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Do you still complain about #whitespace for 1080p monitor resolution maximizied browser?
Complain to facebook!
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It's something about it being centred that lets it off.
16:9 screens for data consumption is offputting in general. Give me 16:10 or 4:3 any day.

I don't have this problem on my 2560x1600 display
Some of us don't use facebook cause of bad/obnoxious design decisions. And this whitespace shit was happening before facebook.
If they used the whitespace, where would the new content (that's in the whitespace) go when viewed on a smaller display?

I'd suggest just making the width of the main stream dynamic.
Alt-F4 gets rid of the white space...
Facebook sucks for plenty of other reasons, starting with FB ignoring their own privacy settings. But the real issue isn't the whitespace, it's the poor use of space and poor balance of the pages. Whitespace is not evil in and of itself, it's a great way to add balance and structure to a page. It's just poorly executed on the new G+ layout.
16:10 @ 1920:1200
no dpi adjustments in windows.
I don't facebook anymore, but they scrolled in that screenshot.
I've had that happen to me before. So it must have been part of an old layout.
+Angela Rae Powerbeard It's not photoshopped. I use social fixer which allows me to remove things like "Do you know <<asiw dams>>? or the sponsored stories. It's true that if I disable the add-on, the ticker will go down when I scroll, but it's not a huge fill of that white space.

I like the new G+ UI, even with the so criticized white space because I keep my browser at 3/4 of the total width and when I select the notification, the white space is just right for delimitation.
This content is centered. You are missing the point. It's not natural to to the left like that. But my guess is that they thought if its ok for Gmail its ok on G+. What G+ design team doesn't get is G+ is used differently. #whitespace
Try resizing your window like normal people do. You're wasting screen space, not facebook.
+John Hunt If you're referring to the Google+ screen, unfortunately resizing the window doesn't work. It just cuts off a portion of the Google+ screen.
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