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Remote Desktop Manager
All-in-One Remote Connection and Password Management Platfrom for IT Teams
All-in-One Remote Connection and Password Management Platfrom for IT Teams


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Important: Include your REAL email address when sending Error Reports
Hey guys, Today we'd like to highlight  the importance
of including your REAL email address when sending out an error report. Why? Many
times we already have the solution or at least a workaround for you. We also
sometimes need to contact you to reproduce t...

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July Poll: Where’s the Most Geek-Friendly Summer Vacation Spot?
RDMers! July has
begun, and that means two wonderful things:  It’s finally time for summer
vacation -- not that we don’t love working here , but it’s important to turn
the monitor for a few days, and have some good times with family and

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June’s Poll Results are In!
everyone, June is
already over, but the sun is shining brightly and it’s getting hotter here by
the day – whoo hoo! And you know what else there is to get excited about? Yup,
you guessed it…let’s say it together…JUNE’S POLL RESULTS ARE IN! As you may

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Case Study: Station 28
Case Study: Station 28 “I strongly recommend RDM for any support team, and
especially those with a rotating on call staff. The hours we save by using RDM
pays for the product every year 10 times over!” - Kris Meier, Partner, Station
28 Client Snapshot Stati...

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Meet Devolutions New Marketing Coordinator, Stéphanie Bourque!
Hi everyone, So far, you’ve had a chance to meet two of our wonderful new
software developers, Nicolas (link) and Benoît (link). Now it’s time for me,
the new marketing coordinator, to come on stage and tell you a bit about who I
am!  To help me do that, my...

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Case Study: Cytexone Technology
to Remote Desktop Manager, we’ve definitely increased our productivity.  I can’t remember the last time someone needed
to change a root password, a domain admin password, or couldn’t access a server
when they needed to -- and all of these were com...

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Meet our New Intern Software Developer (Android) Benoît Racine!
Hi everyone, Last week, I interviewed our new software developer
(Android) Nicolas Dufour, and asked him few questions so that you could know
him a bit better. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our new
intern software developer (Android) Benoît Ra...

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What is Green IT?
Hey guys, Did you know that in june there was International Green IT Awareness Week ?
It’s an annual event designed to educate individuals, corporations and
governments about their technology-related environmental footprint, and more
importantly, help them ...

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RDM Agent
RDM Agent is a new and exciting feature of
the new RDM 9.4 beta. In this article we will discuss the capabilities of RDM
Agent. For those who follow the blog on a regular basis already know that RDM
Agent allows users to automate RDP-in-RDP sessions, we cal...

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Meet our Newest Software Developer (Android) Nicolas Dufour!
Hi everyone, As you probably know, I’m getting together with each of the  amazing new team members here  and asking some questions, so that you can get to know them a little better. So far, my colleague  Anne-Marie Mongeon  has interviewed senior developer ...
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