shows what might happen if we continue to clear our forest!
We have to stop cutting down trees! +Air +Pollution
This is getting serious!

+Living Trees Africa | +CarboAfrica | +Green Zambia 
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Food for Thought..
Food for the Future...
+Living Trees Africa | +CarboAfrica +Jamie Oliver 
Sending our love to Jamie Oliver on #FoodRevolutionDay. Share the song and sign the petition…
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