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Having some geek fun, in a slightly crazy way.
OP Morning Run
4 layers over Bucharest, capital of Romania
5.1 million MU captured
2 agents on a 5 hour, 300 km drive

Friday evening - after smashing a blue L8 farm and helping @AvionarU level up to 6, we retire to one of the green HQs - "La Birou"; it's 2:30 AM and only a few agents are still there. I reminisce with @GoreDroid about past operations, plans and ideas.@AvionarU has enough of our chat: "Why don't we field Bucharest tonight?" Ha, an idea crazy enough that it might work; an hour later we have a plan. At 04:30 on a quiet Saturday morning, AvionarU takes off rally-style, with me as a co-pilot.
Five hours later the job is done; we didn't take RES agents whereabouts into consideration when planning and it shows - there are blue players near two of the anchors, and the fields are taken down only 15 minutes after they were created by @PhoenixStriker in Urziceni and @Antareus in Titu; congratulations for the quick reaction!
In the end, we reached our goal - we created the first fields over Bucharest in well over a month, and proved that sometimes a single team is enough to do it.

@AvionarU +Remus Constantin - idea, co-planning, link&field
@sanshine- planning, blue smashing, key farming
@GoreDroid- co-planning, encouragement (maybe this op will convince him to take up Ingress again! :) )
@Artuditu +Daniel Filip  - a very generous ADA donation
@Npvqohea1dnaal- for graciously "taking one for the team", as we needed to ADA his home portal

Agent @sanshine signing out.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Ingress 
#enlightened #sitrep #sitrepingress  
Morning Run
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Because we have some nerdy generations.

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Finally a true supercar: italian design+ german technology.
We proudly present the unveiling of our first collaboration with Pininfarina, one of the most traditional names in design: the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. In other words: Consummate elegance.
The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé
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Interesting proof of concept.

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Ok, I don't like the frame design, but they are 4 times cheaper and already in production apparently, compared to Google Glasses.

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Tesla Easter egg like feature? (h/t +Andy Rubin)

Apparently you can just speak the name of any song and the Tesla S Sedan will just play it.

I went to the garage and tried "play Hotel California by the Eagles" and "play Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake" and "play Thrift Shop by Macklemore" and "play Something About You by Level 42".

All worked. Full length song played. Simply wow.

+Elon Musk "I think we need to publicize this more". You think? :-) I've had my Tesla for months and didn't know about this!!

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After I understand the full concept, I'll definitely try it with the team +Brainient (cc +Emi Gal / +Andrei Baragan )

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Agile Dev in high-school? Where do I sign?

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