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RemoveEm Backlink Removal Tool
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For those of you trying to match up your link lists with a list of disavowed domains, we have the tool for you!
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We just launched a new API and tool to check out the most often disavowed domains from Remove'em!  
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Google Penguin Hunting

+Virante Search Marketing CTO +Russ Jones is interviewed by +Search Engine Journal on why sites get hit with Google Penguin penalties, and what they can do to prevent them.
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Penguin Link Removals & Negative SEO

+Search Engine Journal interviews +Virante Search Marketing VP of Marketing +Jacob Bohall about evidence for negative SEO (competitors or others trying to force a Google penalty on your site) and how that plays into the link removal and disavowal process necessary to recovering from a Penguin penalty.
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please reply to my mail, i can't put the meta on my customer's site ( no access to his site ), i can't use remoovem, i paid for a useless tool ?
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What You Need to Understand about Google Penguin Recovery

Use Remove'em to get there faster!
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Stop and See the Remove'em Team at Pubcon Las Vegas!

Remove'em is proud to have its first ever conference exhibition booth at the King of Online Marketing Conferences: +Pubcon in Las Vegas next week!

Here's our banner and table throw. Can't miss that +Virante Search Marketing orange! If you're at Pubcon next week, be sure to drop by and say hi!

#pubcon   #pubcon2013  
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Will you be coming over to the UK anytime soon? I would love to come meet you guys.
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Generally, if you have an algorithmic filter against your site for unnatural links (rankings drop suddenly on or near Penguin dates), then you will not be able to see any recovery until you have cleaned up the bad links AND Penguin has refreshed since.   If you have a manual action for unnatural links, then the previous still applies, but you will also likely have to be even more aggressive in your cleanup efforts and you will not be able to begin recovery until you receive a successful reconsideration by manual review at Google.

The unfortunate side (beyond the obvious traffic drops while under penalty) of either scenarios mentioned above, is that they are intended to force you to cleanup links that were artificially inflating your website authority and subsequently your rankings.  Once you have gone through the process of cleaning up the links, you should not expect to recover to pre-filter/penalty rankings.  You will likely see some growth as the penalties are lifted and you return to a "normal"... and then you will need to take steps to do the right kind of search marketing efforts to build your authority and regain your rankings.

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Google Panda & Penguin Discovery & Recovery Live Event

Learn from Google penalty expert +Eric Enge in this live event hosted by social media optimization maven +Joshua Berg. Eric will show you how to tell if your site may have been hit by a Google Search penalty, and what to do if it has. November 14 at 4:30 pm EST

RSVP for a calendar reminder at

In the meantime, be sure to check your PVS (Penguin Vulnerability Score) at!
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Is there a recording of this available? 
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NEW!!! Penguin Analysis Now Includes Exportable Detailed Link Report!

You asked for it, and now you've got it!

We've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm so many of you have shown for our Penguin Analysis tool:

Penguin Analysis runs a sophisticated comparative analysis of a major keyword for your site and returns your PVS (Penguin Vulnerability Score) - your risk level for being a target for a Google Penguin penalty. If you're at risk, you get suggestions to help you improve your PVS and reduce risk. All for about $5!

Until now, you just got those general suggestions. But because you asked, all Penguin Analysis customers can access and export a report that shows the links you should most likely be concerned about.

Now you can export links our system found in your Penguin analysis based on exact match links, phrase match links, sitewides, commercial anchor text and poor link sources. You can then use the CSV to help build your disavow file or upload to a link removal tool like Remove'em (

Get started today at !
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A Remove'em Innovation: Verify Your Link Removals to Google

Your site was hit by a Google link penalty. You do all the hard work of trying to get as many links taken down as possible.

Then you file a reconsideration request where you claim to have done all this work trying to remove links. Every reconsideration request reads the exact same way… “we contacted all these people but no one responded… or they demanded payment… or there was no contact information”. 

Why should Google believe you? Aside from actual links removed and disavowed, Google has no way of knowing whether you actually put in any effort or not… until now.

Introducing Verified Link Removal Reports from Remove'em! This innovation is now included for every user of the Remove'em Backlink Removal Tool

Find out more at -->
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I am already using the TOOL, THX
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The Professional Backlink Removal Tool
Get Your Penalized Site Back in the Rankings Fast!

Has your site been penalized by Google for bad incoming links? Since the Panda and Penguin Google updates, Google has been more aggressive about going after sites with links from suspect sources. If Google thinks your site has bad incoming links, it may drop or even disappear from Google search results.

The only hope of recovery is getting those links removed and showing Google your site is "clean." But finding those links, contacting the site owners, and tracking your progress can be time consuming and expensive...until now.

Introducing Remove'em, the fastest, easiest-to-use, most accurate backlink removal tool in existence!

How Does Remove'em Work?

There are 4 simple steps to using the Delinky service, helping you get your site reconsidered by Google quicker than ever.

Step 1: Find all links

Just type in your domain name and we will grab the top links to your site from the 3 leading link information providers. We will pull up to 30,000 unique linking domains!

Step 2: Filter out the good links

Using our proprietary systems, you can easily find all the links that use manipulative anchor text to determine which ones you might need to remove.

Step 3: Contact webmasters to request link removals

Use our private email and webmaster contact database to find the contact information of the websites linking to you and request removal.

Step 4: Export your results and submit reconsideration request

Our system will constantly check whether your links have been removed. Once you are happy with the links removed, you can export your results which you will then upload to Google Docs. Let the Google Quality Team know where the doc is when you file your reconsideration request, so they can see all the efforts you have undertaken to clean up the web. Use Remove'em to remove bad backlinks!

Get started today! or call 888-906-2058

Remove'em is a service of Virante Inc., a full-service web marketing agency.

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